Obama Lays Ground Work For Direct Negotiations With Iran

Direct diplomacy without preconditions I am sure… Just wait and see. Pretty soon we will be bending over for these asshats while they builds some nukes… Remember what happened with N. Korea under the Clinton administration… 

Change You Can Believe In!

President Obama did a quick pivot Monday, shifting his focus to foreign policy by contacting a handful of major world leaders — including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and French President Nikolas Sarkozy — as his new U.N. ambassador restated the desire for vigorous and “direct diplomacy” with Iran.

President Obama did a quick pivot Monday, shifting his focus to foreign policy by contacting a handful of major world leaders — including Russian President Dmitry Medvedev and French President Nikolas Sarkozy — as his new U.N. ambassador restated the desire for vigorous and “direct diplomacy” with Iran.

Obama spoke with the foreign leaders ahead of a meeting with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and his Middle East envoy George Mitchell, who was leaving immediately afterward for a trip to the region. Mitchell will go to Cairo, Egypt; Jersusalem, Israel; Ramallah in the West Bank; Amman, Jordan; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. He will also visit Paris and London.

Back in the U.S., U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice, who was confirmed last week for the post, said Monday that Iran’s refusal to meet international obligations will increase pressure on Tehran to drop its nuclear ambitions and cooperate with the United States and global community.

Besides pursuing nuclear weapons, Iran has called for the destruction of Israel and support for Hamas, a terror group designated by the U.S., Israel and the European Union. 

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said Rice’s remarks are not a departure from statements made previously by Obama the candidate. She merely restated the administration position that no forms of communication should be off the table with the Islamic regime. 

“Whether you were on the campaign trail or not, clearly this was something that generated a lot of coverage over the past two years. And I think Ambassador Rice was simply restating the position that the president had,” he said.

Gibbs did not offer any specific initiatives on dealing with Iran, but said Rice’s remarks should come as no surprise.

“This administration is going to use all elements of our national power to address concerns” about Iran’s nuclear program. 

As for the Mitchell trip, Gibbs said Mitchell was ahead overseas “to begin the process that the president promised to be actively engaged in, the peace process there in the Middle East.”

State Department Spokesman Robert A. Wood said the purpose of the trip is to consult with regional leaders on a range of issues, including trying to contain smuggling into Gaza to prevent the rearming of Hamas, the Islamist movement that rules Gaza. He said Mitchell will not meet with any Hamas leaders.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

via Obama, Iran Talks Next? – First 100 Days of Presidency – Politics FOXNews.com .


Carter Has Ended The Palestinian/Israeli Conflict

No not really, but anyone that read the headline and believed, please contact me, I have a bridge for sale…

Carter claims Hamas ready for peace with Israel… Yeah right… This vile ex-President, who has meet on many occassions with a Terrorist Organization, claiming you have to talk with the enemy to make peace with them, disgraced the soldiers that died in Beirut at the hands of Hezbollah by meeting in Syria with Hamas on the 25th anniversary of the barracks bombing, is blowing smoke up the public’s ass, and has accomplished nothing.

Until Hamas stops its terror campaign, there cannot be any chance of peace.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, later said Carter’s comments “do not mean that Hamas is going to accept the result of the referendum.”

Here is the key, no matter what peace agreement is reached, until Israel is no longer, Hamas will not stop.

 JERUSALEM —  Former President Jimmy Carter said Monday that Hamas is prepared to accept the right of Israel to “live as a neighbor next door in peace.”

Carter said the group promised it wouldn’t undermine Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ efforts to reach a peace deal with Israel, as long as the Palestinian people approved it in a referendum. In such a scenario, he said Hamas would not oppose a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza.

Hamas, a militant Islamic group that both the U.S. and Israel consider a terrorist organization, calls in its charter for Israel’s destruction. It has also traditionally opposed peace negotiations with the Jewish state.

Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, later said Carter’s comments “do not mean that Hamas is going to accept the result of the referendum.”

