Ayers And Dohrn Interview

Ayers talks about leaving an era of fear based on 9/11, the typical liberal position that Bush was reelected based on fear of another attack… Well how about the fear of a complete economic collapse that camp Obama used in the election. Or how about the fear that Sarah Palin would have been one heartbeat away from the Presidency. Those were Fear based campaigns created by the Obama camp.

The he goes on to talk about repression and constitutional shreading and scapegoating of gay and lesbian people… Well Obama’s victory has created more division with the gay and lesbian community… Mr. Ayers watch the news, Prop8 has created a firestorm. The large turnout of voters for Barack is more than likely the cause of it, the same people voting for Barack decided to vote against gay and lesbians…

Then he rambles on about creating new movements that the President has to react to… I wonder if these are the same movements as he advocated in the 60s.

His wonderful wife then goes on to talk about the joy the world felt about the election of Barack Obama.

Notice how she includes EVERYONE by naming any possible situation and place… The country is still just as divided politically as it was prior to the elections. Remember Barack Obama only got 52% of the vote. That is not even close to an overwhelming majority… Then goes on to say it is a “pretty decisive” rejection of the politics of fear… Again what about the Obama fear factor…

Then she goes on to talk about this election proved the Bradly effect has been overcome… Well then case closed, the racist America that was potrayed prior to the election was proven false, thus the blaming the White man for everything needs to stop.

And then… She tries to show that the Ayers controversy and the question that many of us have, who is Barack Obama and what does he really stand for, we do not know enough about him, is false… Sorry honey, I do not know enough about him. He has used this mask of hiding things from the public until he gets caught on it to hide who he is or his lack of experience.

What is known about Barack Obama is minimal, less that we knew about Sarah Palin, yet she was only running for Vice President. Yet the media found everything out about her.

Then the big denial… He only knew them casually… Read your husbands book… Family Friends.

He has been vetted and vetted and vetted… No he hasn’t. He has been questioned by the people and we have not gotten satisfactory answers to those questions. The media has avoided any real investigation in him. Each time something comes out, he alienates those involved, including you and your husband.

Then she goes into the African American man racism etc… Which she disproved by her statement of the Bradly effect not happening during the election.

Neither of them think we are in a post racial world… Well of course not, how many black people voted for Barack Obama because he is black? How many white people voted for Barack Obama out of fear of being labelled racists if they did not, How many white people voted for Barack Obama out of feeling guilty for the treatment of black people…

The fear of a black man as president was rejected by almost all sectors of the population… 52% honey… Those things had already been rejected prior to the election… Most of us that voted for McCain did so because he was the lesser of the two evils, it had nothing to do with race for us. This fear of the blackman was not a factor for us.



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