Chavez Possibly Supporting Hamas And Hezbollah

Not really that much of a surprise… I wonder how much support and the types he is providing… 

Now let’s not forget Chavez is looking to start up a nuke program, allegedly for power, but I would suspect with a little Iranian help this could very easily be a weapons program…

Wonder if Obama will watch his own backyard or if they will be given the Socialists pass…

A new book published in the United States alleges that Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is an active and open supporter of Hamas and Hezbollah, providing the Lebanese Shi’ite militia with training for its fighters.

In “The Threat Closer to Home: Hugo Chavez and the War Against America,” authors Douglas Schoen and Michael Rowan write that through his support of terror organizations and by providing safe refuge for terrorists, Chavez constitutes a real, concrete threat to the United States.

Venezeula earlier this month cut ties with Israel to protest its military offensive in the Gaza Strip. The move came shortly days after Chavez called the attacks on the Hamas-ruled coastal territory a “holocaust.”


Last August the Los Angeles Times reported that Western governments fear that Hezbollah is establishing a growing number of operational cells in the South American country.

Iran is long believed to have undertaken covert activity in South America in concert with Hezbollah. The LA Times reported that the U.S. State Department believes Iranian operatives were behind two terrorist attacks in Buenos Aires – the 1992 bombing of the Israeli embassy in Buenos Aires and the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center building. Both attacks killed dozens of civilians and wounded scores more

via Chavez providing aid to Hamas and Hezbollah, says new book – Haaretz – Israel News .

Code Pink’s Jodie Evans Donates to Terrorists And Barack Obama

One of the founding members of Barack Obama’s finance campaign team has ties to terrorists. Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink, has personally donated $40,000 to Barack’s campaign and raised between $50,000-$100,000 in donations. Evans has a long history of ties to foreign terrorist organizations and state sponsors, including the “Iraqi Resistance” which is responsible for killing thousands of US Soldiers.

This woman undermines our military, undermines our country and puts American lives in danger.

This is another “Association” that is troublesome. Barack Obama’s relationships, allies and partners, with extremist elements is just beginning to be uncovered, unfortunately the fourth estate will not do their job and dig into his past. They will go to the mattresses to discover what Joe the Plumber is hidding though…

More Change You Can Believe In!

Please read the whole article and educate yourself

Author’s note: It is commonly known that political visitors to totalitarian nations are only let in those nations if the visit serves the purposes of that government, the visitors are accompanied by minders and are monitored at all times and that the government facilitates propaganda events during the visits.

The following article is heavily documented with supporting links. The story it tells is very troubling for our nation. It is a story our news media refuses to investigate and report. Please forward this article widely.

A founding member of the campaign finance team of Democratic presidential nominee Illinois Sen. Barack Obama has been working with state sponsors of terrorism to undermine the United States in the global war on terror since at least February, 2003.

Jodie Evans, co-founder of the leftist anti-American group Code Pink, has documented ties to governments on the State Department’s list of current and former state sponsors of terrorism including Iran, Cuba, Syria and the former Iraqi government under Saddam Hussein. She also has endorsed and worked with the so-called Iraqi resistance that has killed over three thousand American soldiers and thousands of free Iraqis.

Evans is listed on the official Obama website as a bundler of between $50,000 and $100,000 in contributions. According to FEC reports, the official Obama website and news accounts, Evans has personally contributed over $40,000 to the Obama campaign—$4600 to Obama for America and around $36,000 to the Obama Victory Fund.

Evans served as a co-host for Obama’s first Hollywood fundraiser right after he announced his long-shot bid for the presidency in February 2007, just weeks after she returned from Cuba where she and Code Pink worked with the Castro government to protest the terrorist detention center in Guantanamo. Evans and Code Pink, who market themselves as feminists and human rights activists, blew off the Ladies in White, a Cuban human rights group that asked the delegation Evans led to inspect Cuban prisons where democracy advocates were being held by the Castro government.

The propaganda effort against the terrorist detention center at Guantanamo garnered worldwide sympathetic media coverage that undermined America’s efforts in the war on terror.

Evans and Code Pink’s trip to Cuba in January 2007 made up for their aborted effort to visit the communist nation the year before to celebrate the anniversary of Fidel Castro’s violent revolution.

In February, 2003, Evans traveled with Code Pink to Baghdad as a guest of Saddam Hussein’s government to lobby the world to keep him in power. Saddam’s government made a lasting impression on Evans. As late as summer 2008 she was still wishing that the genocidal, mass murdering tyrant was still in power in Iraq. She made a similar statement in 2006 pining for the ‘good old days’ under Saddam:

Let’s go back to the Iraq before we invaded, there was a good education and health care system, food for everyone. That system didn’t belong to Saddam it belonged to the Iraqi, it belonged to years of creating what a civilization needed. If your parents didn’t send you to school they could be put in jail.

Evans made several trips to Iraq in 2003 after the liberation. She worked with anti-liberation Iraqis to set up Occupation Watch in Baghdad. The purpose was to propagandize alleged war crimes by American soldiers and to recruit American soldiers into quitting the war by becoming conscientious objectors.

Evans did a propaganda interview with a communist newspaper in August, 2003, accusing G.I.s of wantonly slaughtering Iraqi women and children.

In December 2004, as the Marines were clearing out Fallujah from al Qaeda and Iraqi Sunni terrorists, Evans and Code Pink delivered over $600,000 in cash and humanitarian aid for what Code Pink called “the other side” in Fallujah.

