2001 – Obama Advocating Redistribution Of Wealth

The Civils Right Movement did not do enough to redistribute wealth. Now this was from 2001, this is not new for him. He wants  to do this through legislation, another words Congress. The problem is the President of the United States can veto said legislation. So that is the point of his run for President. Have a liberal Congress that can pass the legislation and a President, him, that can sign it into law. And with any luck get two Supreme Court Justices in place over the course of the next 8 years, that way if those laws are contested in the Supreme Court….


4 Responses

  1. Obama is so anti-Constitution that it isn’t funny. It is so scary that he will probably be our next president.

  2. I’m quite sure Obama will win.

  3. You are probably right. Obama will get to be President of the U.S. of KKKA and make sure all of our chick-caaaans get to come home to roost. It will serve all of us down right mean Americans who cling to our guns and religion right,

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