TrooperGate Report Release

The Alaskan Legislature has release a partial report for the public. A portion of the report has been marked classifed and not available.

After reading the report the first finding that Palin abused her power as governor is based two pieces of “evidence”.

The first is an email where Sarah is expressing concern over the public’s perception of in incompetance of the State Troops, in which she uses the personal example of Trooper Wooten. This is being twisted to be an email requesting action upon Monegan, which it is not.

The second is her inaction of stopping Todd from pressuring her staff members and using her office. However the report does not show that she knew Todd was pressuring for Wooten’s firing, only that Monegan said any further complaints should come from Todd not her.

In terms of Todd contacting Monegan, it was at his offer, not her.

“And I said, ma’am, I need you to keep an arm’s length at this — on this issue. And if you have further complaints on him, I can deal with Todd on it.” – Monegan’s own testimony. So he ask that Todd discuss issues regarding trooper Wooten.

Sounds like this finding was based more like an opinion than an actual fact.

The second finding shows that she acted within the powers of her office in firing him and implies that it was in part due to him not firing Wooten, however does not provide an evidence that it was part of the reason, only assumption based on her not testifying. Not testifying does not mean that it was part of the reason, only that she did not testify. It is the equivelant of assuming guilt based on exercising the fifth amendment in court.

After reading the mass media it is clear they are already twising the facts. They are claiming that she abused her power in the firing of Trooper Wooten. That is not true. The finding is that she abused her office by not acting in stopping people from pressuring Monegan to fire Wooten, not in the firing of Wooten. That is finding one.

Finding two is that she lawfully fired Wooten as there were other disputes and the powers provide the Governor of Alaska allows her to fire any member of her administration without reason or any reason she desires, therefore Monegan’s firing was legal, maybe not justifiable by others standards, but legal non the less. It is like working in NJ, it is a fire and hire at will state, no reason needs to be provided when firing someone.

The really interest part is the Recommendations do not mention and action against Palin, not even a censure, in my opinon that means the finding do not substantiate enough to take any action upon and Palin acted within the law.

In conclusion, the Alaskan legislature invoked an investigation in a matter that the answer was already known, Sarah Palin had the right to fire Monegan at her discretion. The investigation stepped over its bounds by investigating if she violated the States Ethics Acts, which was already under investigation by the appropriate authority who Sarah had already agreed to cooperate with. The Legislature has no authority over that and went outside of its juristiction and any finding by this investigation is meaningless. This is a gross abuse of power on the Legislatures part, this is a politcal act and the statements in the report dealing with the ethics violation should be struck from the record. Additionally, the inclusion that Monegans refusal to fire Wooten should not be included as they do not have evidence that it was and it is irrelevant since the Governor has the power to fire anyone in her cabinet at will.


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