Obama’s WebAdmins Blocks Robots

Guess Obama is having second thoughts on transparency… Now there are two issues here… The first is the lack of accountability of information being changed. The second is making the information searchable… These pages are now being blocked from being cataloged, thus making it harder for people to find information. If Obama does not want stuff searchable or cached it should not be on the White House website to begin with. This sounds more like the administration not wanting to get called out on issues and the public having access to proof that it was posted on the Internet…

Change You Can Believe In!

Remember way back when? You know, somewhere around January 21 or so when all the Dems were talking a good game about having transparency in government and none was a bigger spokesperson for this then The One, The Messiah, Mr HopeandChange himself, Barack Obama.

Well, just like everything else he has said or promised to reassure those who might be skeptical of him and his socialists leanings, he has also started to backtrack on this pie in the sky talk.

The White House has silently tripled the number of Web pages that it forbids Google and other search engines from accessing.

Can’t have those nasty searches of the White House web sites now, can we? There has already been so many instances of the Obama cult scrubbing websites when embarrassing items are discovered or things disappearing when his actions don’t meet his words, so this shouldn’t be that big a surprise to those who have been chronicling these acts.

Those bloggers drunk on hope who desperately wanted to see proof of Obama’s commitment to his campaign promises of transparency and Google Government now find themselves with a difficult choice: they can either accept and acknowledge that robots.txt files are not a set of digital tea leaves through which you can read the new administration, or, if robots.txt does carry weight, they can try to come up with a way of explaining a 200 percent increase in the number of directories blocked by Obama’s Web team as anything but Cheney-esque secrecy.

I wonder how much his good buddies from Google are helping them in crafting these robot blocking files?

via JammieWearingFool.


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