Urban Community Leadership Academy

This should give you a good insight into Camp Obama. Get in their Faces. If They bring a Knife, We Bring a Gun. Militant Extremism in America, William Ayers, Black Panthers…

The Urban Community Leadership Academy is hosted at the University of Central Missouri.

Urban Community Leadership Academy Charter SchoolCharter Approved: April 28, 1999
Grade Span: 5 – 9
Enrollment: 208

1524 Paseo Blvd.
Kansas City, Missouri 64108

Population Served:
The Urban Community Leadership Academy has a 95 percent minority student population. 

Mission Statement:

To create an environment which encourages students to study problems and find solutions integrating the skills of math, science, leadership, communication, technology and any other necessary knowledge while learning to celebrate their own ethnic culture

Their funds to this program should be cut off immediately. This should not be part of the program. Notice the Military fatigues. This program is not a military program, maybe a militant program, but that is another story.

This program just created an advertisment for Barack under the direction of the program and obvious approval of the University.

More indoctrination of our youth and brainwashing of society. This like the Sing for Change video remind me of the Hamas kids bootcamp… Notice the Grades represented by the academy, these are the stars of the video. These are the future Community Organizers. Militant radicals in the making.

Not sure if Alpha Omega is their “frat” designation, although I would imagine that at that age group they do not have one, I could be wrong. If that is not the case then what is Alpha Omega? 


Revelation 1:8 (New International Version)

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is, and who was, and who is to come, the Almighty.”

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  1. […] while learning to celebrate their own ethnic culture. The school aslo receives public funding. Urban Community Leadership Academy Waste Of My Oxygen Another Radical Obama Youth Video – More Frightening Than The First :: Political News and […]

  2. So this Academy maxes out at the 9th grade? That’s suppose to include 14 year olds, right? So why do these guys look far older than 14?

  3. This messege is for the sick bigot that got this mess started. The kids you see in this clip are a good bunch of boys, not a bunch of militants. It takes a seriously ill person to take nothing and turn it into a national scandal. You are either a true racist or a person with too much time on his or her hands. Why are you so paranoid? You and those that believe like you believe is proof that racism is still alive. What you meant for bad, is really a blessing.

  4. Twin,
    Thank you for you kind unfounded remarks.
    First of all, bigot, is discrimination based on religion. Where did I bring religion into it.

    Second of all, there is no proof these kids are good or bad. The point of this is that these children are being used and brainwashed using tax payers money. The person responsible for using these students to advance their political agenda are guilty are the problem and yes this type of inappropriate manipulation of children definitely stinks of militant extremists, past and present and how they indoctrinate kids to do their battle for them.

    Third, where did I mention anything that was racist. Just because these kids are black has nothing to do with it. I also posted about the Sing for Change video which has the same overtones of this video. Adults using kids as political tools.

    Lastly Obama’s “associates” and friends have a streak of violence, hatred and use race card against anyone that sees them for what they are. You my friend, are an idiot if you believe this video is anything less that a political stunt and an attempt to use these children.

    I will be posting an article that proves that a teacher was behind this…

    Thanks for your useless comments and hate filled banter.

    • Oh my! Wow! I really have not had the chance to look at the video. But I am at the school a couple times a week and I HAVE NOT seen where they wear fatigues. The school dress code is depending on grade Khaki or Blue pants White or Dark Blue shirts. Hmmmm dont sound very military to me. Let me ask you a question. Have you spent a whole day inside this school? Or are your comments based on the video? Please please take time out to go visit the school before you trash them. You dont have to make an appointment. Just show up. And then let me know what you think after you have done this.
      Thank you,
      Parent of a child who
      has attended for the last 2 years

  5. […] – Teacher Suspended Posted on October 6, 2008 by wasteofmyoxygen As a follow up to the Urban Community Leadership Academy video… It turns out that it was created with the direction and supervision of a teacher at the […]

  6. Cut the bull about being brainwashed and taxpayer money. I know these kids very well and they don’t fit the mold. My reason for calling you a bigot. Only a bigot would take a harmless spoof and turn it into a major problem. So don’t try to play me like a violin. You have all the classic characteristics of a bigot. If you are going to define a word, make sure you get the whole meaning, not just what dictionary says. Maybe you need to read your own article again. Afterwards, Come spend a month at this school. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not condoning what that teacher did. However, I will back those kids and the reputation of that school. The teacher got what he dished out. As for my remarks being unfounded. Only a man of limited wisdom, knowledge, and understanding would pick a fight with a bear.

