Sarah Palin Is A C*NT I- OK By Obama Camp

The all righteous liberals never cease to amaze me. They spent the past week bitching about how John McCain is being divisive and spreading hate… They condemn him for a few individuals who shouted out that Obama is a terrorist and other vulgarities… But Obama, who was also complaining, doesn’t say a thing about his own followers devisive behavior… As usual one standard for liberals another for everyone else. More Change You Can Believe In!

ANGRY LEFT Protest C*nt Sarah Palin in Philly


This is how the angry Left greeted Sarah Palin in Philadelphia this weekend…
Including “lots of Obama supporters”:

Via philly protests palin at Flickr: Sarah Palin, the Killa from Wasilla herself, showed up in Philly. ACT-UP/Philadelphia, UPenn SDS and lots of Obama supporters were there to greet her.

Another one

Welcome to Philly!

Back to Alaska.

Now who has the sick, deranged angry supporters?
Don’t look for the Obamedia to carry this.
Jim Treacher has more.

More photos here.

And, this was posted at Philly Indymedia where they have video of the Palin haters chanting–
O-Ba-Ma… O-Ba-Ma… O-Ba-Ma!


Gee, mainstream media… Ya think you could write something about the awful sexist attacks against Sarah Palin sometime?

And directly from Obama’s Site

Ugly Misogyny at the Official Obama Blog Site

POLITICS | Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 2:57:50 pm PST

The media keep hammering away at the “ugly incidents” at McCain-Palin rallies, but oddly they fail to notice stuff like this at the official Barack Obama blog site: Barack Obama and Joe Biden: The Change We Need | Rhiannon-Marie Volpe.

This is a Google cache link, because the picture of the disgusting T-shirt has already been tossed down the memory hole. If a guy with a monkey doll gets national coverage, why doesn’t this?

(Hat tip: Ace.)


3 Responses

  1. She started with her hate talks and stupid remarks about war, guns, Obama and others.
    You get what you deserve!

  2. sbeaten,
    As if Obama is going to Take The Moral High Ground, he must hold his own supporters to the same level. Your response is the typical liberal hypocrisy.

    Additionally, Obama has been pushing the same thing out with his more of the SAME campaign.

    And what has she said that is stupid about war and guns, Obama and others, just because it is not the same as what you believe in does not make it stupid.

    But then again, the liberal brainwashing will have you believe is she talks about how it is dark at night, that it is a racial slur on Obama because he is black, or if she mentions the White House, that that is racial.

  3. These two young ladies(?) should know all about c*nts.
    They look like a couple of big ones from head to toe

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