Left Or Wright, Obama Is Screwed

I put off posting on the latest Jeremiah Wright anti-White, anti-American and anti-Obama sermon. Part of the reason was to see what Obama had to say, the other part was to think about why Wright actually made this public statement.

Well for starters at least now Obama is denouncing Wright, however I do not think he goes far enough in doing so. Yes Obama is distancing him self even farther from Wright, but he is not calling Wright what he really is, a racist. Obama needs to say it or atleast that Wright’s comments are racist, even if he does not want to call the man a racist.

The other problem with Obama is that his actions are too late. He should have done this in the first place, instead he came up with excuses and tried to explain what Wright really meant. Now, this pus sore has really grown out of control for Obama and he is trying to come up with excuses for what Wright’s beliefs are now.

Sorry Obama, this type of hatred that Wright has is not new, he has had it his whole life. It has not gotten worse or more severe in nature recently, it is only coming to the public light now because he was part of your campaign. You had him on board as your spiritual advisor and your/his church was you rebuttle to the rumors that you were a Muslim. Because you are in the spotlight, those around you that you bring  into the fray become part of that same act.

Enough on Obama’s lack of actual denouncement and on to Wright…

Wright said many things over the weekend, however some are key and revolve around a key point…

Obama only dismissed him because he has to play the politcal game

Now there two ways to take this, it is true or it is false.

If said notion is true then Obama’s credibility is shot because the American public are being lied to about what Obama really stands for.

If said notion is false, then Obama’s credibity is shot with the black church as that means that he is turning his back on them.

So why would Wright make such a statement… Well to be honest, it seems to me that Wright is trying to ruin any chance of Obama being elected President.

Why would he do that you ask, a Black man as President would surely be good for all Blacks right?

Well in most people’s eyes it would be a good thing, however the sinister liberal base comes out. The core of the liberal agenda.

I have heard from many that they think the reason Wright does not want Obama to win is because then it would prove him wrong and it would prove that the Civil Rights movement was successfull and that Blacks have an equal opportunity to suceed in the US.

That is a great take on this, however I think it needs to be taken one step further. I think there is a more twisted reason on why Wright wants Obama to loose…

If Obama wins, the proof of Equal Rights for Blacks is made and the ability to use the race card is abolished. It would take away Wrights, and others like him, ability to claim blacks are suppressed and that is why they have high crime rates, drug use and the like…

An Obama win would take away the liberal excuse of people being oppressed by the big bad Conservative Government…

As I like to say, liberals need people to be poor, less fortunate, oppressed. If everyone prospered then the liberal platform would disappear and they would serve no purpose. Conservatives want everyone to suceed and get rich, if everyone does that the platform is still there…

This looks like Wright is playing out my liberal philosophy to a tee…


Carter Is A Typical Liberal Who Only Listens To What He Wants To Hear

Since Carters little tea party with Syrian leaders and Hamas Terrorists, he keeps reporting back lies.

Obviously he missed the interview with Mashaal, where Mashaal said he never agreed to accept Israels existance, but rather he would agree to a temporary 10 year truce if Israel went back to pre 1967 boarders, after the 10 years are up, and Hamas and other terrorist organizations are armed, then the truce will be over.  Wake up Jimmy, is anyone home?

Now Carter is saying he was never warned not to go and meet with these Terrorists.

No one in the State Department or any other department of the U.S. government ever asked him (Carter) to refrain from his recent visit to the Middle East or even suggested that he not meet with Syrian President (Bashar) Assad or leaders of Hamas,” said the Carter Center, which often speaks on the former president’s behalf

“They had a very pleasant discussion for about 15 minutes, during which he never made any of the negative or cautionary comments described above. He never talked to anyone else,” the Carter Center statement said.

Now I recall many members of Congress making public statements asking him not to go. I believe Bush even made public statements to that effect, so bad enough he does not recognize these as requests not to meet with Hamas, but he contradicts himself by saying:

Carter has said that he met with Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, and that Welch told him it was not advisable to meet with Hamas. The former president maintains he was never told not to go.

