The Rezko Lie Continues

Barack Obama was brought up in the Rezko trial, where two witnesses have said Obama was at Rezko’s reception for Nadhmi Auchi. Now The liberals are going to say so what, well the so what is two fold:

  1. Obama and his aides have claimed that Obama has no recollection of ever having met Auchi
  2. Obama has lied consistantly through his campaign, yes implying things knowing they are not true is a lie

It seems lying is a common trait amongst Democrats, and what is sad, is that it is becoming an accepted standard in our country. Remember Bill Clinton lying under oath… The man holding the highest office in our country can lie, I guess that makes it ok for Barack and Hillary to lie as well.

Obama chose his words wisely, has no recollection… He was there, he knew he was there, who knew who the reception was for as he was an invited guest…

I wonder if how far this connection will go when the whole truth comes out…

When Tony Rezko held a reception at his home for Iraqi-born billionaire Nadhmi Auchi on April 3, 2004, White House hopeful Barack Obama and his wife were also there, Stuart Levine testified just now at Rezko’s trial.

Auchi is the man who provided Rezko a $3.5 million loan that Rezko did not disclose to the court—resulting in his January arrest.

“Mr. and Mrs. Obama were there, were they not?” Rezko lawyer Joseph Duffy asked.

“Yes, sir,” Levine said.

Obama and his aides have said Obama has no recollection of ever meeting Auchi.

I’m sure Obama will have another excuse for this along the lines of the “I wasn’t in church that day” denial with Wright, or the “I worded it clumsily” spin on the Pennsylvania comments.  But the big question is: How much longer can Obama, who has built a campaign around his authenticity as a “change” candidate, be taken seriously when he’s constantly having to parse these scandals?




5 Responses

  1. Obama has a long time association with Rezko going back to the early nineties. There was an attorney client relationship, friendship, campaign contribution relationship, real estate transactions and social relationship. One of the big questions for me which I intend to answer is how much time did Obama spend with Stuart Levine, the admitted drug user, who regularly held drug parties with his male friends.
    There are also rumors in the gay community in Chicago regarding Obama being on the down low.
    Is Obama on the down low?
    What is Obama hiding?

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  4. “I don’t recall.” “I never met him.” “I never had sex with that woman.” And we believed all of them…

  5. I think this is going to be damaging the more we learn.

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