Bailout Hillary

The latest bailout craze… Considering the economy and the people that voted for Obama because they felt he was going to help him, this is disturbing… Obama and Hillary expect the people to bail her out… She needs to pay off her own debt, the debt she incurred because she could not manager her spending budget… I guess Bill and Hillary don’t have enough money, they need to ask YOU to pay their bills…

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NEW YORK — President-elect Barack Obama’s vast list of donors is being asked to donate to Hillary Rodham Clinton as she scrambles to reduce her massive campaign debt before she becomes secretary of state and federal ethics rules limit her fundraising, an Obama adviser said Thursday night.

An appeal on Clinton’s behalf signed by Vice President-elect Joe Biden is to be sent by e-mail to all of the more than three million donors to Obama’s record-setting fundraising, according to this adviser, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the e-mail had not yet been sent.

Obama promised after Clinton endorsed him to help her pay off her debt and this is the second time the Obama list has been asked to help Clinton. It was used once during the campaign as well, but its second use underlines the urgency of Clinton’s task now that she is Obama’s choice to be secretary of state.

Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, will headline a major debt retirement event in New York Dec. 15 with “Ugly Betty” star America Ferrera as master of ceremonies.

Tickets range from $50 to $1,000, with top donors earning a premium seat and a backstage photo with the former first lady.

Clinton also plans to sell a children’s book, titled “Dreams Taking Flight” by author Kathleen Krull, about her pioneering candidacy. Clinton’s mother, Dorothy Rodham, planned to send an e-mail to supporters later this week asking them to purchase the book to help raise funds to pay down Clinton’s debt.

On Tuesday, a day after Obama announced she would serve as his top diplomat, Bill Clinton signed an e-mail to supporters asking them to send a note of congratulations to his wife and including a link for contributing to her debt retirement.

The urgency is rooted in the size of the New York senator’s unpaid bills and the fundraising restrictions she will face once she joins Obama’s cabinet.

At the beginning of November, Clinton owed $7.5 million to vendors from her failed presidential bid, according to campaign finance records. The largest share of the debt — about $5.3 million — is owed to the polling firm of Mark Penn, the Clintons’ longtime political strategist. She owes hundreds of thousands of dollars for printing, equipment rental, phone banks and other services.

Clinton has slowly been trimming the debt since suspending her campaign last June, partly with Obama’s help. But her fundraising efforts will be curtailed if she is confirmed as secretary of state and becomes covered by the Hatch Act, which regulates political involvement by federal employees.

A 2001 advisory opinion by the federal Office of Special Counsel said a federal employee with a campaign debt would be prohibited from “personally soliciting, accepting or receiving political contributions.” That means Clinton’s political committee could keep raising money to pay off her creditors, but without her direct involvement.

The lack of access to Clinton could pose a disincentive for donors, said Sheila Krumholz, director of the Center for Responsive Politics, which tracks political donations.

“People write a check to get into the room with a candidate or government official. If she’s legally barred from fundraising, the No. 1 reason for giving has been removed,” Krumholz said. “It’s like attending a wedding and the bride isn’t there.”

The advisory opinion does allow the former candidate to appear briefly at fundraising events and thank donors. That restriction could suit Clinton well, according to some of her top bundlers who say neither she nor her husband has ever been good at asking for donations.

But none of the Hatch Act rules apply until Clinton is confirmed, so there’s an opportunity for people eager to get some face time with the incoming secretary of state. Aides said she will try to avoid doing anything that suggests she is leveraging her new post for fundraising advantage.

Brad Smith, a former Federal Election Commission chairman, said Clinton would be wise to avoid any appearance of conflict of interest.

“If nothing else, there’s the embarrassment element,” Smith said. “A secretary of state trying to raise campaign money is kind of ugly.”

Clinton’s new job will help her avoid some pitfalls that loom when political access linked to campaign donations. For example, foreign citizens, who might be interested in forging a relationship with an incoming secretary of state, are legally barred from contributing to U.S. political campaigns.

Still, Krumholz said, there are plenty of U.S. citizens with strong ties to other countries who would welcome the chance to write Clinton a check.

“Wealthy people who have family overseas and are tied to issues in the country — human rights issues, for example — have more incentive to give,” Krumholz said.

Analysts said that fundraising to retire a politician’s debt — never easy — is more difficult during the recession. Also, Clinton is trying to pay off debts from the Democratic primaries, where many of her supporters already gave the maximum $2,300 per person. They cannot be solicited again.

The large share of her debt owed to Penn, a controversial figure and harsh Obama critic, also complicates matters for Clinton. Many Democrats blamed him for her strategic failings.

