Community Organizers Don’t Always Do Good For Their Communitees

Barack Obama has touted this work as a community organizer as his main qualification for President of the United States. This is what being a community organizer means to Barack. Corruption, Fraud, Forgery, Not paying the poor that you hire, oppression … More Change You Can Believe In.

Please read and view everything below as this affects the future of America if Obama is elected.

Acorn is tied to Barack Obama, Obama has paid them money, has worked for them and this is the result.

Paid to register by ACORN representatives in cigarettes and cash. Now that in itself is bad, what is even worse, he was signed up 72 times.

These ballots are fraudulent as well as forgeries, which the last I checked Forgery is a Crime…

There are numerous cases similar to this where ACORN is pushing Obama down the throats of the people… Acorn fails to pay “Employees”

I keep hearing how there is no way false registration cannot be used manipulate votes… Wrong.

Keep regisistering until you cannot remember how many times you regeristed

Faith Vote, a friend of ACORN



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