Barbara West Rattles Biden And Whole Obama Camp

Barbara West interviewed Joe Biden and rattled him. The smug smile he has disappears. He went in expecting the typical softball questions the Obama campaign has enjoyed throughout the election, but was greated with directed questions. You can see him get angry as she progresses… It was so bad of an interview for Biden that the Obama camp has now censured West by deny any further interviews including the cancelation of the already scheduled interview with Biden’s wife Jill.

Please pay attention to his responses… He mocks her questions as being unfair during the interview, yet isn’t it what really needs to be known… Questions those who want to lead us so we vote responsibly. Joe just wants us to vote for Obama because he is Obama and nothing more. His last response sums it up entirely…


18 Responses

  1. So Barbara West thinks the entire tenants of Marxism can be reduced to narrowed wealth proportions between the social classes? Wow. How’d she ever get a job doing anything?

  2. Barbara West doesn’t understand Marxism; plain and simple.

  3. She may not be a Marxist economist, but she seems to understand Obama’s relationship with ACORN very well.

    Better than Senator Biden, even.

  4. Barbie West is simply a sad little mouthpiece for the reactionary, fear mongering zealot behind the Murdoch curtain known as Roger Ailes. The fact that the Biden-Obama camp even waste breath & humor these people by appearing on that joke of a news network is beyond ridiculous. The inflamatory and accusatory tone of the Fox News worldview, and the relentless moronic mental meltdown programming are so off base and bizarre they often make Fox’s Simpsons franchise look absolutely cold, dour and realistic.

  5. John Stevens, she never did say it can be reduced into narrowed wealth proportions between social classes. She questioned the proposed Barack plan and if it was Socialist in nature. She did not boil all of Marxism down to that one policy.

    John and Scholar in training, great liberal posts that add nothing relevant to anything. Please at least post something that has some meat to it.

    As far as DV8R goes, can you post anything other than the standard FoxNews is against us…

    The questions were more than fair and Barack and Biden do not have the right to not be asked those questions. They are running to be leaders of our country and they have avoided any general press interviews since September. There is a reason why, because when asked those questions they expose themselves.

    Just like Joe the Plumber did. Obama was blindsided and screwed up revealing his Socialist Agenda.

    Now wake up and do some research into the man. You know nothing about him. He shrugs off the people in his past that were close to him as not having any influence on him. Bullshit is what that is.

    This is not fear mongering, reactionary or anything else, it is about knowing as much as possible about Obama and his plans for this country if he gets elected as President of the United States and what influence there will be on him.

  6. Excellent post. And the comment above is dead on. Barbara West was doing her job…an outstanding job at hitting on the questions that require answers. She call the Obamonation on their failure to answer tough questions. The MSM is largely responsible for Obama having his little whine fest….Ms West was not rude and combative but a reporter that dared to question that One!

  7. Biden did an excellent job answering these questions. He did not say anything about the questions being unfair. He mostly seemed astonished at the lack of intelligence of them. I’m surprised class warfare didn’t come up. Any time the discussion of increasing inequity comes up the Republicans start crying class warfare and spreading the wealth. Come on! Karl Marx?!

  8. RenaissanceLady,
    The problem is the liberals, Biden and Obama, get mad at what questions are asked of them and then cry about it. We have two standards being applied by todays media.

    Peter, he did a horrible job answering the questions. He lost his temper and that can be clearly seen in his facial expressions and the way he answered the last question.

    As for his not saying anything about the questions being unfair, that is a matter of interpretation of his sarcastic tone when he asked if it was a real question and when he questioned who writes her questions.

    It is also supported by the fact that the Obama camp has cut of the TV station from any more interviews. It shows that they are mad that they were called out on their own policies.

    If you want a socialist government, I recommend you go to Venezuela and live there for a few years as one of the regular people, leave all of your belongings and money behind. It still will not be realistic as you will know you can always come back to your capitalist society and live well again, but it would be a good experience for you to see what you will really get by the spread the wealth policy of Obama. And those were his words not the “Republicans”.

