Crashing Obama’s Party

Well Said, Those of you on the later time zones, please continue to the poles until the last one closes.

By Ross Balano, Kansas City Star Midwest Voices Columnist 2008

You McCain supporters; don’t believe the press or the polling numbers. I have been looking at as much data as I could find today and I believe this election is closer than anyone thought.

Do not, repeat, do not allow the media to suppress the vote. Get out there and make your voice heard.

Reports are coming in from all over, especially Pennsylvania and Ohio about intimidation from Democrats. There are even more reports of possible voter fraud. Military ballots were mailed late and may not be counted. There IS an attempt to steal this election. Do not let it happen.

The media was allowed to select our candidate when they convinced too many of us that McCain was the only Republican who had a chance to win. Now they want to convince us that the election is over. It’s not over until we say it’s over.

If you don’t want higher taxes, and don’t believe that 95% tax cut routine because it will not happen
If you don’t believe in “spreading the wealth.”
If you don’t want more liberal supreme court justices.
If you don’t want Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid running the country.
If you don’t want a leader who’s formative years were spent with the likes of Rev. Wright and Bill Ayers.
If you do not want this country to be taken over by the radical left and policy formed by them.

Get up, get to the polls and vote. It’s not too late to spoil Obama’s party.


4 Responses

  1. Intimidation from Democrats? Like a bunch of thugs attacking McCain supporters outside of polling places, carving backwards B’s into their faces?

  2. I know that it is too late at this point to submit to all, but whatever happened to the final info on Obama’s birth certificate?

    Could someone please update me on it? Was an investigation completed to explain the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate or is it still ongoing?

  3. Dale unfortunately there is nothing. All cases were thrown out. The main one by Berg was thrown out due to no standing, another words the judge felt that a citizen does not have the right to challenge that a presidential candidate meets the requirements laid out in the constitution.
    I do believe a congressman from OH is trying to push for legislation to handle this kind of situation in the future.
    The only proof that has been provided so far of Obama’s eligibility is that the people in charge in HI have claimed they checked the records and Obama has a vaulted copy of a birth certificate… Oddly enough that came out on Friday, He was in HI the prior weekend visiting his ill grandmother… There is speculation that he was also taking care of his own business.

  4. Well we saw how close it was…

    On the birth certificate, though:

    Perhaps not the definitive answer, but it’s pretty clear that until there is strong evidence against the birth certificate, the one issued by the Obama Campaign seems genuine, and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t really need to worry about it, because either it’s a giant conspiracy reaching far beyond anything reasonable, or it’s all just fine and people are getting upset over too many silly details.

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