NOT ADVISABLE TO MEET WITH HAMAS… What part of the English language does Jimmy “Crackhead” Carter not understand?

Former President Jimmy Carter stopped just short Wednesday of saying Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is lying about warning him not to meet last week with Hamas leaders in Syria.

“President Carter has the greatest respect for Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and believes her to be a truthful person,” read a statement issued by the Carter Center in Atlanta. “However, perhaps inadvertently, she is continuing to make a statement that is not true.”

Carter has said that he met with Assistant Secretary of State David Welch, and that Welch told him it was not advisable to meet with Hamas. The former president maintains he was never told not to go.

“No one in the State Department or any other department of the U.S. government ever asked him (Carter) to refrain from his recent visit to the Middle East or even suggested that he not meet with Syrian President (Bashar) Assad or leaders of Hamas,” said the Carter Center, which often speaks on the former president’s behalf.

The statement said Carter tried to call Rice before making the trip and a deputy returned his call, since Rice was in Europe.

“They had a very pleasant discussion for about 15 minutes, during which he never made any of the negative or cautionary comments described above. He never talked to anyone else,” the Carter Center statement said.

Rice on Tuesday told a very different story.

“I just don’t want there to be any confusion,” Rice told reporters covering her trip to Kuwait. “The United States is not going to deal with Hamas, and we certainly told President Carter that meeting with Hamas was not going to help” the current situation in the region.

Carter, meanwhile, said that Hamas’ top official, Khaled Meshaal, told him during meetings in Damascus on Friday and Saturday that the militant political organization would “accept a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders if approved by Palestinians.”

Hamas has stated its dedication to the destruction of Israel, and is listed by the State Department, European Union and Israel as a terrorist organization.

The Bush administration has said that Carter’s meetings could undermine the peace process started in Annapolis, Md., last year, and that Carter’s visit gave tacit recognition to a terrorist group.

Reuters and the Washington Post contributed to this story.

Islamicizing Time – Mecca Mean Time

The Muslim onslaught continues… The latest, change from GMT to MMT

It may seem innocent at first, however there is a reason for this, to impose their religion upon the rest of society.

If the world were to change to this, then they would be argue that scientifically, Mecca is the center and further push the Islamic Nation as a world wide movement.

Muslim scientists and clerics have called for the adoption of Mecca time to replace GMT, arguing that the Saudi city is the true centre of the Earth.

Mecca is the direction all Muslims face when they perform their daily prayers.

The call was issued at a conference held in the Gulf state of Qatar under the title: Mecca, the Centre of the Earth, Theory and Practice.

One geologist argued that unlike other longitudes, Mecca’s was in perfect alignment to magnetic north.

He said the English had imposed GMT on the rest of the world by force when Britain was a big colonial power, and it was about time that changed.

Mecca watch

A prominent cleric, Sheikh Youssef al-Qaradawy, said modern science had at last provided evidence that Mecca was the true centre of the Earth; proof, he said, of the greatness of the Muslim “qibla” – the Arabic word for the direction Muslims turn to when they pray.

The meeting also reviewed what has been described as a Mecca watch, the brainchild of a French Muslim.

The watch is said to rotate anti-clockwise and is supposed to help Muslims determine the direction of Mecca from any point on Earth.

The meeting in Qatar is part of a popular trend in some Muslim societies of seeking to find Koranic precedents for modern science.

It is called “Ijaz al-Koran”, which roughly translates as the “miraculous nature of the holy text”.

The underlying belief is that scientific truths were also revealed in the Muslim holy book, and it is the work of scholars to unearth and publicise the textual evidence.

But the movement is not without its critics, who say that the notion that modern science was revealed in the Koran confuses spiritual truth, which is constant, and empirical truth, which depends on the state of science at any given point in time.