(Giving cash and “humanitarian aid” to the anti-American or anti-freedom side in a conflict is an age old tactic of Western leftists as a way of bolstering their allies and prolonging the conflict without being accused of directly arming the enemy.)

In January, 2006, Evans traveled to Venezuela with Code Pink where she met with Hugo Chavez and protested against President Bush.

In April, 2006, Evans led a delegation to Iran. Blog entries by her and her fellow travelers are filled with propaganda designed to undermine U.S. policy againt the state sponsor of terrorism.

In June, 2006, Evans represented Code Pink at the World Tribunal on Iraq, a leftist-jihadist show trial held in Istanbul, Turkey, that proclaimed the ‘right’ of the terrorists in Iraq to kill Americans and free Iraqis:

There is widespread opposition to the occupation. Political, social, and civil resistance through peaceful means is subjected to repression by the occupying forces. It is the occupation and its brutality that has provoked a strong armed resistance and certain acts of desperation. By the principles embodied in the UN Charter and in international law, the popular national resistance to the occupation is legitimate and justified. It deserves the support of people everywhere who care for justice and freedom.

Evans herself gushed about her support for the so-called Iraqi resistance in an essay written in Istanbul:

“We must begin by really standing with the Iraqi people and defending their right to resist. I can remain myself against all forms of violence, and yet I cannot judge what someone has to do when pushed to the wall to protect all they love. The Iraqi people are fighting for their country, to protect their families and to preserve all they love. They are fighting for their lives, and we are fighting for lies.” (AlterNet, June 26, 2005)

In the summer of 2006, Evans and Code Pink traveled to Jordan and Syria. She and Code Pink wrote extensively about the Jordan visit, where they met with pro-terrorist Iraqi parliamentarians who urged them to seek recognition of the so-called Iraqi resistance.

The stop in Syria is clouded in mystery as none of the Code Pink members have written about what they did and who they met in Syria, except here:

From Damascus to Beirut: Arriving, Safely

By Medea Benjamin

Four of us—Gael Murphy, Judith LeBlanc, Diane Wilson and myself—split off from the rest of the group in Syria to make our way to Lebanon.

As noted at the beginning of this article, Evans traveled to Cuba in January 2007 to undermine America, then just weeks later she co-hosted Barack Obama’s first big Hollywood fundraiser.

In November, 2007, when Obama announced his campaign bundlers, Evans was on the list, as well as her husband Max Palevsky.

Evans got more involved in supporting Obama’s candidacy in 2008. In February she hosted a support Obama event and published an endorsement of Obama co-signed by several New York feminists.

On June 4, 2008, Evans was interviewed by radio talk show host Paul A. Ibbeston (Part One on YouTube and Part Two on YouTube.)

In the interview, Evans expressed her sympathy for the Sept. 11 terror attacks by al Qaeda that led to the murder of 3000 innocents, mostly her fellow Americans:

Jodie Evans:…”We were attacked because we were in Saudi Arabia, that was the message of Osama, was that because we had our bases in the Middle East, he attacked the United States.”

Paul A. Ibbetson: “Do you think that’s a valid argument?”

Evans: “Sure. Why do we have bases in the Middle East? We totally violated the rights of that country. Why do we get to have bases in the Middle East?”

Evans also expressed her “love” for the anti-American leader of Venezuala, Hugo Chavez, calling him a “sweetheart”, and admitted that Code Pink is trying to “undermine the war effort” of the United States in the war on terror.

Several weeks after that interview, Obama received Evans at a high-dollar fundraiser. Evans is listed by the FEC has having made a $7250 contribution to the Obama Victory Fund, a joint fundraising vehicle of Obama’s presidential committee, Obama for America, and the Democratic National Committee. The legal limit, $2300 of Evans’ contribution, was given to Obama’s general election coffers as she had already given the maximum allowed by law to his primary campaign, also $2300, at the Hollywood fundraiser she co-hosted in February, 2007. The balance of the $7250 went to the DNC.

Days after the event, a video was published featuring Code Pink’s Medea Benjamin bragging about Evans’ meeting with Obama.

In July, 2008, Evans joined other leftists in signing a letter urging Obama to keep left in his campaign that was published by The Nation.

The next month, Evans’ success at infiltrating the Democratic party was recognized with her being given the “Inside the Party” award by the Progressive Democrats of America, a group founded in 2004 at the Boston Democratic national convention to pull the party further to the left. Evans is known by her fellow leftists as a master of the ‘inside-outside game’.

Later that month, Evans attended the Democrats’ national convention in Denver. While Code Pink did their usual street theater outside the convention, they did not disrupt the convention inside. That is most likely because as a bundler for Obama, Evans was invited to private meetings with Obama and his vice presidential nominee Delaware Sen. Joe Biden after their respective acceptance speeches. From the National Journal:

After Biden’s speech on Wednesday night, bundlers are invited to an hour-long reception with the vice presidential candidate in a private room in the Pepsi Center, and then on Thursday morning, Barack and Michelle Obama are hosting a breakfast at the Hyatt Regency. After Obama’s acceptance speech, he is scheduled to mingle with bundlers at a private lounge inside Invesco Field.

The next week, at the Republicans’ national convention in St. Paul, Evans made headlines by trying to storm the stage during the acceptance speech by Republican vice presidential nominee Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin.

Evans spent her time in St. Paul committing identity theft to gain access to the convention and related events.