  7. 3rd and final. Who do you want to run our government?

  8. Twin,
    Again thank you, you provide absolutely nothing to substantiate your rantings.

    Oh and now it is a harmless spoof. This was a planned political action on behalf of the teacher. Regardless if the children believed it to be a spoof, the teacher had a clear objective. To use the children.

    As I said before, this has nothing to do with the kids, it has to do with the school. This is a common theme coming out across the country where educators are trying to push their political agenda on children.

    Please point out one thing I said that is racist or bigoted. You cannot, you can only say read your own post again.

    If anything, you are the racist here. There is something called reverse racism. Keep playing the race card, it shows how uninformed your are and how brainwashed you are.

    By the way, the brainwashing of children or even adults for that matter using a cultist mentality is common throughout history. The problem is those that are being brainwashed do not see it.

    I do not need to visit the school to see that at least one teacher was involved in this and the government needs to investigate to make sure it is an isolated incident.

    The school had months to take action on this video and they only decided to take action against the teach now because the video was brought to the publics attention. Therefore the school condoned the actions of this teacher until it became a “bad” thing. Sounds like Obama, Kerry and Hillary to me. That is a lawyers mentality…

    As for who I want to run the country, at this point it is the lesser of the two evils. As a conservative, neither candidate meets my expectations.

    The bigger evil is the lawyer who has smooth talked his way through life, with dubious ties to radical elements, takes payouts from those who created this financial mess, promotes the use of children to advance political goals and whose party is unwilling to take responsibility for their own actions. These are just a few of the reasons I find Obama to be unfit to lead our country.

  9. wasteofmyoxygen,

    As the parent of one of the boys in the video let me take a moment to clear it up for you. These are good boys. These are boys who have worked hard to be educated, dedicated members of our community and this nation. The video is not about being militant. Anyone who knows anything at all about african american fraternity heritage knows that stepping (even dressed in fatigues) is apart of the culter and college experience. The video is not a harmless spoof indeed. It is a message of positive affirmation. My son who is in the video doesn’t worship Obama. He aspires to be the next Bobby Flay or Emeril… But he believes that is is possible because of the Obamas of this world. I conceded that the video should not have been shot at the school, but I defy you to explain to me how that video is any different than Sara Palin giving a “shout out” to the third graders in an Alaska elementary school, as it relates to political propaganda. I’d dare say that the students and parents of those students are not Obama supporters. I’d also dare say that they talk about, support and encourage talk about the mccain/palin campaigne in school. But that is neither here nor there. That video that group of boys nor the video was put together for the purpose of furthering Obamas political asperations. That is just one of many chants and routines. All of which are uplifting and encourage my son and the other boys involved to be focused on education, and intergrity and character. The group and the school and it teachers are trying to instill in those boys a since of pride for self, and their community and their nation. My challenge to you is STOP INSIGHTING FEAR!!! where there is no reason for fear to exisist. Mr. Obama to embodies the American dream that if you work hard and you get and education and you are a person of good character that you can become what ever you want. Just as McCain does. The problem is my son and those other boys in the video and in my community cant relate to McCain, they can to Obama and why shouldn’t they? And for everyone talking about this issue, Please get all that facts… And lets remember that these are someones children.

  10. I would also like to add that schools all over this country and world are talking about, writing reports about and voicing their views about this election. Not because they have an agenda but because this is the most historical election ever and they want to be apart of that history. Why arent we talking about the number of young black boys killed in the streets everyday. Why arent we talking about the substandards of the education system in inner city communities. I wonder if that vidoe were about Jesse Jackson would people be sooooo upset. No you no why, because Jesse never got this close to the white house. The only reason people are freaking out is because no matter how accomplished Obama is some of you still only see a black man. And who would have thunk that a N***** could come so close to leading this country… Well get ready cuz itsacommin…

  11. Dear Sir, You are the one that’s brainwashing an entire nation against a school you have never even heard of. Unlike you, I live and work in this community. I know first hand all the good this school is doing and has done for the children in this area. Unlike you, I have seen the positive changes this school has made in the lives of their students. As long as you get your story out to bash people you have never met, it’s all good. I’ll bet you’d feel really screwed, if someone open your laundry basket to reveal who you really are.