Carter Doesn’t Even Know What Happened At His Terrorist Tea Party

Well well well, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal says the opposite of Carter, Hamas will NEVER recognize Israel. Not quite pretty bed of flowers that Carter described. What a lying sack of shit Carter is. Hamas will offer Israel a 10 year truce if it withdraws to pre 1967 borders, well what happens after the 10 years are up? I will tell you what, Hamas and other terrorist organizations will use that time to build up an army and weapons arsenal to attack Israel to finish the original goal of the Islamic Middle East…

This is why Israel keeps fighting against all of these organizations on it’s borders, because if it does not do that, then Israel will face a force that will defeat it. Most liberals cry about how Israel is a terrorist nation and kills civilians blah blah blah. They say Israel’s campaigns create more terror. Bullshit. It keeps asshats like Mashaal in check and prevents them from becoming a major threat.

People like Carter and the rest of the left wing liberal nuts only promote terrorist like Hamas to thrive by making it look like they are a legitimate entity. They concede to these bastards and give them power. When will the world learn to stop viewing at terrorists through rose colored anal looking glasses.

JERUSALEM —  Just hours after former President Jimmy Carter trumpeted Hamas’ agreement to let Israel “live as a neighbor,” the same terrorist leader he met with face-to-face vowed not to recognize the Jewish state.

But Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal did offer Israel a 10-year truce if it withdraws from all lands it seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Carter met twice with Mashaal over the weekend.

The former president also said Monday that he would never sit down with Al Qaeda because the terror network has no “redeeming features.”

“[Al Qaeda] are not involved in any sort of a fruitful process. They are not recognized by their own people,” Carter told FOX News in an interview Monday. “On the other hand, you have to remember Hamas in an honest and open and fair and transparent election were elected the leaders of the Palestinian government.”

Carter claimed his meetings with Hamas and Syrian leaders weren’t meant to circumvent the Bush administration, nor was it an attempt to formally negotiate with Hamas.

“I’m not undermining anything. I’m not negotiating. … I’m just here representing myself and the Carter Center. No one else,” he said. “My decision was just to talk to people who must be involved in the final peace agreement.

“Syria and Hamas will have to be involved in the long term,” he said. “And I thought I could at least talk to them and relay their opinions.”

When asked whether he’d ever meet with Al Qaeda, Carter replied, “No, of course not.”

“I don’t see any redeeming features of Al Qaeda at all,” he said.

When making a distinction between Usama bin Laden’s terror network and Hamas, which has been in power since the 2006 Palestinian elections, Carter said that Israeli citizens backed his talks with Hamas.

“The Israeli people strongly support what I have done, at least indirectly,” he claimed, citing polls that show “that 64 percent of all Israeli citizens strongly support direct talks between the government of Israel and Hamas.”

Speaking in Jerusalem, the former president said Hamas is prepared to accept the outcome of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, provided it is approved in a Palestinian referendum, or by a Palestinian government chosen in new elections.

“We do not believe that peace is likely and certainly that peace is not sustainable unless a way is found to bring Hamas into the discussions in some way,” he said. “The present strategy of excluding Hamas and excluding Syria is just not working.”

Carter met with top Hamas leaders in Syria for two days last week. His speech capped a nine-day visit to the Mideast designed to break the deadlock between Israel and Hamas militants who rule Gaza.

In the past, Hamas officials have said they would establish a “peace in stages” if Israel were to withdraw to the frontiers it held before the 1967 Mideast War. But it has been evasive about how it sees the final borders of a Palestinian state, and has not abandoned its official call for Israel’s destruction.

Israel and the U.S. State Department consider Hamas to be a terrorist group. Israeli officials had shunned Carter during his visit because of his meetings with Mashaal, and other group leaders.

Syria harbors Hamas’ exiled leadership in its capital, Damascus, and supports the Lebanese Hezbollah guerrillas who warred with Israel in 2006.

Carter said Hamas wouldn’t undermine moderate Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts to reach a peace deal with Israel, as long as the Palestinian people approved it in a referendum. In such a scenario, he said, Hamas would not oppose a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas leaders “said that they would accept a Palestinian state on the 1967 borders” and they would “accept the right of Israel to live as a neighbor next door in peace,” he said.

