Left Or Wright, Obama Is Screwed

I put off posting on the latest Jeremiah Wright anti-White, anti-American and anti-Obama sermon. Part of the reason was to see what Obama had to say, the other part was to think about why Wright actually made this public statement.

Well for starters at least now Obama is denouncing Wright, however I do not think he goes far enough in doing so. Yes Obama is distancing him self even farther from Wright, but he is not calling Wright what he really is, a racist. Obama needs to say it or atleast that Wright’s comments are racist, even if he does not want to call the man a racist.

The other problem with Obama is that his actions are too late. He should have done this in the first place, instead he came up with excuses and tried to explain what Wright really meant. Now, this pus sore has really grown out of control for Obama and he is trying to come up with excuses for what Wright’s beliefs are now.

Sorry Obama, this type of hatred that Wright has is not new, he has had it his whole life. It has not gotten worse or more severe in nature recently, it is only coming to the public light now because he was part of your campaign. You had him on board as your spiritual advisor and your/his church was you rebuttle to the rumors that you were a Muslim. Because you are in the spotlight, those around you that you bring  into the fray become part of that same act.

Enough on Obama’s lack of actual denouncement and on to Wright…

Wright said many things over the weekend, however some are key and revolve around a key point…

Obama only dismissed him because he has to play the politcal game

Now there two ways to take this, it is true or it is false.

If said notion is true then Obama’s credibility is shot because the American public are being lied to about what Obama really stands for.

If said notion is false, then Obama’s credibity is shot with the black church as that means that he is turning his back on them.

So why would Wright make such a statement… Well to be honest, it seems to me that Wright is trying to ruin any chance of Obama being elected President.

Why would he do that you ask, a Black man as President would surely be good for all Blacks right?

Well in most people’s eyes it would be a good thing, however the sinister liberal base comes out. The core of the liberal agenda.

I have heard from many that they think the reason Wright does not want Obama to win is because then it would prove him wrong and it would prove that the Civil Rights movement was successfull and that Blacks have an equal opportunity to suceed in the US.

That is a great take on this, however I think it needs to be taken one step further. I think there is a more twisted reason on why Wright wants Obama to loose…

If Obama wins, the proof of Equal Rights for Blacks is made and the ability to use the race card is abolished. It would take away Wrights, and others like him, ability to claim blacks are suppressed and that is why they have high crime rates, drug use and the like…

An Obama win would take away the liberal excuse of people being oppressed by the big bad Conservative Government…

As I like to say, liberals need people to be poor, less fortunate, oppressed. If everyone prospered then the liberal platform would disappear and they would serve no purpose. Conservatives want everyone to suceed and get rich, if everyone does that the platform is still there…

This looks like Wright is playing out my liberal philosophy to a tee…


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