WALNUT – Vote Twice Initiative

Too damn funny… But also very sad, these are people that ACORN and the Liberals are trying to get to vote for Obama…

Finally Someone Calls Franks Out

Nothing More To Say

Liberals Botch Bailout 1.0


Down In Flames!

Down In Flames!

Voting against the bailout package, the House has created a major financial crisis. Having gone on for weeks blaming Bush and McCain, the liberals fell off the high ground. Partisan harassment of McCain going back to Washington last week, then being told to get out by the liberals because they thought they had it tied up.

The liberals only had 54% of their own party voting in favor. The liberals trying to blame the Republicans for voting against the bailout, are to blame. The liberals could have passed the bill by themselves. They knew to make it veto proof, they needed McCain as they would not vote for it unless John McCain did. McCain brought 33% of the Republicans over the line. If the liberals could have brought 17 more of their votes over they would have been able to pass the bill.

Now, America has to wait until after Rosh Hashanah before any new proposal is worked on. Today we lost 777 points on the DOW. There is a possibilty that this will double in a couple of days and if by weeks end nothing is done by congress, that number may double… This could be a third of the market gone in panic.

Congress needs to forget about their politics and come up with a responsible solution that will allow us to get out of this mess and stop the panic on the market. This has effected the European market and Asian Markets as well. The overal reprocussions are could be very costly if the world markets collapse. The Central Bank has pumped almost as much as the bailout cost, $620 Billion, into the market to support the world market and try to keep it from imploding… A responsible bill needs to be drafted with the support of all members of Congress.

I would like to thank Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Chris Dodd, Barney Franks and Harry Reid for creating this financial mess, overlooking the problem when attention was brought to it, splitting their own party, running John McCain out of Washington and destroying our economy.

Barack Obama, please continue to take credit for this. You deserve it. Change You Can Believe In…

An Inconvenient Truth For Liberals

The truth behind the economic crisis. Liberals would have you believe that this is all the fault of McCain. They use the Bush administration as a proxy to attack McCain. The truth of the matter is the Bush administration, McCain and the conservative base has been warning and trying to prevent this mess.


Money For Nothing

Detailed points of 2004 attempt to regulate Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac by Conservatives and the undermining by Liberals in Congress. Please listen to the whole think. Listen to the Money Made by the leaders of Fannie Mae…