Less than two weeks later, Evans was again received by Obama, this time at an intimate $28,500 per person fundraiser in Hollywood and again later that evening at a $2500 per person fundraiser that featured a performance by Barbra Streisand.

Evans capped off her month by meeting with Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in New York City. Ahmadinejad’s government has been funding, training and equipping terrorists in Iraq who have killed American soldiers and free Iraqis, as well as Hezbollah in its war against Israel, among many other activities that threaten the free world including seeking nuclear weapons.

Evans, who is no fool but is a propagandist, told Fox News after meeting Ahmadinejad that he is “really about peace and human rights and respecting justice.”

Ahmadinejad is also no fool. He would know that Jodie Evans, who visited his country in 2005, is in tight with the Democratic party’s presidential nominee and that Obama has stated his willingness to meet with Ahmadinejad and has downplayed the danger of Iran to the free world.

This raises the question of whether Evans was acting as an intermediary between Obama’s campaign and Ahmadinejad.

The American news media has utterly failed the nation by its willful failure to investigate and report the alliance between Barack Obama and the terrorist supporter Jodie Evans.

Evans has brushed off the few queries about this by saying her husband, Max Palevsky, is an old friend of Obama’s from Chicago and she’s just along for the ride. The evidence belies that story. Evans is a player in her own right.

In addition to working with state sponsors of terrorism, Evans works with pro-terrorist communist groups in the U.S. Those groups include The World Can’t Wait, ANSWER, Troops Out Now and United for Peace and Justice. Evans is the tip of spear of the pro-terrorist left into the heart of mainstream American politics.

There have been several calls from troop support groups for Obama to renounce Evans. He has ignored them and instead has drawn closer politically to Evans as the election draws near.

Obama said this summer he knows he needs to earn the trust to be commander-in-chief. He has failed to earn that trust, completely, by allying with Jodie Evans.

Jodie Evans and Barack Obama, photo by Code Pink

Jodie Evans and Code Pink lead protest against Marine Corps, Berkeley, CA. Feb. 12, 2008.

Jodie Evans being interviewed about anti-Marines protest, Berkeley, CA. Feb. 12, 2008. Photos by
More photos and story from that protest by Zombie Time here.

Cindy Sheehan, Jodie Evans, Hugo Chavez, Medea Benjamin in Venezuela. Photo by Code Pink. Jan. 28, 2006.

Jodie Evans in at Chavez speech, Caracas, Venezuela. Jan. 27, 2006. Photo by Code Pink. (Sign translation by Code Pink: Women Say Bush Must Go)

Jodie Evans and Jane Fonda.

Another Dearborn Terrorist Overlooked By The Liberal Media

The Dearborn connection still being ignored by those charged with our nations security. Here is a high level espionage case where the culprit was providing services for Saddam. Another arguement for not only controlling immigration, but citizenship grants as well.

When will the people of the country and the leaders take a firm stance and kick these people out of our country. Revoking of US Citizenship is allowable and should be inforced when people commit crimes against our country.

Clearly there is a problem in Dearbornistan and it needs to be addressed before it is too late.

One third of Dearborn, Michigan’s population of an estimated 100,000 in this Detroit suburb ar Muslims. There is a large concentration of Iraqi and Lebanese immigrants among the Muslim population there. Doubtless many of them are loyal Americans, you would think, else wise why would the FBI throw a bear hug around the community and do outreach to them, or the embattled head of the DHS customs and border security chief Julie Myer’s rush out there to speak at a Dearborn Hezbollah ’social club’. The recent guilty plea by illegal immigrant, marriage fraudster and Hizbollah ‘mole’ in the FBI and CIA, Lebanese Muslim Nada Nadim Prouty. This Muslim community doesn’t think twice about making contributions to charities or zakat that front for terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Now we have the case of Ghazi Al-Awadi, 78. According to this AP report Ghazi is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iraq. He plead guilty in July to acting as an agent of the government of Iraq under Saddam’s regime passing on information to the executed dictator’s intelligence service. He got sentenced to 18 months in the Federal pen. He could have received upwards of 51 months.

Get this he was released from jail in 1996 after serving six years in a manslaughter conviction for stabbing son-in-law.

Ron Paul For Ayatollah

I found this post quite interesting, especially considering where the first references the recent debate in  Dearborn, MI an area of this country that has been quite supportive of terrorism, especially against Israel

-Non-Intervention, unless it benefits the terrorists. If the vote had been against Israel instead of the known Terrorist Organization Hezbollah, this would be a completely different view…

-Pull all US troops from Muslim Lands, which lands exactly are Muslim Lands, oh the ones where the majority are Muslim? Or the ones where there is a single Muslim… Next they will demand no US troops in the US…

-Muslim American Interests, are the different than Non-Muslim American Interests? How so, oh, support for terrorists, no support for Israel… Shouldn’t Muslim American interests be the same as every Americans Interests.

-Non Isolationist & Non Intervention, well lets see, if we do not intervene, then we are isolationists, however if we do not isolate ourselves, we are then Intervening… Good use of logic here…

-This post is a call for Muslims to support Ron Paul because he would benefit them, however near the end, she posts that his supporters support the right to bear arms and it would be interesting to see what happened if he won and got the Hamas treatment, so already she is calling for muslims to take up arms against the rest of American. Yes I guess American interests are different than Muslim American Interests.

-Let’s not forget that the politically correct way of saying Jew Hating is Anti-Zionism

From the bloggers about page:


Maria Hussain is interested in exploring Zionism as a mental corruption which can be cured.

