Obama Virus Resembles Obama’s Plan

The Obama virus is transmitted to unwitting users (Liberals) via a link that is suppose to take them to Obama’s acceptance speech. Instead however the virus downloads a spyware program which steals the users data (Spreads their information around) and also acts as a botnet, a group of computers used to spread spam (ACORN)…

Odd how much it mimics Obama himself…

Obama fever has swept the world, and now millions of computer users are under threat from an Obama virus.

The message offers the viewer a supposed link to a video of Obama’s acceptance speech.

What it really does is direct users to a website that downloads a spy program, which steals sensitive information from users’ computers.

The information can then be used to access online accounts, steal identities and falsify credit card transactions.

The virus also incorporates the victim’s computer into a botnet – a network of computers programmed to spread spam.

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