The borders he referred to were the frontiers that existed before Israel captured large swaths of Arab lands in 1967 — including the West Bank, east Jerusalem and Gaza.

Israel, which evacuated Gaza in 2005, has accepted the idea of a Palestinian state there and in much of the West Bank, but has resisted Palestinian demands that it return to its 1967 frontiers.

Both the Israeli and U.S. governments disapprove of Carter’s overtures to Hamas, which they consider to be a terrorist organization. Over the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he did not meet with Carter in Israel because he did not wish to be seen as participating in any negotiations with Hamas.

During his trip, Carter met only with Israeli President Shimon Peres and Eli Yishai, one of several deputy prime ministers. Peres scolded Carter for meeting with Hamas, but Yishai, of the ultra-Orthodox Shas Party, said he was willing to meet with Hamas leaders to discuss a prisoner exchange.

Israel says Carter’s talks embolden Palestinian extremists and hurt Palestinian moderates as they try to make peace with the Jewish state. Abbas, who rules only the West Bank, is in a bitter rivalry with Hamas.

“The problem is not that I met with Hamas in Syria,” Carter said Monday. “The problem is that Israel and the United States refuse to meet with someone who must be involved.”

Carter said direct communication between Israel and Hamas could facilitate the release of a captured Israeli soldier, Cpl. Gilad Schalit, who has been held in Gaza for nearly two years.

Israel agrees in principle to trade 1,000 Palestinian prisoners for Schalit, but after back-and-forth talks through Egyptian intermediaries, has approved only 71 of the specific prisoners that Hamas wants freed, he said.

Carter said Hamas has promised to let Schalit send a letter to his parents to assure them he is in good health, and said the militants “made clear to us that they would accept an interim ceasefire in the Gaza Strip.”

Carter, however, said Hamas rejected his specific proposal for a monthlong unilateral truce.

“They turned me down, and I think they’re wrong,” he said.

FOX News’ Reena Ninan and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Fireworks Kids – New Indictment Charges

Ahmed Mohamed has been charged with seven new crimes and Youssef Megahed  has another charge added to his indictment. The new charges range from gun possession to aiding terrorists. The defense if calling a bluff on the prosecution. We’ll see, but I think more will be coming out once the trials get underway… Don’t forget CAIR even dropped its support of these two terrorists.

TAMPA – Twelve days before they were scheduled to go on trial, two former University of South Florida students are facing new charges handed up by a federal grand jury.

The new seven-count indictment adds terrorism and weapons charges against one of the defendants, Ahmed Mohamed. It also includes a new charge against Mohamed and Youssef Megahed relating to the devices found in the trunk of their car when they were arrested Aug. 4 in South Carolina. It replaces a two-count indictment handed up last year.

Experts say the new indictment shows the prosecution trying to ensure success at trial by offering jurors alternative avenues to convict.

Stetson University College of Law professor Charles Rose said that when prosecutors do this, it usually means there is “either a weakness in the case they’re shoring up or additional evidence has come their way.”

The indictment, Rose said, “reads to me like a prosecutor has now had an opportunity to develop some additional evidence and has figured how to make it stick.”

“When you look at this indictment, there’s more holes than cheese,” said Jonathan Turley, who teaches at George Washington University Law School and who is currently representing former USF professor Sami Al-Arian in his terrorism case. “The indictment on its face seems to be a bit of overreaching based on the known facts. The indictment presents a far more sinister picture than what has been reported publicly.

“When it comes to explosive devices, the government has a long history of creative engineering theories,” Turley added. “If you take any house at random, the government can usually make out a case for a potential explosive device based on its contents.”

Some of the new charges against Mohamed are similar to a charge lodged against another former USF student, Karim Moussaoui, who was recently convicted of possessing a firearm in violation of his student visa. The charge, which carries a maximum of ten years in prison, relates to an incident in which Moussaoui visited a Tampa firing range with Megahed and held a gun for 2 1/2 minutes, posing for pictures.