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Now, Ron Paul is probably one of the better candidates running, however this post is really anti-semitism masked in a political gift-wrapping…

Muslims discover Ron Paul

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After the Republican debate on Tuesday evening in Dearborn, Mich., a reporter from the Arab-American News asked Ron Paul what he thought of the term “Islamic fascism.”

“It’s a false term to make people think we’re fighting Hitler,” Paul responded. “It’s war propaganda designed to generate fear so that the war has to be spread.”

The call has gone out to all the Muslim Americans to hurry up and register to vote Republican so that they can vote in the Republican Primary to support Ron Paul, the anti-interventionist, non-isolationist candidate for President of the United States. Muslims are opening their wallets and joining as well.

An anonymous Ron Paul supporter posted the following message on the internet: “Muslims and Americans have an unique window of opportunity for the 2008 election. There is a candidate running as a Republican that would work to completely cut off the funding to Israel, remove ALL US troops from Arab lands, and repeal the Patriot Act. He’s a Republican with Libertarian views named Ron Paul. Ron Paul’s policies ranging from monetary to foreign are top notch. Till now Muslims and Americans have not had an American Presidential candidate that really suited their best interests. This election is unique in that we have a man running as a Republican that speaks the truth…We know the current policies in the Middle East are failing, not only making it less safe in the world but hurting and killing innocent Muslims, which our media callously calls collateral damage. It is our duty as Muslims to follow the truth regardless of how futile it may seem. Ron Paul is the only candidate that does not seem to be swayed by the influential lobbies that the other candidates are catering to.”

Ron Paul stood up in Congress in 2006 and opposed a resolution that sided with Israel in the Lebanon-Israel conflict. He stated the following.

Ron Paul: “Mr. Speaker, I follow a policy in foreign affairs called non-interventionism. I do not believe we are making the United States more secure when we involve ourselves in conflicts overseas. The Constitution really doesn’t authorize us to be the policemen of the world, much less to favor one side over another in foreign conflicts. It is very clear, reading this resolution objectively, that all the terrorists are on one side and all the victims and the innocents are on the other side. I find this unfair, particularly considering the significantly higher number of civilian casualties among Lebanese civilians. I would rather advocate neutrality rather than picking sides, which is what this resolution does.”

Ron Paul has also sponsored a bill to overturn the Patriot Act. He is one of the few members of Congress from either of the major houses that is speaking rationally about these issues. How can we get everyone, and I mean everyone, to join the Ron Paul Republican voter sign-up campaign?

There is general frustration with politicians these days, and the unwillingness to believe that supporting a particular candidate will make a difference. But whether Ron Paul wins or loses, is a great way to meet your neighbors who are against the war and organize the community on a grassroots level. If something like Katrina ever happened to us, knowing our neighbors could mean the difference between life and death to our families.

The common thread I’ve been reading lately about leftists and Jews is that they are having trouble getting more than a dozen people to come to their stuff (whether anti-Zionist or Zionist). The anti-Israel movement is not moving forward, because “protest Zionist imperialism” is just not a catchy slogan. By contrast, there are over 400 RP activists against war taxes in Boston alone. Every day the list of passionate anti-war activists grows. Very few of them agree with every single RP position, they just want to get the Lobby out of the way and pull the troops out of Iraq.

One reason it’s working is because of the software. They made the site almost like a dating site, where you can make friends with people in or near your zip code. They made it very easy to get together with new people to join the activism. You can’t beat technology, may as well use it.

In the event that RP actually won the election and got the Hamas treatment, his supporters are fully in support of the Right to Bear Arms. It would be interesting to see what followed.

If anti-war protesters want to continue to focus on the genocidal machinations of the global zionist-imperialist military, industrial, financial, political, neoliberal, media complex, they have to be willing to meet with anyone any time to hear what ideas people have to address this, which is our primary responsibility – even if they are Republicans.

If you ever saw Ron Paul in an interview it cannot be said that he avoids discussing vital issues. He is someone who is willing to make a statement and stick by it even when no one agrees with him. I don’t “believe” in electoral politics but it’s not that much sweat off my brow to go and vote to end war.

I think the fact that NO pro-Israel group will let Ron Paul speak at their convention, not even peace Zionists, is evidence enough that he is the only person to put in charge as commander-in-chief. And, even if he loses, making all these contacts with local anti-interventionists is priceless. If you want to expand the peace movement so that it overlaps with the freedom movement like ripples in a pond, you just have to respect the fact that people might agree with you, but for different reasons.

Just to give you an idea about the writer who posted this blog here is another exert from her which displays her racism and bigotry… Now she does obviously support Ahmadinejad… So the Ayatollah concept is not a far stretch for her…

Self-Hating Jews vs Ahmadinejad

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I signed my kids up for Arabic lessons recently and, having lived before in an orthodox Jewish town in New Jersey, I noticed something somewhat interesting. Arab mothers of young children weigh on average 20-30 pounds less than your average Jewish mother of young children and not only that, their posture is astonishingly better. In other words, Arab ladies are so much prettier and more self-confident than Jewish ladies in the same station of life. Not only that but their facial expressions are so much different. Orthodox Jewish women walk around not only slumped over, but scowling with a tense frown on their faces. They seem so discouraged, and seem to give off the vibe of being unloved and unwanted at home. All they do I suppose is wash dishes obsessive-compulsively and spend their Fridays ripping up pieces of toilet paper in preparation for the Sabbath, so life must be pretty dull in comparison to the Arabs who actually enjoy their weekends partying with their families and friends.

