Obama Was Member Of The New Socialist Party

Barack has denied his socialist ties and background. He backtracked on his words to Joe the Plumber about spreading the wealth… Now it turns out he was part of The New Party, which had clear socialist objectives… His excuse will be that he did not know that they were socialists… And they were just people who lived in the neighborhood… Make sure you read the whole thing… The New Party is not joined like the Republican or Democratic party… There is a whole approval process and agreement on behalf of the membership…

More Change You Can Believe In!

Excerpt from New Party publication (Courtesy New Zeal blog)

Evidence has emerged that Sen. BarackObama belonged to a socialist political party that sought to elect members to public office with the aim of moving the Democratic Party far leftward to ultimately form a new political party with a socialist agenda.

Several blogs, including Powerline, previously documented that while running for the Illinois stateSenate in 1996 as a Democrat, Obama actively sought and received the endorsement of the socialist-oriented New Party, with some blogs claiming Obama was a member of the controversial party.

The New Party, formed by members of the Democratic Socialists for America and leaders of an offshoot of the Community Party USA, was an electoralalliance that worked alongside the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN. The New Party’s aim was to help elect politicians to office who espouse its policies.

Among New Party members was linguist and radical activist Noam Chomsky.

Obama’s campaign has responded to the allegations, denying the presidential candidate was ever a member of the New Party.

But the New Zeal blog dug up print copies of the New Party News, the party’s official newspaper, which show Obama posing with New Party leaders, list him as a New Party member and include quotes from him.

The party’s Spring 1996 newspaper boasted: “New Party members won three other primaries this Spring in Chicago: Barack Obama (State Senate), Michael Chandler (Democratic Party Committee) and Patricia Martin (Cook County Judiciary). The paper quoted Obama saying “these victories prove that small ‘d’ democracy can work.”

The newspaper lists other politicians it endorsed who were not members but specifies Obama as a New Party member.


Barack Obama pictured in New Party publication (Courtesy New Zeal blog)


New Ground, the newsletter of Chicago’s Democratic Socialists for America, reported in its July/August 1996 edition that Obama attended a New Party membership meeting April 11, 1996, in which he expressed his gratitude for the group’s support and “encouraged NPers (New Party members) to join in his task forces on Voter Education and Voter Registration.”

Becoming a New Party member requires some effort on behalf of the politician. Candidates must be approved by the party’s political committee and, once approved, must sign a contract mandating they will have a “visible and active relationship” with the party.

The New Party, established in 1992, took advantage of what was known as electoral “fusion,” which enabled candidates to run on two tickets simultaneously, attracting voters from both parties. But the New Party went defunct in 1998, one year after fusion was halted by the Supreme Court.

Following the initial reports of Obama’s purported membership in the New Party, Obama associate and former Chicago New Party activist Carl Davidson posted a statement on several blogs claiming his former party was not socialist, but he admitted it worked with ACORN.

“[The New Party] was a pragmatic party of ‘small d democracy’ mainly promoting economic reforms like the living wage and testing the fusion tactic, common in many countries but only operational in New York in the U.S. The main trend within it was ACORN, an Alinskyist outfit, which is hardly Marxist,” wrote Davidson.

But the socialist goals of the New Party were enumerated on its old website.

Among the New Party’s stated objectives were “full employment, a shorter work week, and a guaranteed minimum income for all adults; a universal ‘social wage’ to include such basic benefits as health care, child care, vacation time, and lifelong access to education and training; a systematic phase-in of comparable worth and like programs to ensure gender equity.”

The New Party stated it also sought “the democratization of our banking and financial system – including popular election of those charged with public stewardship of our banking system, worker-owner control over their pension assets, community-controlled alternative financial institutions.

Many of the New Party’s founding members were Democratic Socialists for America leaders and members of Committees of Correspondence, a breakaway of the Communist Party USA. Obama attended several DSA events and meetings, including a DSA-sponsored town hall meeting Feb. 25, 1996, entitled “Employment and Survival in Urban America.” He sought and received an endorsement from the DSA.

