Edwards the Working Man’s Man

Ask John Edwards  about minimum wage, health benefits and retirment plans. What do you think he will tell you? He is for the working man right?  He hs chided Wal-Mart in the past. In a recent conference call with the union that represents workers he told how his son stood up for the working man by reprimanding a fellow student for buying goods at Wal-Mart.

Sounds good right.

Well think again, John had an aide call Wal-Mart trying to reserve a Playstation 3 for him. Now there are three problems with this.

1. The average working man cannot afford the Playstation 3 as the average working man needs higher wages.

2. Does John feel special and that he should have the PS3 before the average working man, that Wal-Mart should honor a special request from a rich lawyer?

3. The most damning, he is supporting how Wal-Mart does business, treats employees, yet in the next breath condems them for these practices.

Way to go John Edwards, you are a Waste Of My Oxygen.

Note – This in no way reflects my opinion of Wal-Mart’s practices in employee relations/compenstation, it is solely about Mr. Edwards.

Corzine the Toll Troll

Govenor or NJ, John Corzine you are a WasteOfMyOxygen…

Since taking office you have run the state further down, more so than McGrevey…

People of NJ pay attention to what Corzine, who last year cashed in stocks that gave him is highest income ever, does and or plans to do.

Instead of trying to control spending and slim down the government fat, he keeps trying to bring in more money. His latest antic is spending money on exploring adding tolls to some major highways in NJ. Not only are motorists/commutors burdened with high gas cost, spending time sitting in traffic, now he wants to strip you of more of your $$$. NJ is still reeling from the MCI/EZ-Pass scandel which is still costing the people. Let’s make things worse John.

Please people of NJ speak out, even the Democratic majority in the State’s Congress is against this.

However money is still being spent on exploring this, unless you the people do something.

John Kerry on Ejukasion

John Kerry you are a Waste of My Oxygen magnify

Please Johnhelp our boys that couldn’t make it through college