Obama’s Fear Mongering Tactics – Economy

Hope over fear. Nope, Fear Mongering of the economy.

This is nothing more than trying to scare the American public to throw away more money for government spending and nationalization of our country. 

Please America wake up, our economy has not reached an uprecedented crisis as Obama claims, there are precedents of worse financial situations in our past. This “plan” needs to be carefully examined and reduced to what is needed. Ideas that have been rejected without pause by Obama need to be discussed.

This cannot be rushed through like the TARP bailouts… Urgency must be balanced responsible decision making. Wants vs Needs must be carefully examined and the wants need to be taken out.

This plan must consist of Needs and those needs must be of an advantage to our financial future. 

President Barack Obama, who arguably won a large chunk of political capital in the 2008 election, is now looking to cash in as he urges Congress to pass a massive economic stimulus package.

President Obama is urging Congress to pass a massive economic recovery package by February 16.

But questions about how to spend the money and concerns about the last stimulus package under former President Bush, may create a roadblock.

It’s something the newly minted president is hoping to avoid. But like most things in Washington, cooperation doesn’t come easy.

And that may be why Obama painted an extremely grim portrait of the nation’s economy on Saturday — just hours before he met with his economic team, and days before he meets with Republicans leaders on Capitol Hill.

“We begin this year and this administration in the midst of an unprecedented crisis that calls for unprecedented action,” he said in his weekly radio and Internet address. “Just this week, we saw more people file for unemployment than at any time in the last 26 years, and experts agree that if nothing is done, the unemployment rate could reach double digits.”

Obama pleaded for quick action, warning, “a bad situation could become dramatically worse.”

via Will Obama’s economic plan stimulate bipartisan support? – CNN.com.

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