Another Gun Violation Alleged

Prosecutors have alleged that Mohamed, who is also on a student visa, visited the same firing range on another date in July. Megahed is a legal, permanent resident and is allowed to possess a firearm.

“Moussaoui’s conviction was viewed as laughable by most defense attorneys,” Turley said. “Most prosecutors would never have charged that crime, never mind have forced a trial. The prosecutors are simply trying too hard in these cases to come up with anything that can be viewed as a crime.”

Megahed and Mohamed are scheduled to go on trial April 28 on one of the charges, illegally transporting explosives. Mohamed is scheduled to have a separate trial on a charge he tried to help terrorists by posting on the Internet a video in which he showed how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.

Defense attorneys disagreed on whether the new indictment should affect the trial schedule, with Megahed’s lawyer expecting no effect and Mohamed’s lawyer expecting a delay.

Megahed and Mohamed both are newly charged in the indictment with possessing a destructive device. The new indictment also includes the charge from the previous indictment of transporting explosive materials.

New Charge Of Aiding Terrorists

Mohamed also is newly charged with providing material support to terrorists, and possessing a pistol and a rifle in violation of visa guidelines. The new indictment also contains the charge in the previous indictment against Mohamed of teaching and demonstrating the use of explosives with the intent to help terrorists.

One new charge against Mohamed accuses him of carrying a destructive device while providing material support to terrorists on Aug. 4, the day of the men’s arrest. Attorneys have said that the video Mohamed is accused of posting on YouTube had been removed by that day. It’s unclear how prosecutors think Mohamed was helping terrorists on that date. That is the most serious charge in the indictment, carrying up to a life sentence.

Megahed’s attorney, Adam Allen, said the new indictment will have little effect on his client.

The new charge, he said, is the same as the old charge, and both carry a maximum possible penalty of 10 years in federal prison and a minimum of probation.

The new indictment, he said, “shows that after a year of investigation by the FBI, they have absolutely no new evidence of any wrongdoing by my client.”

Reporter Elaine Silvestrini can be reached at (813) 259-7837 or esilvestrini@tampatrib.com.

Obama And Clinton Politics Mud Slinging Turned Mud Wrestling

Well, the Democrats over the weekend have really shown that neither presidential hopeful should be elected. These two act more like little kids on a playground and only one ball.

Please America, neither candidate wants best for you, they want what is best for them. Look at the mudslinging in their own party, each trying to show how their opponent is not good enough.

I do not remember any in party fighting like this in my life. Usually they wait until it party against party…

As far as I am concerned, both Obama and Hillary are liars and cheats, who are motivated by greed and prestige.

I am a bitter America, Bitter at listening to these two idiots. I want Change, I want both of these idiots to SHUT UP.

Sunday was no day of rest for either Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, who each spent the day in Pennsylvania clamoring for any remaining votes as well as trying to dent their opponent’s image heading into Tuesday’s voting.

And presumptive Republican nominee John McCain also came to the foreground as the candidates sought to show they would be the best in November against the Arizona senator as well as to put a stop to any Democrats who might be thinking about voting for the other team.

Speaking in Reading, Pa., Obama told an audience that “either Democrat would be better than John McCain. … And all three of us would be better than George Bush.

“Seeing an opening, Clinton pounced on those words when she spoke later at a rally in Johnstown, Pa.

“Senator Obama said today that John McCain would be better for the country than George Bush,” Clinton said. “Now, Senator McCain is a real American patriot who has served our country with distinction, but Senator McCain would follow the same failed policies that have been so wrong for our country the last seven years.”

“We need a nominee who will take on John McCain, not cheer on John McCain. And I will be that nominee,” Clinton said in a speech in which she also touched on health care, jobs, the war, college costs and energy prices.

For its part, the McCain campaign said Obama’s remark just proves McCain’s the right man for the job. Said Tucker Bounds, a McCain spokesman: “The remark underscores that John McCain has the strength to change America and move this nation forward. Barack Obama is a new face who represents old ideas.