  9. I never said I wanted to live in a socialist society. Also, my Spanish is rusty. If you think the current policies that have resulted in the rich getting richer, then you should be very pleased with our current state of affairs. I suppose you feel Social Security is just more spreading the wealth Marxism. I wouldn’t worry about Obama/Biden, because things aren’t going to change much. You won’t end up in the gulag once they in office so calm down.

  10. What about so-called trickle-down economics? Wasn’t that a version of “spreading the wealth”? Of course, it never worked out the way it was meant to. Instead, the rich got more tax breaks and the poor got poorer. I agree with Biden in that it should be about making things more fair.

    Peter is right on. Look everyone, do you really think things are going to change that drastically? We may have some progress once Obama is president; but realistically, the changes won’t be that dramatic. Everyone is panicking about the presidency and congress being run by Democrats. Look what we went through when the Republicans had too much power. I think it’s about time our government becomes more balanced and our country isn’t run by greedy corporations. We’ll finally get some things accomplished when the Democrats take over.

  11. Please vote for Bob Barr, the Libertarian Party candidate for president.

    Why vote for McCain? He voted for the bailout, just like Obama. And both McCain and Obama voted for US government investment in big commercial banks, which is socialist, Socialism, maybe even Communism. Why not send a message to both parties that it is time to vote on principles? Why not? YES, we should!

    Only Bob Barr is moral enough and conservative enough to deal with the issue of housing, Wall Street, and the rest of the current mess. He has not taken a cent from Fannie or Freddie or from any of the Wall Street firms that profit from the bailout. And Bob Barr has the support of Rep. Ron Paul, who did so well in the Republican primary debates.

    Here’s Bob’s Web site:

  12. I’m not in favor of trickle up poverty. Nor am I for using oil profits to spread the wealth. First of all, profits goes up and down with the status of the economy, if people are now depended upon those profits which eventually go down, the money has to come from elsewhere, and guess what? Normally it means more taxes for the rest of us.

    Obama=Jimmy Carter years…

    Can any Obama support tell me what makes him so good with the economy? What has he has done as Senator that you can say, hey, that’s pretty good policy.

    Dems have supported the wallstreet bailout along with Obama and Biden and the speaker of the house who is a Dem. Both parties got money from banking special interest groups. The Dems got more money than the GOP because they been in control with Nancey as speaker of house since 2006…

  13. this is priceless! the poor woman obviously had no clue what she was reading off the teleprompter there; marxism and all… but my fav is her saying that “sweden is a socialist country”!!! — hilarious! this could run on SNL without any editing!

  14. Stop Smoking,
    You definitely need to stop smoking whatever it is your are smoking.
    Sweden has about 40% take home pay, that means 60% is tax. Then there are the taxes for everything else… transportation, food, fuel, power, books, national VAT, etc…

    All that tax is used to pay for their welfare/entitlement programs.

    Just spreading the wealth…

  15. wasteofmyoxygen: there is a BIG difference between “socialist” (former east germany) and “social democratic” (sweden) !!!

  16. StopSmoking, yes there are difference, however there are similarities. The big government and redistribution of wealth is one of the similarities and considering she was talking about that portion of Barack’s economic policy, it is more than fair to make the comparison to Sweden. When it comes down to it, Sweden is still strongly influenced by socialism especially when it comes to economics.

  17. I’m not a socialist and I don’t belive in communism. But I do belive in a human value that’s why I still pay my tax. For my son to be able to have free school up to college, free dental until 20 and healthcare.

    Americans shoud ask themselves what their goverment should provide them with.

  18. During a symbolic signing ceremony, Iraq ambassador Ryan Crocker said the Iraqi Cabinet’s approval of a security pact extending the presence of American forces in Iraq for three years is ‘historic’. The deal still needs parliamentary

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