WALNUT – Vote Twice Initiative

Too damn funny… But also very sad, these are people that ACORN and the Liberals are trying to get to vote for Obama…


4 Responses

  1. McCain is after the white terrorists groups…sad & scary…talk about that.

    Racial remarks have been made at rallies attended by McCain & Palin, neither of them said a thing denouncing the hatred.

  2. jmilton – As usual another liberal that cannot actually discuss the topic at hand…

    I will assume you mean that McCain is trying to garner support of white supremacy groups and your proof is that individuals attending McCain/Palin rallies have said things that are racist in nature.

    I think you should look at Barack Obama’s past to see who is the one that supports hate… Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers, Rashid Khalidi…

  3. How about McCain getting campaign funding from Gordon Liddy and son? Liddy was a Nazi sympathizer and is a major contributor to McCain. How about Palin’s stupidly showing her ignorance just the other day when 2 Canadians prank called her and she didn’t realize it for 6 MINUTES until they took pity on her and told her who they were? How about the fact that everyone makes a big deal about where Obama was born but McCain was born in Panama?

    I could go on but it isn’t worth the trouble. We shall see who wins in 2 days.

  4. Delaney, what a useless post you made.
    First of all, G Gordon Liddy was not a Nazi sympathizer. He admits to having felt that Hitlers speeches moved him, as a child. Hitler was a great speaker and did exactly what Obama does, he encourages and created hope. He later, as an adult, denounced Hitler.

    As for his contributions, so what, Liddy paid his dues after being convicted in watergate, it is not an association McCain hides, unlike Barack Obama.

    As for Palin’s prank, they have pulled pranks successfully on many heads of states. Wow, that is the best argument the liberal idiots like yourself can come up with…

    As for McCain being born in Panama, yes, on a military base that his father was stationed at under orders from the Navy.

    There is a law on the books that was retroactive that states that those born in military bases outside the US to enlisted military personnel stationed there are still considered Natural Born Citizens. McCain also provided all paperwork to Congress when the question came up. Unlike Obama who has not provided proof of Natural Born citizenship. There is also question as to having citizenship in Indonesia through adoption, which according to Indonesian law requires him to denounce it at the age of 18 or it is carried over into adult hood.

    And you are not worth the trouble…. However the protection of the Constitution is worth it.

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