The other difference is the men. I was going through a divorce when I was living in New Jersey and although it may sound pathetic, I really enjoyed all the attention I got from the Jewish men. I guess with my 26 inch waist, and my upright posture I was a goddess compared to the orthodox Jewish ladies but the impression I got from the Jewish men’s response to my good looks was that all Jewish males are sexually available, whether or not they are married. They used to stop their cars just to watch me cross the street. By contrast, Arab men just seem like people. Freshly showered, nice guys, but not even thinking about “that.”

So, when people talk about self-hating Jews, who is self-hating? I can’t imagine that an overweight woman married to a man who so obviously wishes he could have a Muslim lady as a second wife could have a very positive outlook on life. Not to mention that Jewish men consider cheating on their wife with a non-Jewish lady to “not count” as adultery, not to mention how they lie to their wives as obsessive-compulsively as Jewish women wash their dishes. Suppressing all that guilt about Israeli violence against Palestinians must be a constant downer too. I think no one hates themselves as much as Zionist women so no wonder they are the most vicious people on the planet. I tend to blame all the problems in this world on Jewish women, since the men are doormats who obey their wives or at least pretend to obey their wives. But what’s new. There are more Jewish women marrying hot Palestinian men in “Israel” than there are marriages between Ashkenazim and Arab Jews. It’s over for the Zionist project.

So anyway, how about President Ahmedinejad’s speech at Columbia University? It was so awesome, what I saw on video, and what astonished me most was the warm, thundering applause after every comment he made. I didn’t know there were that many decent Americans out there. Everyone protesting outside was of course a psychotic Jew brainwashed by the David Project. But the thousands of people cheering for Ahmedinejad, who is like the new Bruce Springsteen, really made me feel better about this country. I would not be surprised if scores of people converted to Shia Islam as a result of his really great responses to the hostile questions (I did). He proved himself to be someone with not only great intelligence and wit but saint-like patience. It seemed to me that the Iranian President has more popular support in this country than our own mentally retarded President Bush.

But I was really shocked and disappointed when Congress the next day imposed harsher sanctions on Iran in contempt of the American people, and despite all the rational, intelligent, kind, and good-natured things the Iranian president said the day before.

But what do I expect. I did after all, watch the video of the kid who asked Kerry too many questions getting tasered by the cops. What are we going to do, you guys? There is nowhere to run. Even Europe is controlled by Zionist crazies controlling the media.

It occured to me that maybe what we need is a Swiss solution. Instead of allowing the police to become a hired paramilitary force terrorizing our neighborhoods along with the hoodlums, maybe we should do what the Swiss do. In Switzerland, every town has its own local militia which includes every adult male in the town, all of whom have a machine gun that was given to them for free by the Swiss Army. At the sound of an alarm, within minutes, the men are in position and ready to defend their town. Switzerland never invades other countries, so this hyper-militarism is purely in the interest of self-defense.

Not only that but every family is required to have a bomb shelter stocked with food in their basement and government representatives go door to door making sure that your basement shelter is up to Swiss standards. Given this level of preparedness it is no surprise that the Nazis never bothered trying to take over Switzerland, while the Swiss were hanging out in their bomb shelters eating their chocolate rations provided to them by the government. Maybe it’s time our country got a real government.

Last but not least, it’s Ramadan and most of us admittedly are completely inadequate in our observation but don’t forget the poor. Every act of charity makes a difference. I sponsored a Palestinian orphan some time ago and was astonished by the difference in his photo from one year to the next. When I first got his “annual report” he looked so painfully thin in the photo, but a year later I got a photo of him looking like a regular teenager. Thank God. Nowadays people in Gaza have to buy bottled water to survive, and that is really hard when you have no income. If you don’t know how to send money to Gaza let me know because it’s super easy and the fact is, if you are feeding your own kids on your credit card (like most Americans) you may as well pay for some poor orphan on your credit card as well. And don’t forget the world is not Palestine alone. You can save a child’s life in Africa for just $2. Can you believe that, for the cost of a single beer. So please, I know it’s not the solution for our political problems but the best we can do is keep those wonderful children alive until they grow up so they can take over the world and hopefully do a better job than these aging neocons. Within twenty years all those genocidal fanatics will be dead of natural causes. And what will be left will be hundreds of millions of confused young people. We have to help them survive until that day.

I’m crying now. I know this is not much of an essay but it’s the best I could do. Please, everyone, help the poor children hungry and terrified and alone in this world and save them from the Zionist selfish monsters that want to destroy everything because they know they are finished and they want to take us all down with them, but we can’t let them do that. We have to save this world. It might be a really long time until Jesus (pbuh) comes back. The world is not ending. The truth is much harder. WE have to make it work, we have to find a way to continue life on this planet into the next century and beyond so may God help us.

13 Years of Injustice

Finally after 13 years, Interpol has decided to pursue the Iranian/Hezbollah terrorists that attacked and killed jews in teh 1994 Buenos Aires Bombing. It has been a long road and these individuals have walked around the Muslim world hailed as heros.

The real question is, how diligent will Interpol pursue these terrorists? Will Interpol do what it takes to bring these murders to justice?