“It has been six weeks since any votes have been cast in the Democratic nomination and Clinton now faces a test in which she must not only win Tuesday’s vote, but continue to win by strong enough margins to regain the lead in the delegate count.

Clinton has 1,507 delegates to Obama’s 1,645. They both need 2,025 to win. There are 158 pledged delegates at stake in Pennsylvania.

The latest RealClearPolitics.com average of recent polls puts Clinton ahead by a scant 5.6 percent in a state where she once led Obama by nearly 20 points. Some observers say Clinton must at least win by double digits in the Keystone State if she wants to have a chance at taking the nomination.

Meanwhile, the campaign rhetoric between the two has ratcheted up to a fever pace.

Sunday the two candidates traded barbs as they pounded through the Keystone State in a blitz for votes in the final hours before voting begins. Health care, the economy, honesty and the question over who has the least questionable associations highlighted the candidates’ attacks on each other, and the two unveiled new advertisements aimed at crippling one another.

“She’s taken more money from lobbyists and special interest than any candidate, Republican or Democrat. … When you ask yourself why it is that we don’t have health care that everyone can count on, think that drug and insurance companies have spent a billion dollars in the last 10 years in lobbying and contributions and PR, so it’s surprising that laws that are passed in Washington are good for them, but not as good for you,” Obama said in Reading.

In Bethlehem, Pa., Clinton reminded her audience of the stakes later this week, and chided Obama for negative remarks.

“This week, we had a debate and it showed you the choice you have. And it’s no wonder that my opponent has been so negative these last few days of the campaign. Because I think you saw a big — you saw a big difference between us. It’s really a choice of leadership,” Clinton said. “I’m offering leadership you can count on.

“The two also blanketed the state with attack ads.”In the last 10 years Barack Obama has taken almost $2 million from lobbyists, corporations and PACs. The head of his New Hampshire campaign is a drug company lobbyist, in Indiana an energy lobbyist, a casino lobbyist in Nevada,” said a new Clinton commercial airing in the campaign’s final days.

If anything, Obama upped the ante with his rebuttal. His ad said he “doesn’t take money from special interest PACs or Washington lobbyists — not one dime.” Clinton does, it added, and accused her of “eleventh-hour smears paid for by lobbyist money.”

Clinton also has sought to paint Obama as elitist following remarks he made about small town voters, while Obama’s campaign has jumped on a recent poll showing new erosion among voters’ belief in Clinton’s honesty. Obama also has been forced to distance himself from his bombastic former pastor, and Clinton had to admit misspeaking about a trip to Kosovo in her husband’s administration.

In the meantime, campaign surrogates handicapped their candidate’s chances on the Sunday talk circles.Clinton supporter Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., says the race isn’t a lock, but Pennsylvania and the next-biggest remaining prize, Indiana, are in her sights.

“I think that she’s going to do very well in Pennsylvania, and I think she’s going to better than either the polls, which have always underestimated her, or the pundits have stated,” Schumer said on “FOX News Sunday.”

Predicting a win by a “significant amount” in Pennsylvania, she added: “I think she’s going to win in Indiana. And I think that she has momentum, and you’re going to see people saying Hillary Clinton is the best candidate to both beat John McCain.”

Clinton’s newly appointed chief strategist Geoff Garin suggested the New York senator will continue her campaign no matter what the outcome on Pennsylvania primary day.”

We’re going to let the process play through,” Garin said during an interview Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press.

And though he acknowledged that Clinton will have to “do well” in the remaining contests, Garin stressed that “neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates when the last votes are cast on June 3.” He also advised that unpledged superdelegates wait until the last contest to cast their votes.

But, also on “FOX News Sunday,” Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill. — an Obama supporter — said the odds are stacked against Clinton.”

The math is very unforgiving at this point when it comes to delegate counts, and that’s what it’s all about,” Durbin said.”