  12. Tracy,
    From your language and references, I doubt you are the mother of one of these boys, if you are you should be ashamed of yourself for letting him be exploited by this teacher trying to push his political agenda. And yes that is what it is, that is why he chose this clip to put online at this time. He planned to advertise for Obama and that is just what he did. He used your son and the other children in the video.

    I do not accept your challenge as I do not believe children should be used in this manner. The difference between Palin’s shoutout verses this teachers abuse is that Palin made a statement, she did not make the children make a statement. This teacher guided these students into making a political statement, and I would not be surprised if their participation was mandatory.

    As far as the rest of your rant…

    You demonstrate reverse racism to a tee. Your hatred of white people, your demanding of entitlement and your divisive behavior are classic. I could care less that a black man could be the next president of the United States, as long as he is the right person to be the President. I do not believe Barack Obama is that man. He did not work hard, he was raised mainly by his grandparents who were well off. He did not come from the streets of the inner city, he came from Hawaii. Think about that. He only identifies with his black side because he knows it will get him votes. Had this been a stepping dance for McCain or Jesse Jackson, I would protest just as much. Try reading my post regarding the Singing For Change Kids. I wrote there as well that it is wrong to use children in this manner, the difference was that was a private video not attached to a school.

    I also reserve the right to be angry about this happening in a publicly funded education program as it is more than likely paid for by federal money and that means my money.

    Taxpayer money should not be used in this fashion.

    I have no problem with discussion of politics and debate in school provided it is just that. This goes well beyond that and as I said before is an advertisement design to bypass 527s.

    Also as I said before, the teacher and administration need to be investigated to ensure that other children are not being abused in this manner, and yes this is abuse. It is the direct manipulation of them

    So you can take your race card and take it home, burn it, throw it out. Just because this involves black kids does not mean it has anything to do with race. You and the others crying about it are the ones that bring race into the issue. You are the Racists.

    Lastly I find it quite interesting that your post was made from a computer on the MORENET network which is the internal infrastructure of the University of Missouri’s campuses. I have a feeling you are either a student at the academy or a staff member of the academy. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pass yourself off as one of the boys mothers.

  13. Twin,
    Again thanks for a totally knee-jerking post. You have nothing to say to support anything, you make claims that are false, you spew crap out like the perfect liberal.
    Again I ask you to point out a single racist remark
    I made in the post. You cannot. You think by saying this or that it will make it true. The truth of the matter is that you are a racist who thinks you are entitled to something.

    Oh by the way how is Las Vegas?

  14. I don’t know about Vegas. I live in KCMO. I’m not a liberal. I’m a man on a mission. I must be striking a nerve, because your level of conversation has decreased in potency. I didn’t refer to this school as Camp Obama. You did! Don’t hate me for standing up for those who understand the crap you print ain’t truth. Your agenda is easy to spot. You are on a seek and destroy mission. I want to thank you for showing me and all the world your true colors. If you keep writing this crap you’re gonna slip on your own crap. I love talking to clueless people like you. It gives me a reason to press on with my life long goal. The crap I spew has you slipping and flipping out. How does it feel to have your chain jerked? Isn’t it funny how such a highly educated reporter, can’t remember the crap he writes? I’m not a racist! I’m the parent. I have six boys and one girl. They’re all grown and very successful. People like you are quick to pass judgement on what they don’t understand. Before you pick a fight, learn your enemies weakness. Chances are you can win without throwing a single punch. I’d love to meet you and bump heads over a game of chess. I don’t mind coming down to your level thinking. Check & mate


  15. I had a chance to read your post thoroughly. Brainwashed I am not, but tired I am. Tell me what does made in america mean to you? Oh ! You can’t because all the jobs are being down by overseas companies.

  16. I’m an Obama supporter, and I do agree that this kind of stuff scares me. We don’t need to be indoctrinating kids and having them chant things and wear fatigues to get Obama elected.

  17. Twin, hardly rattled. You have yet to post anything of substance. Let’s see, we can wrap up your posts simply by “You’re a Bigot” and “Your a Racist”.

