Liberals Show Their Best In Philly

Liberals show the best of themselves… The article is about something completely different, however read the last sentence… This is the true spirit of liberal America… Yelling vulgarities at a group of women discussing their sons or daughters who are serving in the Military, possibly in Iraq.

PHILADELPHIA–Sarah Palin had coffee this morning at a gourmet market and breakfast restaurant and was joined by four Blue Star mothers. The Blue Star Moms are a support and service group for women whose sons and daughters are in the military.

Palin responded to a question about the economic recovery plan, which was hashed out overnight. She answered, but she made it clear that she was then going to concentrate on the Blue Star Moms, “Bailout? Ok? Then I’m going to talk to these gals whose sons are also in the service. But, thankful that John McCain is able to have some of those provisions implemented in that Paulson proposal to have more sound oversight,” Palin said. “Taxpayers aren’t going to be assumed to be called upon to bail out so I’m glad that John McCain’s voice is heard and his leadership too.”

Directly after that answer, the press was escorted out for 15 minutes and then re-positioned to a staircase in the middle of Di Bruno Bros.—which was too far away to hear what the women were talking about or to ask the Vice-Presidential candidate any other questions.

While waiting for their drinks Palin and the women started talking about their sons in the Army. Maureen Snook said her son told her, “Mom, you won’t know where I am.” Palin responded, “That’s what my son says! I belong to the Army now. I belong to America. My baby!” referring to her 19 year old son Track who is deployed in Iraq.

Palin’s daughter Willow joined the four Blue Star Moms: Julie Devitt, Nancy Harding, Maureen Snook, and Lee Anthony. The women sipped coffee, laughed, took pictures, and even hugged during their almost hour meeting.

Palin’s other events in heavily Democratic Philadelphia have attracted hundreds of protesters, but none were to be found today. Possibly, because the location was not advertised. Three runners entered the shop and when they realized that the GOP Vice-Presidential nominee was there one man started booing and a woman stormed out and shouted a vulgarity.


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