Senator Clinton needs more than 60 percent of the vote in Pennsylvania. … If you look at the remaining contests, you understand that the Clinton campaign is running out of real estate. There are only a handful of states left. She needs over 60 percent of the vote in each one of them to catch up with Barack Obama,” Durbin said.

But the question of whether Clinton should step aside should be up to her, and her alone, said Obama’s chief campaign strategist David Axelrod, who appeared alongside Garin.”

I don’t believe anyone should tell Senator Clinton to get out of the race,” said Axelrod, who criticized Clinton on a wide range of issues.The two campaigns are also attacking each other on the airwaves, although Obama has been outspending his rival about 2-to-1.

The Clinton campaign was sore after a new Obama ad released this weekend that criticized Clinton’s health care proposal because, Obama’s ad said, Clinton’s plan mandates people to have health insurance, and would penalize those who do not.

Clinton responded Saturday: “I just heard that my opponent has put up an ad attacking my health care plan, which is kind of curious, because my plan covers of everybody, and his plan leaves out 15 million. … Now instead of attacking the problem, he chooses to attack my solution.

Obama Saturday night in Lancaster focused on on the subject of NAFTA, saying Clinton supported it during her husband’s administration, but then has come out against it during the campaign. “She can talk about supporting NAFTA when … her husband’s president. And she says, you know, she’s out there campaigning for it, and then suddenly she’s running for president and says she opposes it,” Obama said.

FOX News’ Bonney Kapp and Aaron Bruns and The Associated Press contributed to this report.

ABCNews has more with some of the more humorous ones in the start…

In the final push before the Pennsylvania primary Tuesday, the Democratic candidates traded some of their sharpest jabs yet, again raising concerns that when the brawl is over, the party will not be able to unite for the fight for the presidency.

Barack Obama accused Hillary Clinton of “slash and burn politics.” Clinton countered that he is all flash and no substance, and she claimed he is now throwing the kitchen sink at her.

Obama conceded that Clinton would be a better president than George Bush. “But that’s not saying very much,” he quickly added.

Obama said all three candidates — including presumptive Republican nominee John McCain — would be better than Bush.

Clinton took issue with Obama’s apparent olive branch for the Arizona senator.

“We need a nominee who will take on John McCain, not cheer on John McCain,” she said.

Obama also launched a new ad, responding to Clinton’s previous attacks and accusing her of “11th-hour smears, paid for by lobbyists.”

Clinton’s campaign countered with another attack ad of its own, charging, “He couldn’t answer tough questions in the debate, so Barack Obama is making false charges about Hillary’s health plan.”

Supporters of both campaigns have gone even further.

A retired major general who supports Obama raised Clinton’s claims that she dodged sniper fire during her 1996 trip to Bosnia. Walter Stewart called that a “dishonor,” and said it should disqualify her from laying wreaths at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

A Clinton supporter is circulating a mailer raising the issue of Obama’s acquaintance with Bill Ayers, a Chicago professor who was once a member of the violent Weather Underground.

The mailer, created by union activist Rick Sloan of the International Association of Machinists, claims Republicans will “channel Joe McCarthy” in the fall, turning Obama’s “change we can believe in” into “change no patriotic American could stomach.”

Both campaigns have disavowed those particular statements.

But Democratic Party activists in Pennsylvania said they worry the bitterness could make it difficult to mend fences once the dust settles.

“This has gotten so bad this year, I’m not sure people can forget about it and put it behind themselves after Tuesday,” said Joe Morgan, a Democratic committeeman for Berks County.

He said the supporters are worse than the candidates when it comes to vindictive attacks.

“The bitterness and anger they have toward people who are not supporting their candidate is something I have never seen before,” he said.

Morgan has been writing his own blog on the race, so at first he decided to remain neutral. He said Obama fans in particular were incensed with him for doing so. His tires were slashed and a complaint was lodged with the Internet service provider for his blog. Morgan is now supporting Clinton.