    You have provided no argument or supportive information.

    Trolls are better than you.

    As for your last two posts, let’s see what the hell does shipping jobs overseas have anything to do with this article?

    You know nothing about me nor the “mission” I am on. The mission is simple, the truth, something you and your elk do not know or honor.

    As for having six grown kids, great and wonderful, I have doubts of how well of they are after being raised by one such as yourself.

    Far from a check and a mate, the only think you’ve done is not shown you ability to live inside your own mind and ignore reality.

    As as said before, show me one thing I said in this post that is racist, until you can do that I am done with you. You are truly the embodiment of a brainwashed Obama follower.

  18. Waste,

    First of all my sons white father and his white grandparents and my white pastor and fellow church members some of which are white, the white senior citizens that i sit and visit with when i deliver their food from meals on wheels, the white post lady that i give a box of my cookies to every holiday season as well as one of my dearest and closest friends since highschool and her family would all take offence to you calling me a hater of white people. (again get the facts before you make a judgement)

    Now back to the video. I am one of the boys parents. I do not nor did i feel last may when the video was posted think that my sin or the boys in that video are being exploited. i am willing to concede that the teacher made a grave error in judgement and should perhaps be admonished. but i would rather focus on what the video and its message means to those boys. What Obama means to those kids. But of course you in your small minded thinking cant grasp that.

    I wonder why people focus on the fatigues and not the gold boots the boys are wearing. HMMMMM. Why is that people are calling these boys militant and angry blacks and compare them to al quiada when kids in 2008 have made fatigues a staple in their wardrobe from mini skirts to t-shirts to head bands?

    And please explain how my being articulate means i cant possibly be a parent of one these boys…

  19. One of your bloggers above asks what is alpha omega? which is a testiment that people are comminting on topics they no nothing about. it is a fraternity that the teacher is apart of. for a year he has been working with these high school age boys to prepare them to enter into college (which frats are apart of, as well as stepping and chanting in the african american college life) it is not military. watch a movie… I suggest “Stomp The Yard” I would also submit that everyone that has posted or reposted this vidoe is him/herself promoting their own agenda. But isnt that the American way. Don’t we all have a voice? Everyone one you included waste are exploiting theses video. Cmon!!! I wonder if their support was for McCain if people would be saying they are being brainwashed!!! These boys live in homes of people who support Obama stands to reason they would be of the same mind. They live in a community that is in suport of Obama duh!!!. If you are the type of person who is going to vote based on the facts and not a mans color or not vote for a man because of his skin color. That is great. But you and I both know that not everyone thinks that way. You seem like an intelligent man. When it is all said and done my only concern is for my son and boys like him that need the positive influence they find in a Obama. Not to negate the many wonderful accomplishments of McCain. Those kids just dont relate to McCain period… I would love to sit down with you over a cup of coffee…

  20. You can’t deny the fact. You’re a racist. I’m a republican. Asshole! I gave you proof from your own post. How dare you have the nerve to refer to this school as camp Obama. ( He’s Black ). You also had the balls to compare them with the Black Panthers. (They are black too)! You only threw in a few other names to cover your ass from a liability suite. Now let’s talk about your comment concerning my kids. Don’t hate on my kids for having a positive Man in their lives. You use a dictionary well, but it’s not enough to cover your ignorance or the racism that fuels it. Here’s a little history for you. If it wasn’t for a black man you wouldn’t have light to see by. Guess who took that idea and made a million from it and still making money from it? Hint : They ain’t black! Now to the task at hand. You want to injure Obama. He’s too close to reaching his goal. You can’t stand it. So what if he’s counting on black supporters to help him get into office. Everyday you wake and walk out your door, you see blacks rising to the challenge, moving higher and higher up that ladder you are standing on. The cages you designed to contain our minds and imprison our souls aren’t strong enough to hold us any more. You even tried to sow disfunction and mistrust into our families. Somebody got wise to your trap and put it back in your world. You are scared and too stupid to realize that the only solution to the problem is to work together. If you count all the dark races in america today we out number you. All sport used to be dominated by whites. Not anymore! Everything is changing. I don’t play race cards. You’re the dealer. I didn’t write that post. You did! News Flash! Urban Community Leadership Academy, is standing by the grace of God. If it should ever close down. It will always be remember by the world. You helped make it go down in history.