Clinton also has about $6 million in her Senate re-election account; some of that could be used under strict restrictions to help pay these debts. Under FEC rules, she would need to ask each contributor’s permission to move the donation to her debt retirement account — and none could come from people who already contributed the maximum to her presidential bid.


Kenyan Ambassador To The US, Peter Ogego – Acknowledges Barack Was Born In Kenya

According to Debbie Schlussel, during an interview between WRIF and Kenyan Ambassador to the US, Peter Ogego, he admitted that Barack Obama was born in Kenya. Schlussel provides a link to another video speech to compare voices… Why won’t the Supreme Court and Congress address this issue? This is our Constitution that is in danger here. First his own grandmother says she was at his birth in a Kenyan hospital and now this. The Supreme Court and Congress as well as President Bush need to investigate this issue as is their duty to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States. If the allegations are false, fine, but they should not be ignored.

To listen to the audio clip click the first link below and click the Play Now link – Go to 12 minutes 30 seconds and listen carefully.

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My friends Mark Fellhauer, Mike Wolters, and Mike Clark of Detroit’s “Mike in the Morning” show on WRIF-FM spoke with the Kenyan Ambassador to the U.S. Peter Ogego and got him to admit, matter-of-factly, that Barack Hussein Obama was, indeed, born in Kenya. He also says they plan to mark his birthplace there. This is not a fake call. These guys don’t do those. (The interview is almost 20 minutes, but the admission starts at 12:30 into the interview.) You can compare Ogego’s voice with this video of a speech he made to verify that it is, indeed, him.

peterogego.jpgbarackobama.jpgKenyan Ambassador to U.S. Peter Ogego: Yup, Obama Was Born in KenyaAlthough I listen to their show most mornings, thanks to KFAQ Tulsa morning radio host Pat Campbell (on whose show I frequently appear, including this morning) for the alert. Thanks also to Bob McCarty, who also sent the tip and wrote about it.

Obama Supporters: A League Of Their Own

Easing Expectations Of Obama’s Promise Of A Lobbyist Free Administration

Obama promised an administration free of lobbyist influence, however he is not living up to those words based on his selections so far. Now I was surpised to see Campbell Brown reporting this. Then I thought about why she would be reporting this and it dawned on me, the media is trying to “ease” the expectations of an Obama presidency. They are doing nothing more than making it palatable to the public in stages so when Obama does take the post, the burden of living up to his promises would be eased, which if you remember was one of the things his camp was trying to do in the last weeks of the campaign. This is nothing more than a sympathy criticism, with the aim of making the people understand how hard it is for Obama to do the things he campaigned on and not to expect him to…

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I want you to hear something President-elect Barack Obama said just about a year ago:

“I am running to tell the lobbyists in Washington that their days of setting the agenda are over. They have not funded my campaign. They won’t work in my White House.”

Just this weekend The New York times published a list of names — a rather long list of names of people — who are working on Obama’s transition team or who have accepted jobs in his White House who are either former lobbyists or who have close ties to lobbyists.

The Times reports that some of those people were lobbying as recently as this year. 

Video Watch Campbell Brown’s commentary »

Now, the Obama team is quick to point out that their rules and restrictions on lobbying ties are far stricter than any previous administration.

And the Obama folks concede that eliminating anyone in Washington who had ever lobbied Congress or who has a family member who lobbied Congress would be foolish.

And it’s true, you could argue the reality of Washington and our government is that lobbyists are often the most informed people on a given issue.

But we certainly never heard Obama articulate it quite that way when he was candidate Obama. What he said then was:

“That’s what happens when lobbyists set the agenda and that’s why they won’t drown out your voices anymore when I am president of the United States of America.”

And that is a promise that he may already be struggling to keep.

Ayers And Dohrn Interview

Ayers talks about leaving an era of fear based on 9/11, the typical liberal position that Bush was reelected based on fear of another attack… Well how about the fear of a complete economic collapse that camp Obama used in the election. Or how about the fear that Sarah Palin would have been one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Those were Fear based campaigns created by the Obama camp.

The he goes on to talk about repression and constitutional shreading and scapegoating of gay and lesbian people… Well Obama’s victory has created more division with the gay and lesbian community… Mr. Ayers watch the news, Prop8 has created a firestorm. The large turnout of voters for Barack is more than likely the cause of it, the same people voting for Barack decided to vote against gay and lesbians…

Then he rambles on about creating new movements that the President has to react to… I wonder if these are the same movements as he advocated in the 60s.

His wonderful wife then goes on to talk about the joy the world felt about the election of Barack Obama.