What most forget is that this attack was a show that Hezbollah and Iran are international terrorists willing to travel half way around the world to kill Jews. It is  a clear example of the threat they really pose to the world, regardless of the blind eye the liberals turn towards them. It shows the real intent behind Iran’s President’s words when he threatens Israel’s existance and it demonstrates the threat Hezbollah poses in Lebanon with the Syrian/Iranian backing.

Iran Fights West on Warrants for 1994 Bombing in Buenos Aires
Tehran Tries To Overturn Interpol Decision Seeking Arrest of Officials

While the confrontation between Western powers and Iran centers most visibly on Tehran’s nuclear ambitions and its meddling in Iraq, the tension is also playing out in the arcane world of Interpol, the international criminal police organization.

Argentina’s president, Nestor Kirchner, pictured here at a memorial for the bombing of a Jewish center, is pushing for international arrest warrants to be issues for suspects in the bombing

Early next month in the Moroccan city of Marrakech, Interpol’s general assembly will vote to confirm a decision by its executive committee to issue priority arrest warrants for five former Iranian officials and a legendary Hezbollah operative, based on their alleged role in the bombing of a Jewish communal center in Argentina more than a decade ago.

The vote on the international warrants, known as “red notices,” was initially requested by Iran. Tehran was hoping to overturn a unanimous decision by Interpol’s executive committee last March to endorse an Argentine request for warrants. But as the vote approached and it became apparent that the executive committee decision would be upheld, Tehran tried in vain to postpone it.

“Iran lobbied but lost, and they now fear they will be stigmatized,” said Dina Siegel Vann, director of the American Jewish Committee’s Latino and Latin American Institute.

“Iran will for the first time not get away with murder and be able to flout international rules,” Vann said. “Interpol is not a political body like the United Nations General Assembly. It is made up of law-enforcement officials who decide on facts, not slogans.”

The still-ongoing investigation into the June 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center has provided the Bush administration with fodder for its long-standing claim that Iran is the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism. Combined with its nuclear program, its alleged weapons shipments to insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the fire-breathing rhetoric of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the terrorism accusation is helping cement the image of an irresponsible international actor.

At Interpol, the vote in favor of Argentina seems almost ensured. There is no precedent for an assembly vote overturning a decision by the 13-member executive committee — especially a unanimous one backed by delegates from Morocco and Algeria.

Nonetheless, Argentina has launched a full-court press to ensure the outcome. Argentine President Nestor Kirchner, addressing the United Nations General Assembly last month, denounced Iran’s lack of cooperation in the bombing probe and stressed the need for the international community to help out. Buenos Aires will also send the chief prosecutor on the case, Alberto Nisman, to Morocco to attend the Interpol meeting. Moreover, an Argentine judge announced last week that Juan José Galeano, the former investigating magistrate in the case, as well as former prosecutors and an ex-head of the Jewish community would face trial for irregularities that have marred the probe. Foremost is the suspicion that Galeano agreed to bribe a key witness.

After Galeano was disbarred in 2004, the indictment and the arrest warrants he had issued against Iran and Hezbollah in March 2003 suffered a setback at Interpol. In September 2005, the agency’s general assembly confirmed a decision by the executive committee to downgrade an Argentine request to issue nine red notices because they originated with Galeano. At that time, Thomas Fuentes, an FBI official representing the Western Hemisphere at the executive committee, voted against issuing red notices. That led to a downgrading of international efforts to find the suspects in the AMIA bombing, which killed 85 and wounded more than 300.

In November 2006, with a new magistrate on the case, Argentina issued a new indictment accusing the Iranian political leadership of ordering Hezbollah to conduct the attack. It also issued arrest warrants against seven Iranian officials, including former president Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, then-foreign minister Ali Akbar Velayati and then-Revolutionary Guard commander Mohsen Rezai. A warrant was also issued for Imad Mughniyeh, a Hezbollah operative believed to have orchestrated scores of attacks against Western and Jewish targets since the 1980s. Interpol was then asked to issue red notices based on the Argentinean warrants.

Iran has always denied any role in the attack.

At its meeting last March, the Interpol executive committee declined to authorize red notices against Rafsanjani, Velayati and a former ambassador who was briefly detained by Britain a few years ago but released for lack of evidence; however, it approved red notices against Mughniyeh and five Iranians: former intelligence minister Ali Fallahian, former Revolutionary Guard commander Rezai and diplomats Mohsen Rabbani, Ahmad Reza Asghari and Ahmad Vahidi. They are all believed to be living in Iran.

As a practical matter, a red notice is not an international warrant for arrest. Rather, it allows a national warrant — in this case, Argentina’s — to be circulated worldwide with the request that the wanted person be arrested and held for extradition.

Luis Grynwald, AMIA president, stressed that this is an especially important issue given that Argentina does not allow trials in absentia. “We need the support of the world to bring those suspects to justice,” he told the Forward, expressing his satisfaction over the efforts of the Kirchner administration to advance the probe. Still, other observers familiar with the case argue that progress is more cosmetic than real. They claim that the indictment issued by Nisman is similar to the one from Galeano.

“The answer is nothing,” said Marta Nercellas, the longtime attorney for Delegación de Asociaciones Israelitas Argentinas, Argentina’s central Jewish representative body, when asked about the differences between the indictments. “Each piece of evidence that I find convincing was already there.”

Gabriel Levinas, an Argentine journalist who has written at length about the case and seen much of the evidence, agrees. But he said he has serious doubts about the solidity of the allegations against Iran, noting that they rely mostly on intelligence and the testimony of Iranian defectors.

