Barack’s Early Voting Initiative Backfiring In Colorado

Well I though Obama had Colorado in the bag… As the days close in I think we are going to see more support for McCain than the liberal media has allowed to be known.

The state of Colorado has released its first set of early voting figures: and it’s bad news for Obama.

Despite a massive push by Obama for early voting, including repetitious pleas during the Democrats’ Convention for Coloradoans to early vote,  Democrats and Republicans are tied in terms of early voting so far.

105,277 – Democrats = 49.92%
105,615 – Republicans = 50.08% 
338 = Difference between the two = 0.16%

This means that even with a nonstop push by the Obama campaign for his followers to vote early, Republicans are still ahead in Colorado, if only slightly.

Democrats vote early in higher numbers than Republicans in almost every state. And that’s not including the big persuasive push by Obama. Logic dictates with all the attention Obama’s put on early voting, that Democrats should be clobbering Republicans right now…if they vote early in higher numbers to begin with, and then Obama’s made a big push for early voting on top of that.

That’s not happening.

Republicans have a slight lead in early voting right now.

Where is all the enthusiasm for Obama the media keeps braying about?

And remember: not all of those Democrats are voting Obama. We know 30 Democrats right here in Chicago who voted early — and voted Republican for the first time in our lives. We bet there’s a higher percentage of Democrats voting Republican in Colorado this year than any year in the past.

And that’s something we won’t know the full extent of until Election Day.


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