Obama Wag(s)y(o)u Steak Celebration

Obama and Congress are demanding no bonuses for Wall Street…. Well no BONUSES or WAGYU steak ($125 Per Steak!!!!) for Politicians…

Turn up the heat… in the White House that is… The rest of American must turn down their thermostats to save the environment…

All this in celebration of the Pork Package that made it through the House… Well I guess they wanted to make sure their celebration was Kosher and pork free, unlike their stimulus package…

This man is a contradiction of everything Americans voted for… The sad thing is the liberals that voted him in do not see it yet…

Change You Can Believe In!

So I listened today as Barack Obama scolded Wall Street executives for their bonuses last year, and while I was listening to him I couldn’t stop thinking about the swank dinner party that Obama threw last night celebrating the house passing his massive spending bill.

While Obama is scolding executives for their spending, there seems to be no limit to what he is willing to spend. First, if you haven’t heard, he has brought his “private chef” from Chicago to the White House. That’s right, Obama had a private chef before he was president, doesn’t everybody? The old White House chef will also stay so we will be paying them both to feed Obama and his family.

This just after the most expensive inaugural event in our nations history, just after his exclusive Hawaii vacation.

Anyway, back to last night, he invited a bunch of congressmen and senators to dinner to celebrate his new “pork” bill passing the house, which started with alcoholic beverages for everybody and included “wagyu steak” on the menu. I know, I know, what’s wagyu steak your probably wondering? Look it up! It’s meat that cost $125 per pound, and don’t rush out to the grocery store to buy some because it’s something reserved for only the upper crust of society, and our politicians since they eat on our tax dollar. This is change we can depend on for sure!

Don’t even get me started on the spending bill that passed and created this celebration. My advise is take a look at the details for yourself. There is more pork in this thing than there is in the Jimmy Dean sausage factory! Creating jobs they say…..yeah right! It’s more like political paybacks and buying votes! I feel sure your great grandchildren won’t mind paying for all of this, since they are the ones that will pay.

So don’t forget to turn your thermostat down tonight, Obama has called on us all to make sacrifices…remember?

In the mean time, he will continue to sacrifice as much of our tax dollars as he possibly can while in office, dancing around and shouting, “Yes We Can!”

via Newsvine – Obama’s Wagyu Steak Celebration.


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  2. […] See the original post here: Obama Wag(s)y(o)u Steak Celebration « Waste Of My Oxygen […]

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