  21. Twin
    Thank you for you well written and insightful crap. Actually, you are a racist. Look at everything you write. You are the one differentiating between races and trying to say Blacks are better than whites.

    Let’s see, first of all, Camp Obama is the Obama Campaign. I was not referring to this school as camp Obama you dumbass.
    Second off, what do you mean the Black Panthers are Black… Holy Shit, no one told be that… The use of the Black Panthers was intentional due to the Obama camp allowing them to host a page on Obama’s website and then claiming that they did not authorized and they had no control over who setup pages on their site, when in fact all pages have to be approved by Camp Obama. The second reason the Black Panthers was used is because of Obama’s ties to Ayers. Now that said, Ayers was used not as a name to cover up my obvious racism, but because he tried to kill the family of a judge who was presiding over the trial of one of the Black Panthers. These are prime examples of Militant Extremism with Direct Ties to Barack Obama.

    I don’t hate on your kids for having a positive man in their life. To bad it is not you, but a surrogate like Obama, who is far from positive. He is a corrupt, lying, opportunistic politician.

    And no a Black Man did not invent the lightbulb. Thomas Edison invented the Light Bulb, Lewis Latim worked on making the lightbulb last longer and ultimately the carbon filament was born. Get your facts straight idiot. He also did this working for US Electric Lighting, thus anything he developed belonged to them, that is the bitch of working for someone else as a developer, your work is theirs.

    The only cages made to hold the “black” man down is their own. The some of most prominent black leaders need people to be repressed. The fact of the matter is liberals want black people to be poor as if they were not, then they have no mission. It is in the best interest of liberals to repress black people as a survival mechanism.

    You talk about working together, yet the whole of your argument is division. Blacks vs Whites. Stop with the entitlement crap and race cards, that is your only argument. As you said I wrote the post, and as I said show me one thing racist in it. You can’t.

    News Flash, the teacher at Urban Community Leadership Academy that posted produced and posted this video is not in the grace of God, he is in trying to get into the grace of Obama. Should it ever shut down, only a small number of people will remember it in the future. A it will have no impact on most peoples lives if it does shut down.

    Hitler is remembered by the world, that does not make him a good person and surely does not mean he will go to heaven.

    In closing you racist, entitlement demanding, ignorant, hate filled moron, I am not white. You should stop making assumptions, it only proves that your ignorance outweighs your intolerance.

    You are done, ASSHAT.

  22. Clap Clap Clap!!! Waste,

    You didn’t refer the the school as Camp Obama true, but lets take a look at what you did blog…

    “Their funds to this program should be cut off immediately. This should not be part of the program. Notice the Military fatigues. This program is not a military program, maybe a militant program, but that is another story.

    This program just created an advertisment for Barack under the direction of the program and obvious approval of the University.

    More indoctrination of our youth and brainwashing of society. This like the Sing for Change video remind me of the Hamas kids bootcamp… Notice the Grades represented by the academy, these are the stars of the video. These are the future Community Organizers. Militant radicals in the making.”

    “Notice the fatigues you say.” Why not noitice the gold boots and the purple shirts which represent the colors of alpha omega?

    “This program is not a military program, maybe a militant program, but that is another story.” you say, but what about the video is militant?

    “You say, This program just created an advertisment for Barack under the direction of the program and obvious approval of the University. ” Maybe it did but so what!! Do you really think that video is going to make or break who becomes the next president? Everybody with a bumper sticker on the back of their car is creating an ad for either candidate. That is apart of the process. This generation is more saavy, more sophisticated, more informed and more engaged than any other in the history of the US. They have been exposed to more in their short little lives and will have to respond. The days of the three R’s is gone. Education today means that kids are learnign about politics, and religion, and sexuality, and the economy, and community because they have to in order to keep up. This program was created to give the boys involved something to do other than hang out on the streets as well as to give them a feel for a small part of what it’s like on black college campuses. Again I am more than willing to concede that the teacher may have excercised poor judgement, but this video is one chant given at one time. Obama’s campaign is the furthest thing from the focus of these students. And after the election is over they will still go on. Because to them the program is giving them focus, self esteem, comradery and the support they need to navigate through a hateful world. Sorry I am never going to feel ashamed of that nor apologize for it. Maybe if you took the time to talk to one or some or all of the boys you may not be so willing to make judgements.