Carter’s comments came after his much criticized meetings with the top Hamas leaders in Syria in last week.

The Nobel laureate also urged Israel to engage in direct negotiations with the Islamic militant group, saying it was a “problem” that Israel and the U.S. refuse to meet with Hamas. Both governments consider it a terrorist organization.

“The problem is not that I met with Hamas in Syria,” he said. “The problem is that Israel and the United States refuse to meet with someone who must be involved.”

“There’s no doubt that both the Arab world and Hamas will accept Israel’s right to exist in peace within 1967 borders,” he said, referring to Israel’s frontiers before it captured large swaths of Arab lands in the 1967 Mideast war.

Over the weekend, Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said he decided not to meet with Carter in Israel because he does not wish to be seen as participating in any negotiations with Hamas.

In his comments Monday, Carter said Israeli-Palestinian peacemaking has “regressed” since a U.S.-hosted Mideast conference in Annapolis, Md., in November.

Israel has been negotiating directly with Abbas, who heads a moderate government based in the West Bank. Abbas lost control of the Gaza Strip last June, when Hamas violently seized control of that territory.

Carter said Hamas has promised to let a captured Israeli soldier send a letter to his parents, and said the militants “made clear to us that they would accept an interim cease-fire in the Gaza Strip.”

However, Carter said Hamas rejected his specific proposal for a monthlong unilateral cease-fire.


I also find Carter’s timing a bit curious… He chose to meet with Hamas just before the start of Passover and again after Passover started… Hmmm… I guess maybe there was extra plague the bible left out, terrorists…

Now Hamas’ real answer to Carter’s peace making trip, a step up of attacks from Gaza. These attacks were authorized if not ordered during the talks with Carter.

As for Hamas, our intelligence sources report that Saturday, April 19, after the Gazan leaders Mahmoud a-Zahar and Siad Siyam, fresh from their Cairo stalemate, met former US president Jimmy Carter in Damascus – and heard his suggestion of a one- or two-week halt in rocket fire as a gesture of good will – they went straight into a conference with their masters.

Khaled Meshaal and Mussa Abu Marzuk were there as well as Iranian intelligence officers based permanently in Syria and Syrian intelligence officers who maintain liaison with Hamas. It was agreed that Hamas would not only continue to batter the Gaza-Israel border as in the last ten days, but intensify its assaults against a broader range of targets.

Sunday night, Hamas fired 8 Qassam missiles and half a dozen mortar rounds against Israel civilian locations, their first nocturnal attack of this kind.

Shortly before midnight, they directed fire at Israeli farmers who were harvesting the Kibbutz Nir Oz potato crop in bullet-proof vests by night to escape sniper fire from Gaza. Israeli air force strikes followed, hitting armed Palestinian bands. At least 8 gunmen were killed over the week end.

DEBKAfile’s military sources stress that these Israeli attacks and the deaths of its operatives offer Hamas neither disincentive nor impediment for its war preparations

Abbas’ 2008 Return Project

Well, May should be an interesting month if what Debka is reporting, should turn out to be true and Abbas is able to organize the Fatah return plan.  

DEBKAfile publishes here for the first time details of the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbasmaster plan for wrecking Israel’s 60th anniversary celebrations. The project is called the “2008 Return”

Its highlights are disclosed here with DEBKAfile’s comments.

The Palestinian leader has circulated guidelines for three million Palestinians to leave their homes on the West Bank, Gaza, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon on May 14 and march on Israel’s borders, including the Green Line. The march is to take place a week after Israel’s Independence Day on May 8, 2008. If Israel obstructs their passage, they will strike camp and live in tents until Israel surrenders and lets them through.

This stunt will be accompanied by pressure from the Palestinian Authority on international organizations to force Israel to implement UN Resolution 194, passed by the General Assembly on Dec. 11, 1948.

DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources report that Abbas commissioned the “2008 Return” project from a special Fatah forum headed by Ziyad Abu Ain from Ramallah, deputy minister for Palestinian prisoners in the Salam Fayyad government and close associate of Marwan Barghouti, who is serving life for five terrorist murders.

Operation “2008 Return” is described in its introduction as a decision by the Palestinian people “to implement UN resolution (194), declare themselves holders of the UN blue banner, and return to their homeland, from which they were forcefully expelled [Jaffa, Haifa, Acre, Ramla, Lod, Ashkelon etc]… in order to live in peace and security with their Israeli neighbors.”

[DEBKAfile: This motion is dredged up from the past as though history had stopped at that point and the subsequent 60 years of Arab belligerence, endless conflict and further UN resolutions had never happened. Another part of the same resolution appointed a Conciliation Committee to establish contact with the parties and assist them reach a final settlement of outstanding questions. This part was buried under decades of Arab rejection.]

The introduction goes on to state: “Neither the Jews nor the international community can stand against the desire of the Palestinian people to exercise their right of return to their homeland and to their homes, land, holy places [Jerusalem] and heritage.”

[DEBKAfile: Mahmoud Abbas incidentally lays claim to Christian as well as Muslim holy sites – therefore also Nazareth and the Sea of Galilee sites.]

The introduction is followed by a set of instructions to Palestinian communities, of which seven are the most relevant:

1. All returnees must attach the UN resolution and refugee card on their chests.

2. All returnees must bring their tents and other goods with them. If obstructed by Israeli forces from reaching their land, they must set up their tents on the border and stay there until Israel surrenders and allows them to cross.

[The plan is to deploy hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in tent cities indefinitely on all of Israel’s borders.]

3. Jewish friends are called upon to assist in resolving the Palestinian refugee problem.

4. Arab governments and friends all over the world are called on to support the logistics of the operation.

5. Palestinian holders of foreign citizenships, especially US and European, are to charter planes for flights to Israel or neighboring countries on May 14, 2008, as well reserving passage on tens of ships to dock at Israeli ports on this date.

6. Personal invitations will be extended to all world leaders for their support.

7. Kings and leaders of Islamic countries will be invited, as well as members of the Israeli government and Knesset. Special invitations will be sent to the US president and members of the Senate.

The document ends with an appeal to the Arab nation, especially the Saudi King Abdullah, to support the operation politically, diplomatically and materially.

DEBKAfile’s Palestinian sources report that Mahmoud Abbas intends to submit his ambitious master plan to the summit of Arab rulers meeting in Damascus March 29.

There is no knowing how much support he will win from Arab governments or whether the different Palestinian communities will rise to his call. The whole plan may simply fold for lack of response – or not. Abbas’ main objectives appear to be to upstage the warlike Hamas and throw a wet blanket over Israel’s anniversary celebrations.

Hamas Uses Humanitarian Sugar Sacks To Smuggle Potassium Nitrate

Israeli Security forces confiscated 6.5 tons of Potassium Nitrate at a West Bank check point. The shipment was headed to Gaza. This clearly shows that links between the two are still in effect and that their is little crack down on terrorist activities by Abbas’ government. The link to Fatah is not so weak. Abbas needs to come down harder and lock up some terrorists otherwise Fatah will be taking over the West Bank next…

Now what is more important is that this Potassium Nitrate was hidden in sacks of sugar from the EU which were suppose to be for humanitarian aid. Israel has been criticized before for delays in humanitarian aid, shoot at vehicles which were supposedly humanitarian aid, too many checkpoints that make the lives of Palestinians harder, etc… The point being is that Israel has a damn good reason for it, the terrorists use these vehicles as a means to a terrorist end.