“The Interpol is a way to pressure Iran,” he said. “This was a political case from the get-go, and it has remained one until today.”

 Debka is reporting that Interpol has acted upon this.

Interpol’s Assembly Wednesday approves “red” tags for five Iranians and a Hizballah operative for 1994 bombing of Argentine Jewish center

November 7, 2007, 10:32 PM (GMT+02:00)


The Interpol general assembly meeting in Marrakech, Morocco tagged all six as wanted for extradition in connection with the attack which leveled the seven-story Jewish center in Buenos Aires, killing 85 people and shocking the 200,000 strong Argentine Jewish community. Thirteen years later, there has not been a single conviction. Argentine prosecutors accuse the five Iranian officials of sending Hizballah to blow up the explosives-laden van which destroyed the center. They say they have enough evidence to issue “red” notices for their extradition. The wanted men include former Iranian intelligence chief Ali Fallahian, former Revolutionary Guards chief Mohsen Rezai and Hizballah’s military chief Imad Mughniyeh. Iran claims the charge is political and has no intention of obeying the extradition orders

Hezbollah Special Forces 2 – Training Kids to Kill Jews

Hebollah’s latest propoganda is Special Forces 2, a video game of the Israeli war last year. Another way to teach hatred and violence to a new generation, Hezbollah is still trying to purport that they won the war with ease last year, yet recent interview with a Hezbollah fighter showed that many were ready to surrender, and they only “won” because Olmert bowed to international pressure and stopped the attack.

Raid Israel to capture soldiers, battle tanks in the valleys of southern Lebanon and launch Katyusha rockets at Israeli towns — a new Hezbollah computer game puts players on the frontline of war with the Jewish state.

Some 1,200 people were killed in Lebanon in last year’s conflict between Hezbollah and Israel.

 “Special Force 2” is based on last year’s 34-day conflict between the Lebanese guerrilla group and Israel.

“This game presents the culture of the resistance to children: that occupation must be resisted and that land and the nation must be guarded,” Hezbollah media official Sheikh Ali Daher said.

But Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Mark Regev responded by saying: ”It should come as a surprise to no one that Hezbollah teaches children that hatred and violence are positive attributes.”

Designed by Hezbollah computer experts, players of “Special Force 2” take the role of a Hezbollah fighter, or Mujahid. Weapons and points are accumulated by killing Israeli soldiers.

The game, launched on Thursday, recreates key phases of the conflict, which was triggered when Hezbollah forces raided northern Israel and captured two soldiers, saying they wanted to negotiate a prisoner swap.

Hezbollah takes huge pride in its military performance in the war, which killed 158 Israelis, mainly soldiers. Some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed in Lebanon.

Israel says Hezbollah was weakened in the conflict, in which the group was forced out of its strongholds along the Israeli border and an expanded international peacekeeping force deployed in southern Lebanon under a U.N.-brokered cease-fire.

Hezbollah, a Shiite Muslim group backed by Iran and Syria, declared the outcome of the conflict a “divine victory.”

“Through this game the child can build an idea of some of … the most prominent battles and the idea that this enemy can be defeated,” Daher said.

The game retails at about $10 in Lebanon and is produced by volunteers. Hezbollah is expecting strong demand for the game at home and abroad. Hundreds of copies have been reserved in advance in Lebanon.

The 3-D game forces players to think and use their resources wisely, reflecting the way Hezbollah fights, Daher said.

“The features which are the secret of resistance’s victory in the south have moved to this game so that the child can understand that fighting the enemy does not only require the gun.

“It requires readiness, supplies, armament, attentiveness, tactics.”

 The Daily Mail has screen shots and video of the video game. Please note the picture of the 3 kids playing the game. This is the HATE that groups like Hezbollah create.  Instead of teaching them to kill Jews, maybe they should teach them how to live a better life, they have the opportunity, that is if Hezbollah gets the hell out of Lebanon.

I equate this to the Hamas TV show, this is nothing more than child abuse, being sanctioned by the UN.

Raid Israel to capture soldiers, battle tanks in the valleys of south Lebanon and launch Katyusha rockets at Israeli towns – a new Hezbollah computer game puts players on the frontline of war with the Jewish state.

“Special Force 2” is based on last year’s 34-day conflict between the Lebanese guerrilla group and Israel.

It was launched yesterday at a special exhibit south of Beirut by Hezbollah legislator Hussein Haj Hassan.

hezbollah israel computer gameThree young children play the game, where they can launch rockets at Israel and replay last summer’s war

“It is not only a game, it is an education and culture and it is part of the confrontation because the American and the Western companies created games featuring us as terrorists and it is widespread on the market. This achievement is an addition to the tools of resistance and confrontation,” said Hassan.

“This game presents the culture of the resistance to children: that occupation must be resisted and that land and the nation must be guarded,” Hezbollah media official Sheikh Ali Daher said.

Designed by Hezbollah computer experts, players of “Special Force 2” take the role of a Hezbollah fighter, or Mujahid. Weapons and points are accumulated by killing Israeli soldiers.

The game recreates key phases of the conflict, which was triggered when Hezbollah raided northern Israel and captured two soldiers, saying they wanted to negotiate a prisoner swap.

“The game has high tech and three dimensional technology. It explains the operations that took place during the battles in the last July war,” said Mahmoud Rayya a Hezbollah IT engineer.

hezbollah israel computer gameAn image from the game, where players can fire rockets and shoot machine guns as they relive last summer’s war

Hezbollah takes huge pride in its military performance in the war, which killed 158 Israelis, mainly soldiers. Some 1,200 people, mostly civilians, were killed in Lebanon.

