No Money From Lobbyist, Only Positions In Obama’s Administration

The contradiction that is Barack Obama now wants to put Lobbyist inside his administration… But hey they won’t run the White House, that is unless there is a crisis and Obama has to ask them what he should do and he will sell it to the public… More Change You Can Believe In!

I always found Obama’s “I won’t take money from lobbyists” pledge to be rather superficial to begin with.  Because while he didn’t take any money directly from lobbyists, he sure as heck took money from the spouses of lobbyists.  And the law partners of lobbyists.  And the children or relatives of lobbyists.

But now Obama’s deception on that pledge is becoming even more clear as his campaign clears the way for lobbyists to become members of his administration:

WASHINGTON — Democratic Sen. Barack Obama has said lobbyists won’t run his White House. But senior campaign officials are crafting a policy that would clear the way for lobbyists to nonetheless hold important government roles.

People familiar with Sen. Obama’s still-evolving hiring policy say registered lobbyists would be banned from senior-level White House jobs. But the policy would allow some lobbyists to take important jobs elsewhere in the administration, should the Illinois senator win election Tuesday.

Obama’s policy on lobbyists was a fraud from the get-go, so this latest development is hardly surprising.


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