Future News If Obama Wins

I am not sure to laugh or not… I guess if Obama looses then this becomes funny, however if he should win, this may not be far from the reality…


One Response

  1. Obama: First order of business

    I can only hope Barack Obama will take time to reassure the world when he takes over as president.

    “To all the nations of the world: I apologize.”
    “I apologize for the Bush Doctrine of preemptive war.”
    “I am sorry we invaded another country in order to confiscate their oil.”
    “To all the people of the world who were killed, imprisoned, tortured and abused by the aggressive policies of George Bush, I offer my sincere apologies, regret, and sympathy. I want to assure you that with me in office, the U.S. will no longer distort the Constitution, ignore the Geneva Conventions, and disregard its friends in other countries.”

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