    “More indoctrination of our youth and brainwashing of society. This like the Sing for Change video remind me of the Hamas kids bootcamp… Notice the Grades represented by the academy, these are the stars of the video. These are the future Community Organizers. Militant radicals in the making.” you say, we are brainwashed because we support Obama, as a matter of fact my mind has never been mre clear. Would you feel that I was informed if I supported McCain? These are militant radicals in the making, why because they relate to a man than comes from the same circumstances they do? You can’t be that closed minded.

    In a short while there will be another hot topic another issue, and all of you who take issue with this video will glom onto that topic and forget about my son and these boys, and they are going to be left without someone who cared for them, and tried to encourage them. That is what they care about. Not all the other rhetoric.

    My invite still stands for coffee…

  23. I forgot to reply to this… “Lastly I find it quite interesting that your post was made from a computer on the MORENET network which is the internal infrastructure of the University of Missouri’s campuses. I have a feeling you are either a student at the academy or a staff member of the academy. You should be ashamed of yourself for trying to pass yourself off as one of the boys mothers.”

    My home pc is fried, my new one is in the mail… and I will be more than happy to blog from it once set up… In the mean time I visit the library. (again before you make a statement you should know what you are talking about)

  24. Son! You are talking in circles again. I’ m not saying blacks are better. What I am saying is simple and to the point. We are moving up! History is being rewritten right before your eyes. Take the scales off. I’m no better than you. I’m in agreement with you on quite a few issues you brought forth. However, there is still the fact you wrote the post and made the comparison. Not Me! Thank you for the complement on my skills as a parent. You’re right! It took Jesus, and a network of people, willing to step in and help me, raise my kids. I’m no fool. I know when I need help and I’m not shamed to ask for it. Let’s get serious for a minute. I finally got the an opportunity to check out Rev. Wright sermon and it really touched my heart. What’ s your opinion on. And be honest about you answer.

  25. Tracy, I believe the first sentence in the opening of his post said,” This should give you Good insight into camp Obama”. Why would he compare camp Obama to U.C.L.A. Maybe I’m making more out of this than I actually should. And maybe I’m reading a little of my own agenda into it along the way, but the truth is written in black and white. We didn’t write it. He did! The teacher messed up. He knows it. I don’t know about his personal agenda, but I know he would never hurt these kids the way Mr. waste of my oxygen is doing so.

  26. Tracy,
    He will never accept your invite. He’s afraid we will smack that butt, because of some of the comments he made to us. It easy to talk tough from a computer keyboard, but hard to face the opposition.

  27. Twin,

    I know this teacher personally and I agree that he would never hurt those boys, and I have stated my support for him publicly. Whether he intended to hurt them or not really isnt the issue. The fact is there is a fall out, and I also know why there is a fall out!!! We both know. As I stated in my blogs everybody, everybody try’s to promote their own agenda. I personally don’t think there is anything wrong with that, as long as we are open to others points of view. That is how we learn from one another. That is the point of debate and open dialog. In the defense of waste, (can’t believe i’m saying that ) when he refers to “Camp Obama” he is speaking of the Obama Campaign Camp. He is of the beleif that this amoung other videos are the result of solicitation from the
    Obama Camp. (the people who work for Obama) He was not trying to state that the boys are in some kind of Obama Training Camp. I know he know’s he messed up. Of course he will never accept the invite. Because it is easier to spew, than to sit down and have an honest exchange. Or do the real work it takes to find out what you are talking about, before you start reporting…

  28. Hey wasted, That’s pretty funny. You make me laugh everytime I read one of your replies. You must be the most gulible man on the planet. I’m glad you’re not white. That would make you an even bigger embarrassmment. But you’re still a racist and a bogot and a coward. I can also tell you know nothing about history. This what happens when cousins marry. A waste of oxygen is born.

  29. Tracy,
    Thank you for your response. I know this teacher too. And he has made a difference in the lives of all the students @ U.C.L.A. and you’re right I know the reason for the fallout. Go Tigers!

  30. Twin,

    If you were paying close attention last week you already know who I am. Maybe we will bump into eachother sometime.

    Take care. God be with you.

    Waste. Keep an open mind… Though I doubt you will.

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