Bill Clinton For McCain???

Something I never thought I would see, Bill Clinton supporting John McCain going back to Washington.

…and placing the blame on the Democrats… Then again maybe he is just still mad over the racism charges and snubbing of Hillary as Obama’s VP pick…


One Response

  1. The Clintons and the Obamacans represent the current division in the Democratic party. And both have done their share in injecting triangulation, double-speak, race-card and gender- card during the primaries.

    The reality is that Obama won the primary under false pretenses: that is, pretending to be more progressive than HRC (position on NAFTA, “old politics of Washington, war in Irak, etc.) , only to later reversing his positions on FISA, NAFTA, public financing, etc. And to top it off, choosing someone like Biden, who…..guess what? voted in favor of the invasion of Irak same as HRC, and has been in the Senate since 1972. So much for message of change and “let’s turn the page” bull….t.

    In summary, I kind of understand Bill Clinton’s resentment, although he is playing with fire.

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