6.5 tons of Potassium Nitrate used for bombs seized by Israelis hidden as EU Sugar aid in West Bank

Comment by Jerry Gordoneu-sugar-sack.jpgIsraeli security forces seized 6.5 tons of Potassium Nitrate hidden in EU Sugar sacks on their way to Gaza at a West Bank check point. Do you really believe that Hamas has a sweet tooth? Nope. The Potassium Nitrate in the EU sugar sacks was intended as bomb and rocket making materials.Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, December 29, 2007The Israeli security forces seized six and a half tons of potassium nitrate at a West Bank crossing a few weeks ago. The chemical is used in the homemade explosives industry. It was hidden in European Union sugar sacks and sent to terrorists in the Gaza Strip. 

In a combined IDF-Israeli Security Agency operation carried out a few weeks ago at a West Bank crossing , a truck was seized carrying six and a half tons of potassium nitrate . The chemical was camouflaged as a shipment of sugar sacks bearing the inscription “ EEC2 sugar exported from E.U. ” and intended for terrorist operatives in the Gaza Strip .

Potassium nitrate and sugar are two of the basic components for manufacturing explosives for charges and rockets. The manufacturing process is simple and the terrorist organizations prepare them widely in homemade laboratories. As an explosive component, it is forbidden by Israel to import potassium nitrate into Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip , with the result that the terrorist organizations use various methods to smuggle it in. 1

The incident shows how the terrorist organizations cynically exploit the humanitarian aid sent to the civilian populace by international organizations to smuggle materials used in the production of weapons into the Gaza Strip. A senior EU official responded by saying that the Union was examining the Israeli claim and “if it is found to be accurate, this an illegal act that should be condemned” (Reuters, Jerusalem , December 29).

For example, the Egyptian security forces recently detained Mahdi Salim abu Frij, who lives near the border after they found more than half a ton of explosives and 1.2 tons of potassium nitrate in his house. He admitted that the materials had been smuggled into the Gaza Strip via tunnels (Jerusalem Post, December 26, 2007).

Jihad Islami Leadership Slammed By Israel Strikes

Israeli response to rocket attacks from Palestinian territories have resulted in the elimination of 11 Jihad Islami chiefs in their top command, missile squads and weapons manufacturing. This offensive is based on the 2300 missiles that have been launched into Israel over the past year. A number the liberal media does not want you to hear.

This latest targeting by Israel has been very well executed with minimal collateral damage… Another fact that the liberal media does not want you to hear…

Jihad Islami had threatened Israel with suicide attacks in retaliation for the killing of its chiefs… Funny, it is ok of them to fire missiles into Israel, however when Israel responds to said attacks, then they threaten suicide bombs… Why doesn’t the rest of the world wake up and see these terrorist groups for what they really are… and in other news Hamas has issued a call for suiced attacks against Israeli, oddly enough Debka recently revealed Hamas’ new suiced squad that was debuted at Hamas’ anniversary party…

 At least two operatives killed, several wounded after Kerem Shalom communities sustain heavy Palestinian missile-mortar attack, placing medical services in southwest Negev on high alert. Jihad Islami threatens suicide attacks against Israeli border communities after losing 11 of its chiefs overnight.

Military sources report the Israeli military acting on precise intelligence was instructed to target three Jihad leadership levels: the top command, missile squads and weapons fabrication. A total of 2,350 missiles and mortars were fired from Gaza in 2007, double the 2006 figure.

Overnight, Majd al Harzin, head of Qassam production, and two more Jihad members died in the first Israel air strike of their car in Sheikh Redwan, Gaza City. A second car was bombed in the Sheikh Ajlin district, leaving Karim Dahduah, head of Gaza’s Jihad military arm and his aide dead. Three more Jihad operatives on their way to missile attacks were killed in third attack in Jebalya, further north.

Hamas calls on all Palestinian factions to mobilize for vengeance against Israel after the Iran-backed terrorist group vowed revenge, including suicide attacks in Israel.

Another three armed Palestinians, including senior Jihad chief in northern West Bank, died in a firefight with an Israeli arresting unit at Kabatia, outside Jenin. Eleven wanted Palestinian terrorists were detained.

Israel has filed a complaint against Palestinian terrorist attacks with the United Nations.