Carter Has Ended The Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

No not really, but anyone that read the headline and believed, please contact me, I have a bridge for sale…

Carter claims Hamas ready for peace with Israel… Yeah right… This vile ex-President, who has meet on many occassions with a Terrorist Organization, claiming you have to talk with the enemy to make peace with them, disgraced the soldiers that died in Beirut at the hands of Hezbollah by meeting in Syria with Hamas on the 25th anniversary of the barracks bombing, is blowing smoke up the public’s ass, and has accomplished nothing.

Until Hamas stops its terror campaign, there cannot be any chance of peace.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, later said Carter’s comments “do not mean that Hamas is going to accept the result of the referendum.”

Here is the key, no matter what peace agreement is reached, until Israel is no longer, Hamas will not stop.

 JERUSALEM —  Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that Hamas is prepared to accept the right of Israel to “live as a neighbor next door in peace.”

Carter said the group promised it wouldn’t undermine Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts to reach a peace deal with Israel, as long as the Palestinian people approved it in a referendum. In such a scenario, he said Hamas would not oppose a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas, a militant Islamic group that both the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist organization, calls in its charter for Israel’s destruction. It has also traditionally opposed peace negotiations with the Jewish state.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, later said Carter’s comments “do not mean that Hamas is going to accept the result of the referendum.”

Carter’s comments came after his much criticized meetings with the top Hamas leaders in Syria in last week.

The Nobel laureate also urged Israel to engage in direct negotiations with the Islamic militant group, saying it was a “problem” that Israel and the U.S. refuse to meet with Hamas. Both governments consider it a terrorist organization.

“The problem is not that I met with Hamas in Syria,” he said. “The problem is that Israel and the United States refuse to meet with someone who must be involved.”

“There’s no doubt that both the Arab world and Hamas will accept Israel’s right to exist in peace within 1967 borders,” he said, referring to Israel’s frontiers before it captured large swaths of Arab lands in the 1967 Mideast war.

Over the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he decided not to meet with Carter in Israel because he does not wish to be seen as participating in any negotiations with Hamas.

In his comments Monday, Carter said Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking has “regressed” since a U.S.-hosted Mideast conference in Annapolis, Md., in November.

Israel has been negotiating directly with Abbas, who heads a moderate government based in the West Bank. Abbas lost control of the Gaza Strip last June, when Hamas violently seized control of that territory.

Carter said Hamas has promised to let a captured Israeli soldier send a letter to his parents, and said the militants “made clear to us that they would accept an interim cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.”

However, Carter said Hamas rejected his specific proposal for a monthlong unilateral cease-fire.


I also find Carter’s timing a bit curious… He chose to meet with Hamas just before the start of Passover and again after Passover started… Hmmm… I guess maybe there was extra plague the bible left out, terrorists…

Now Hamas’ real answer to Carter’s peace making trip, a step up of attacks from Gaza. These attacks were authorized if not ordered during the talks with Carter.

As for Hamas, our intelligence sources report that Saturday, April 19, after the Gazan leaders Mahmoud a-Zahar and Siad Siyam, fresh from their Cairo stalemate, met former US president Jimmy Carter in Damascus – and heard his suggestion of a one- or two-week halt in rocket fire as a gesture of good will – they went straight into a conference with their masters.

Khaled Meshaal and Mussa Abu Marzuk were there as well as Iranian intelligence officers based permanently in Syria and Syrian intelligence officers who maintain liaison with Hamas. It was agreed that Hamas would not only continue to batter the Gaza-Israel border as in the last ten days, but intensify its assaults against a broader range of targets.

Sunday night, Hamas fired 8 Qassam missiles and half a dozen mortar rounds against Israel civilian locations, their first nocturnal attack of this kind.

Shortly before midnight, they directed fire at Israeli farmers who were harvesting the Kibbutz Nir Oz potato crop in bullet-proof vests by night to escape sniper fire from Gaza. Israeli air force strikes followed, hitting armed Palestinian bands. At least 8 gunmen were killed over the week end.

DEBKAfile’s military sources stress that these Israeli attacks and the deaths of its operatives offer Hamas neither disincentive nor impediment for its war preparations