Notice how she includes EVERYONE by naming any possible situation and place… The country is still just as divided politically as it was prior to the elections. Remember Barack Obama only got 52% of the vote. That is not even close to an overwhelming majority… Then goes on to say it is a “pretty decisive” rejection of the politics of fear… Again what about the Obama fear factor…

Then she goes on to talk about this election proved the Bradly effect has been overcome… Well then case closed, the racist America that was potrayed prior to the election was proven false, thus the blaming the White man for everything needs to stop.

And then… She tries to show that the Ayers controversy and the question that many of us have, who is Barack Obama and what does he really stand for, we do not know enough about him, is false… Sorry honey, I do not know enough about him. He has used this mask of hiding things from the public until he gets caught on it to hide who he is or his lack of experience.

What is known about Barack Obama is minimal, less that we knew about Sarah Palin, yet she was only running for Vice President. Yet the media found everything out about her.

Then the big denial… He only knew them casually… Read your husbands book… Family Friends.

He has been vetted and vetted and vetted… No he hasn’t. He has been questioned by the people and we have not gotten satisfactory answers to those questions. The media has avoided any real investigation in him. Each time something comes out, he alienates those involved, including you and your husband.

Then she goes into the African American man racism etc… Which she disproved by her statement of the Bradly effect not happening during the election.

Neither of them think we are in a post racial world… Well of course not, how many black people voted for Barack Obama because he is black? How many white people voted for Barack Obama out of fear of being labelled racists if they did not, How many white people voted for Barack Obama out of feeling guilty for the treatment of black people…

The fear of a black man as president was rejected by almost all sectors of the population… 52% honey… Those things had already been rejected prior to the election… Most of us that voted for McCain did so because he was the lesser of the two evils, it had nothing to do with race for us. This fear of the blackman was not a factor for us.


MSNBC Rewarded For Obama Support With GE Bailout Money

If this is true then America has truly hit rock bottom in terms of our Media. Again Congress has setup nothing in terms of oversight and money is flowing freely. Congress has failed America again. The liberals in Congress have given your money to those that caused this financial collapse and in return you are getting nothing. The first half of the money has already been handed out and there is no return on it, lending freezes are still in place and the people are suffering for it.

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Is MSNBC being rewarded for having backed Obama?  That’s what Jim Pinkerton suggests.  On this evening’s Fox News Watch, the columnist and New America Foundation fellow cited the news that GE Capital, a subsidiary of MSNBC’s parent company GE, has received a $139 billion government loan guarantee.

Host Jon Scott opened this evening’s show opened with a clip of Chris Matthews [in a story that NB was first to report], saying that he saw as his “job” making the Obama presidency a success.  Pinkerton unloaded.

JIM PINKERTON: Well, Matthews is entitled to his opinion, although if he wants to run for the Senate in Pennsylvania in 2010 as has been widely reportedhe should resign and not have a platform on the air. 

But I think that the overall culture of MSNBC was established when they changed their slogan, post-election, to “The Power of Change” [another story NB was first to report].  Now, that sounds a little bit familiar to the Obama campaign “Change We Can Believe In.”  Maybe that’s not an accident. 

But of course, I think the big story here, I think it goes right to what MSNBC’s up to as a strategy, is the news that the FDIC, which is now following election returns, is guaranteeing $139 billion of General Electric Capital debt. That’s General Electric Capital, as in General Electric, which is the parent company of MSNBC, CNBC, NBC. Now, for a $139 billion guarantee, I’d consider, I’d probably go more, I’d probably go all the way over to the Olbermann/Maddow territory. $139 billion.

The panel got off a good chuckle. But if Pinkerton is right, and news networks are being rewarded for favorable coverage of the incoming administration, we’ve entered a very bad new era indeed.

Note: Some might ask why the FDIC, still a part of the Bush administration, would reward an Obama-backing network.  But Pinkerton suggested that the FDIC has its eyes on the prospects of who will next be in power.

Note Deux: Interviewed by this NewsBuster after the show aired, Pinkerton observed:

I think that MSNBC made a fundamental strategic decision to go left, to let Keith Olbermann re-brand the network.   And it worked, big time. 

The Wall Street meltdown could not have been foreseen.   

But sometimes, one just gets lucky.  MSNBC and its sister, GE Capital, and its parent, GE, must be thanking their lucky stars, thinking that “Olbermann-ization” worked out a lot better than they could have managed. 

Although I am sure that they also think that they have earned it!

The NYTimes explains the GE scam

General Electric said Wednesday that the federal government had agreed to insure as much as $139 billion in debt for its lending subsidiary, GE Capital. This is the second time in a month that G.E. has turned to a federal program aimed at helping companies during the global credit crisis.

