Obama – US Was Morally Obliged NOT To Stop The Holocaust

This is something from the second debate between McCain and Obama, which I have not seen any reporting one.

Obama was asked:

What is the Obama doctrine for use of force that the United States would send when we don’t have national security issues at stake?

The second sentence in his response was:

If we could have intervened effectively in the Holocaust, who among us would say that we had a moral obligation not to go in?

Moral Obligation NOT to go in. 

Now I know the Obamaphites are going to say it was a mispeak… as usual…

The normal person would have asked Who among us would say that we did not have a moral obligation to go in…  

He specifically asks if we had a moral obligation not to go in. What moral obligation would there be for not going it, unless we felt it was wrong to go in.

However when asked if he would support Israel if attacked by Iran without UN approval he never actuall answered.

However his answer on a whole is flawed, as the US did go in. Which is should know as he falsely claimed earlier that his uncle was one of the first soldiers to liberate Auschwitz

Israel is screwed if Barack gets into office.


5 Responses

  1. It’s not a “mispeak” but you obviously don’t understand English.

    If—then. Simple. If we did intervene.. THEN No one could say we SHOULD NOT HAVE gone!

    You are simply fishing – and miserably – here to denounce Obama. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not for either idiot this election year but your “Christian Zionist” view is obviously that of a White Supremacist. This makes you no less than a Nazi.

    The hell with Israel. We do not exist for the purpose of supporting tyranny, terrorism, apartheid and racism as the Israelis themselves have admitted.


  2. Atendingtheworld…
    Wrong. We did have the ability to effectively go into and fight the holocaust, thus there was not question of if we should have, we did.

    Your grasp of the English language is in doubt.
    as he left it open ended where it can be interpreted either way. He left it with a question of who could say we should not of and he did not say we should have.
    Therefore his comment is open to discussion as to what he really meant.

    And again, when the question came to Israel he did not answer the question at all, either way.

    His original foreign policy advisor, Samantha Power also called for US military action against Israel on behalf of the Palestinians. The only reason she is not in the spot light is because Clinton forced her to resign when she called Hillary a “monster”

    When Obama speaks it is to gain votes, he will say what ever he needs to to get votes. He also knows there is a strong anti-semitic entity in the US and he knows not to say things to get votes as well. He plays both sides of the issue with hopes of not ending up in the middle, but rather to get the votes from both sides.

    As for your ignorant “christian zionist”, white supremacist, Nazi comments, you are a moron. First of all I am not a Christian, I am Agnostic. Secondly I am not white. See you really are a dumbass.

    And lastly asshat, the support of Israel has been a military strategy for well over 30 years. We use Israel for many stratigic points. We will not stop supporting Israel from this stand point alone.

    As for your claims, the same can be said about Palestine, most of the Arab countries, including Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iran, Iraq etc…

    You should get off your high horse of morality and come back to reality.

  3. Also,
    He left open the view that if we could not have effectively intervened that we should not have. Wrong again, Military intervention is cannot be proven effective or noneffective until after it is done.
    We have to take a moral stand and do what is right, even if we could lose.

    He brought up Somolia after talking about Germany,. Our decision to intervene in Somolia was a moral judgement to do the right thing, we lost. It ended with Black Hawk Down, The Battle of Mogadishu, when we retreated.

    So you see the effective ability to intervene can only be determine after the fact.

  4. Dwell in your world of ignorance. But your “English” is quite… eloquent? 🙂

    Military intervention is cannot be proven effective or noneffective until after it is done.

    ..can only be determine after the fact.

    We use Israel for many stratigic points. We will not stop supporting Israel from this stand point alone.

    I see that you made an ASS of YOURSELF. 🙂 Just like McCain and PP.

    You’re a waste of MY oxygen!


  5. Attending,
    You are great. The typical liberal Idiot. The best argument you can come up with is criticism of my typing skills…
    Yes you really are the ASS and you make the whole of the liberal party look like the ASS that represents you.

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