“When You Can’t Ask A Question Of Your Leaders Anymore, That Gets Scary”

The mass media is conducting a mass crucifiction of Joe the Plumber. This is a hardworking guy raising his son and trying to make ends meet. The media is nothing but the Gestapo of Barack Obama. It is time for Obama to speak out and tell the media to back off of Joe.

What Joe did is show Barack is not for the middle class or small businesses. First of all, what constitutes a small business under Obama, any company earning $250,000 a year or less. That is also his definition for what constitutes the middle class as his own statements say anyone earning less than $250,000 would have their taxes reduced. So an individual earning $250,000 a year and a business making $250,000 are equal. One is individual income, the other has to cover the cost of running the business as well as the employees and reinvestment. There are many small businesses that earn more that $250,000 a year that are going to be penalized. It is Barack’s definition of a small business and it sucks. It will be taking money from those small businesses to “spread” the wealth around.  I think realistically business need to be evaluated based on not only what they make, but the cost of making that money and the number of employees and their compensation packages. A doctor may only employ a handful of employees and easily make more than $250,000, where a fast food restaurant needs a larger number of employees and a full sit down restaurant needs even more employees… Get the Picture.

Raising taxes on these businesses and other larger businesses will not put more money in the middle class pockets, it will take away as there will be less jobs because business are going to have to either lay people off, pay them less or stop growing.

Joe asked the right question, Barack gave the wrong answer, the media is getting revenge for Obama…

Now Joe has made a second important point that has been overlooked through this whole campaign. Barack Obama cannot be questioned without reprecussions. The media can find everything out about your life, dig into the garbage you threw out last year, but cannot objectively investigate Barack Obama’s past and “associations”. But if the public questions anything about Barack Obama, his past, “associations”, activites, participation in organizations or even if he is a Natural Born Citizen, they are dubbed racists and the Mass Media takes up arms and attacks those individuals while glossing over the controversy that is Barack Obama.

It does not matter if Joe is a licensed plumber, owes back taxes, is divorced, lived in Arizona or Alaska… What matters is Joe is the middle class and even if Joe does get to buy this plumbing business that makes $250,000+ per year, he has shown that Barack Obama is planning on penalizing those small businesses. He is putting his scalpel away for this and using his chainsaw…

Now that is Change You Can Believe In!

I saw some sites that are posting a banner, I am Joe… I propose WE ARE JOE!

NEW YORK – “Joe the Plumber” is lashing out at the media for analyzing his personal life since he suddenly became a focal point of the presidential race last week.

Joe Wurzelbacher, a plumber from Holland, Ohio, told Mike Huckabee on his Fox News talk show Saturday that he is upset by the attention and has been unable to work with reporters crowded on his front lawn.

“The media’s worried about whether I’ve paid my taxes, they’re worried about any number of silly things that have nothing to do with America,” Wurzelbacher told the former Republican presidential hopeful on his show, “Huckabee.”

Wurzelbacher said he felt terrible after reading some of the criticism of himself posted online.

“I felt about that small,” he said. “I mean I really did.”

Republican presidential candidate John McCain has been portraying Wurzelbacher as emblematic of people with concerns about Obama’s tax plans.

Wurzelbacher became famous after he met Obama and said the Democrat’s tax proposal could keep him from buying the two-man plumbing company where he works. However, reports of Wurzelbacher’s annual earnings suggest he would receive a tax cut rather than an increase under Obama’s plan.

“You know, I am a plumber,” Wurzelbacher said. “Just a plumber.”

Wurzelbacher said he agreed to appear on the show after he received phone calls from friends serving in the military who voiced their support.

“You know, when you can’t ask a question of your leaders anymore, that gets scary,” he said.

On Sunday, McCain was to travel to Ohio, where he might appear with Wurzelbacher.


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