The Real Brains Behind The Obama Campaign


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  1. Oh, please! Every politician uses a teleprompter.

  2. The difference is Obama has to have the teleprompter.
    McCain does most of his speeches without a teleprompter, it is one of the reasons Obama was so afraid of a Townhall forum with McCain.
    Sarah did her big intro speech with a faulty teleprompter and you could not even tell.

    Obama constantly messes up when the teleprompter has issues and starts um umm…

    Posted a nice video just for you… Maybe Obama needs to take a breathalizer…

  3. Who’s fault is it, really?

    While there is some blame to be shared by members on both sides of the aisle, history reveals the following:

    Under such catch phrases as “affordable housing”, the “Community Reinvestmet Act” of 1977 (President Jimmy
    Carter) was enacted. It’s stated purpose was to expand the opportunity of high-risk individuals to invest in
    homes by forcing mortgage lenders to help subprime borrowers get better loans. Industry lending procedures
    were further opened during the Clinton administration, a period during which Franklin Raines (then CEO of
    Freddie Mac) garnered in excess of $90 million over a four-year tour while serving the quasi-governmental
    lending institution. Today, Raines serves as financial adviser to Barack Hussein Obama during his campaign.

    Over a 20 year period, only four of which Obama has been a Senator – and, he’s been campaigning for two of
    those years, now – only Senate veteran Chris Dodd has taken more lobbyist monies from Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac than has Obama (he’s #2, having accepted over $126,000). Earlier this year, Dodd extended his praise to these financial giants, describing them as “riding to the rescue” as other mortgage lenders were reducing loans.

    Barney Frank, senator from Massachusetts and chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, only five
    years ago asserted as to the “soundness” of these companies. “I do not see”, he said, any “possibility of
    serious financial losses to the treasury.” Furthermore, he stated that the government has “probably done too
    little rather than too much to push them to meet the goals of affordable housing.”

    These are a few of the major players whom have created the financial “crisis”, and now these same people are
    presumably working in earnest to resolve the matter? Yeah, right.

    President Bush, in 2004, sought to increase regulatory pressures on Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and his
    chairman of the Council of Economic Advisors warned about the economic disincentives of these companies
    relying on a bailout should trends turn. In 2005, John McCain supported a measure to reform the lending
    industry, but it was rejected by Congress (including a vote against it by Obama – no surprise, there).

    Alan Greenspan, head of the Federal Reserve, has been outspoken for years about an implied reliance on our
    government that these lending giants greedily base business practices upon, so as to “multiply the
    profitability of subsidized debt.”

    Now, House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi is playing to the cameras with sound bytes and pointing at the
    republicans as the root of all evil…what? As the majority, democrats could have passed this bill on their
    own without a single republican vote, but they didn’t want to go it alone – thereafter, highlighting the roles
    of participation that Frank, Dodd and Obama (among others, including some republicans) have played in
    sustaining the unfettered operations of failed lending giants Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And here we are,

    Facts are facts. See My Site for more.

  4. obama is the best i don’t care what you haters say!!!!!!!!!!!obama is not a hillbilly like macane.

  5. Lizzy, very persuasive argument. Not really.

    Just like a typical liberal.

    So McCain is a hillbilly??? Let’s see he grew up on naval bases, went to a private prep school for high school, went to USNA, served in Vietnam, went to the National War college upon returning from 5 years of torture on almost a daily basis, was the first commanding officer for a training squadron in Florida, served as a Naval liaison to the senate, was slated to become an Admiral like his father and grandfather, has served in both the House and Senate and has received many commendations and decorations.

    If that is a hillbilly, then what the hell is Obama…

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