According to DSA documents, the New Party worked with ACORN to promote its candidates. ACORN, convicted in massive, nationwide voter fraud cases, has been a point of controversy for Obama over the presidential candidate’s ties to the group.

In 1995, the DSA’s New Ground newsletter stated, “In Chicago, the New Party’s biggest asset and biggest liability is ACORN.

“Like most organizations, ACORN is a mixed bag. On one hand, in Chicago, ACORN is a group that attempts to organize some of the most depressed communities in the city. Chicago organizers for ACORN and organizers for SEIU Local 880 have been given modest monthly recruitment quotas for new New Party members. On the other hand, like most groups that depend on canvassing for fundraising, it’s easy enough to find burned out and disgruntled former employees. And ACORN has not had the reputation for being interested in coalition politics – until recently and, happily, not just within the New Party.”


7 Responses

  1. This sounds like complete and utter bullshit to me. I do not see one reliable source for this “information”.

  2. Girldujour,
    Typical liberal response. Just because the source of the article and the contents do not agree with your ideology, there is no reliable source. If CNN aired it then it would be true, however CNN as well as the rest of the fifth estate will not report on this because it goes against their candidate.

    You can call it bullshit all you want, the truth is the truth and if you are foolish enough to vote for Obama then you are the fool.

  3. The “Socialist” candidate for president is Brian Moore and this has been said many times. The article posted here is a repeated post without a citation of credit.

    The New Party was under New York state law as “fusion” which republicans cannot seem to understand… image if we had IRC voting nationwide. The right-wingers would freak out at loosing to many third parties because of their failures on the known record.

  4. David, are you an idiot? No citation of credit, the article is based on an actual print copy of the New Party news. More than enough “citation”.
    As for being classified as being under “fusion”, does not negate the socialist agenda of the party. It only means they were able to run on multiple tickets at the same time.

    The left wingers like yourself are freaking out because you know that the truth about Obama is coming out.

  5. What’s so bad about socialism? It seems America has a fear of being too liberal. Obama has been clear about his platform and ideologies, and even elected, there’s not much he can do to go against the wishes of the American people without risking being lambasted by the media and losing the support of his party. Look what happened to Bush. If Obama really does such a terrible job, our next President will swing back around to the Conservatives, and the Dems will start losing the congress. It’s all cyclical.

  6. Hi !!!!


    i am not saying “relax” because your anguish about obama’s victory should be quelled, just that your message is too important for you to adopt a frantic tone.

    it’s obvious obama is a child of the political correctness of the early ’90s.

    your message is too important to be shrill ! remember joe mccarthy ?

    it is ok to live in a country ruled by a conspiracy.

    i tell you this because i need to hear these words myself.

    we have to consider: would an american socialism have *any* positive potential?
    1) we’d have *amazing* pubic transportation.
    2) hopefully the health care concepts make more sense than the broken system we have now (admit it, “health care” does sort of sound like something a modern government could possibly handle)
    3) i would imagine that an “american” socialism would still have a prominent place for SMALLER enterprises (e.g. small businesses). after all marx himself dug the petit bourgeois.

    as a conservative…

    * the most disturbing aspect of contemporary america is how CHINA and SAUDI ARABIA pretty much OWN US.

    * bush & minions are obvious architects of this problem.

    * their theft is complete. we are OWNED.

    * so what might actually work in this context ?

    * SOCIALISM. i mean frankly, look at MAO. he never let go, and he was PURE CHINESE NATIONALISM.

    basically, our entire society DOES have to band together:

    * to repel the chinese and saudi arabian owners of our capital
    * to calm the angst of the third world
    ** they need to WORK with us
    ** they must not actively fight us
    ** obama might make them easier to work with.

    all of this is very sci fi. but the challenge for conservatives in the Obama era should not be “how do we rid ourselves of Obama”. it should be “how can we use this confusing situation to AMERICA’S ADVANTAGE”.


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