Israel says Hezbollah was weakened in the conflict, in which the group was forced out of its strongholds along the Israeli border and an expanded international peacekeeping force deployed in southern Lebanon under a U.N.-brokered ceasefire.

A Shi’ite Muslim group backed by Iran and Syria, Hezbollah declared the outcome of the conflict as a “divine victory”.

“Through this game the child can build an idea of some of … the most prominent battles and the idea that this enemy can be defeated,” Daher said.

Retailing at around $10 (£5) in Lebanon and produced by volunteers, Hezbollah is expecting strong demand for the game at home and abroad. Hundreds of copies have been reserved in advance in Lebanon.

The 3-D game forces players to think and use their resources wisely, reflecting the way Hezbollah fights, Daher said.

“The features which are the secret of resistance’s victory in the south, have moved to this game so that the child can understand that fighting the enemy does not only require the gun.

“It requires readiness, supplies, armament, attentiveness, tactics.”

“Special Force” was the first video game to be launched by the group in 2003, three years after Israel withdrew its troops from Lebanon, ending an 18-year occupation of southern Lebanon after a guerrilla war of attrition.

Its creators at the time said they relied on maps, films and other material from the group’s media archives to make its graphics true-to-life. They said the aim is to counter the “invasion” of Arab markets by foreign games.

The new game, like the first, can be played in Arabic, English and Farsi.

Hezbollah Supportors Willing to Fight to Keep Sign

Little Green Footballs has updated information on the Hezbollah, Nassrallah sign in Windsor Canada.

Before posting the rest, I want to take an important statements from the article and put it first as it shows the mindset behind this. 

Hussein Dabaja, one of the signs creators said:

He said several of Windsor’s Lebanese citizens will do what it takes to keep the sign up, short of violence

“It’s going to stay up until the last minute. If someone comes to take it down, they’re ready to fight for it, to protect it to be up there.

That sounds just like violence to me.

LGF says it quite pointedly, but I think a more appropriate term would be “Chutzpah”

“Brazen” doesn’t even begin to describe the attitude of the Hizballah supporters in Windsor, Ontario 

I don’t know if you have the legal right in Canada to support terrorist organizations but I would imagine not.

One of the people responsible for a controversial billboard depicting Hezbollah’s leader said he did it to honour  freedom fighting families back home — and it’s their Canadian right to do so.

Well I think this sums it up pretty good… I do like the one part in bold. No Mr. Dabaja you cannot do anything. There are laws and rules and you must live within them.

“In Canada we want peace,” said Hussein Dabaja, a Lebanese-born Hezbollah supporter. “We’re not trying offend anybody. We have freedom of speech. It’s a free country. We can do anything. Every Lebanese in Canada has somebody that died in Lebanon, the freedom fighters. Who is Hezbollah? Our brothers, our family, our parents, our friends. We came to Canada and they stayed there to fight.” 

I can’t even begin here, when you come to another country and become a citizen of that country, then your are a citizen of that country before your homeland. This really shows where your loyalties lie. (And yes I know he meant that they were all Lebanese citizens before coming to Canada, however the way he said it leaves it open to interpretation and maybe he really did subconcously reveal his loyalties)

“The sign shows the Lebanese community finally got a chance to express their feelings about what is going on, to show respect,” said sign supporter Ayat Choukeir. “Before we were Canadians we were all Lebanese. To see a part of Lebanon in our city makes us really happy.”

Well considering that you are supposedly honoring those trying to get your land back from Israel, well, that would make it anti-Jewish, oh wait I forgot Anti-Zionist (sarcasm) 

Dabaja said the billboard was not meant to be an anti-Jewish statement.

It is Hezbollah that does not want peace, that has always been the case, and no many in the world do not like terrorists.

“People who have something against the billboard don’t like Hezbollah and they don’t want peace,” he said.

I am sure considering you already admitted it is the families of yourself and those in your community that are part of a terrorist organization, I would imagine it does mean a lot to you.

Dabaja said honouring those fighting in Lebenon means a lot to many people, including himself.

 Mr. Dabaja, sorry, the problem is that Hebollah is a bunch of terrorist. It has nothing to to with the Canadian government putting them on a list. The only thing that does, is give the government some legal authority, which it probably will not use, because they are afraid of a CAIR lawsuit, to take the sign down.

Dabaja said he believes the sign wouldn’t have sparked such controversy if Canada’s government hadn’t labelled Hezbollah a terrorist group.

“The reason for the problems, the responsibility is the Canadian government,” he said. “The Canadian government made the Lebanese feel the government is against them. Canada needs to fix the mistake it made and take Hezbollah off the terrorist list. They labelled Hezbollah as a terrorist without having respect for the Muslim people.”

Sorry Haidar, but Lebanon was given it’s land back from Israel already, and in case you forgot Lebanon was militarily occupied by Syria until not to long ago. And Hezbollah’s roots are from Iran.  

“This sign means to me remembrance for the people who are looking for peace in the Middle East,” said Zouelfikar Haidar. “It’s a point of view. It’s paper on the board. It’s not a weapon. Hezbollah is part of the Lebanese people. However Hezbollah does it, there is a country occupied and people defending their country. I agree with that, because we’ve been waiting 25 years for the United Nations to get our land back.”