GE Capital is not a bank, but granting it access to a new program from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation may reassure investors and help the lender compete with banks that already have government-protected debt, a G.E. spokesman, Russell Wilkerson, told Bloomberg News.

“Inclusion in this program will allow us to source our debt competitively with other participating financial institutions,” Mr. Wilkerson said.

The F.D.I.C. program covers about $139 billion of G.E.’s debt, or 125 percent of total senior unsecured debt outstanding as of Sept. 30 and maturing by June 30.

G.E. sent investors an e-mail letter about the program on Wednesday and posted the letter on its Web site. “Our participation is a positive development for our investors,” it said.

G.E.’s finance businesses are able to seek F.D.I.C. debt coverage because its GE Capital subsidiary also owns a federal savings bank and an industrial loan company, both of which already qualify.

Last month, G.E. started using a new Federal Reserve program aimed at reviving demand for the commercial paper for a wide variety of companies.

Go to Article from Bloomberg News »
Go to Letter from General Electric (PDF) »

Tis The Season To Be Jolly

That is if you are one of Obama’s campaign staffers…

Now I do not what to hear any Obama supports who donated money to his campaign, complain about not having money for the holiday season to buy presents for your kids… You gave it to Obama and he decided to spread your wealth around… Around his campaign staff that is. So this year when you are struggling to have a nice holiday for you family and you cannot afford it, remember that Obama staffers got a bonus equal to one months salary… plus they can keep their laptops and blackberrys…

Recite this statement three times…

“It was totally unexpected, and you can’t believe how helpful this is with the holidays coming,” the lower-level worker said. “A lot of people thought they were going to be broke and would have to try to find a job in this rotten economy. It’s a huge help.”

So what about those that donated to the campaign that may have lost their jobs and are struggling already…

Well at least this lower-level worker will not have to worry about finding a job for at least a month….

Now go and pray to the One…

I also wonder if their service for their blackberrys is included until the current contracts end…

More Change You Can Believe In!


Updated Friday, November 14th 2008, 10:14 AM

WASHINGTON – Barack Obamaended his campaign so flush with cash he’s telling staffers to keep the change – and then some.

Long-suffering political footsoldiers who toiled tirelessly, at least since September, to put Obama in theWhite House recently learned they will be getting extra paychecks worth a month’s salary, the Daily News has learned.

And boy, are they grateful.

“I think it’s a very nice gesture for people who slaved away and sacrificed for the past year,” said one pleased ex-staffer.

“It was totally unexpected, and you can’t believe how helpful this is with the holidays coming,” the lower-level worker said. “A lot of people thought they were going to be broke and would have to try to find a job in this rotten economy. It’s a huge help.”

In addition to the cold cash, staffers also have the option of keeping their campaign-issued computers andBlackBerrys – but must pay income tax on the hardware if they do.

It’s an almost unprecedented move at the end of a presidential campaign, even a winning one, because usually they are flat broke, having taken public financing and gone through every last penny.

But Obama skipped public financing and raised more than $600 million, including more than $150 million in September, and nearly $40 million in the first couple of weeks of October.

If this silver parachute approaches his September payroll, it’ll be worth upward of $3 million.

A bunch of John McCain staffers will get checks that cover much of this month, but it’s nothing like the widespread lucre flowing around Obamaland.

“They certainly didn’t pay bonuses in the McCain campaign,” one ex-staffer there said.

President Bush helped a lot of his campaign folks in 2004, moving many to theRepublican National Committee payroll until December.


Billionaire Mayor Bloomberg rewarded his campaign staff with fat bonuses, but he could afford to. It’s seldom so generous on the Democratic side.

“Most campaigns you have to wait months for your last check,” an Obama staffer said. “I’m not sure this has ever been done before. Definitely not that I’ve seen.”

“I’ve heard of two weeks [pay] before, but nothing beyond that. This is very generous,” said a veteran Democratic political operative.

Word of the cash bonanza for Obama’s loyal troops comes as the President-elect has begun raising money to retire the Democratic National Committee‘s debt, even tapping his precious e-mail list to help out.

And while Obama splashes his staff with cash, Hillary Clinton is still in hock for about $21 million, including about $13 million she lent herself and will never get back.

Although she’s banking on Obama to help her pay down the remaining $8 million, he can’t use any leftover campaign cash. He’d have to tap his donors anew for her.

Clinton took care of about 40 of her campaign staffers by shifting them to the payroll of her political action committee.

It’s unclear how much campaign cash Obama has left in his war chest, a tally he’ll have to report to the feds this month.