Anti-Iran Rally Turns Pro-Palin

The anti-Iran rally went on without Sarah Palin, unfortunately it was a disaster in numbers, with only about 2,000 people showing up. Maybe if they had let Sarah attend she could have brought in a crowd like she did in Florida, 60,000…

The rally ended up with overtones of of being Pro-Palin and anti Democrat, which upset the higher ups. Too bad. They are pissed because it became a political rally… First of all, what do they think the rally was in the first place. It was political against Iran. Second of all, it would not have turned into a partisan political issue had they let Sarah attend and had Hillary not blown her cool acting like a 5 year old by cancelling her appearance in the first place. Or maybe if Joe Biden or or Barack Obama had decided to attend, then maybe just maybe this would have been a nice UNITED front to show the terrorist from Iran.

I hope the Jewish voters pay attention to this and really think hard before throwing their vote behind Obama.

Jewish Groups Furious That Protest Against Ahmadinejad Was, At Times, A Pro-Palin, Bash-The-Dems Affair

Politics and diplomacy were not a good mix at Monday’s protest rally against Iran at the United Nations. 

Hillary Clinton and Sarah Palin didn’t participate in the “Stop Iran Now” rally and there were a lot of hard feelings about it. 

It was a simple sign that read “We Want Sarah. Shame On The Rally Organizer.” 

Howard Webber from Brooklyn held it. 

“As important an event as this is, you needed a unity of Democrats and Republicans to show Ahmadinejad that we’re not going to accept a nuclear Iran.” 

Buddy Macy of Little Fells, N.J., felt much the same way. 

“I’m so disappointed, upset,” Macy said. “She would have brought 10,000-20,000 more supporters of Israel. People who were curious were stopped because of partisan action.” 

The brouhaha started after Clinton pulled out after she learned Palin was invited. Three organizations supporting the rally threatened to pull out unless Palin was disinvited. She was but organizers didn’t stop there. 

They were furious Monday about the political signs brought by some at the rally, like an anti-Obama sign that said, “Jews Against Obama & Ahmadinejad.” 

“I am upset by the sign because this is a non-political event,” said Janice Shorenstein, president of the Jewish Community Relations Council. “We are here today to cry out against Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, not political. American elections are not part of this event.” 

Congressman Anthony Wiener disagreed. 

“I think this is a classic political event in the best sense of the word. Politicians from all corners come here to speak out against Iran,” Wiener said. “I think it would have been fine for Sarah to speak. We just needed someone of equal stature from the Obama campaign to speak.” 

The question is what are the political repercussions not to have politicians speak at the rally?

“Republicans benefitted more than the Democrats did,” political consultant Hank Sheinkopf said. “Why? Sarah Palin wanted to be there, but it looks like she was purposely told not to and rejected. It gives her standing, particularly among those people who are thinking about voting Republican anyway.”

Both Clinton and Palin tried to make political hay anyway. Clinton released a statement. Palin released the speech she would have given. She will be in New York on Monday and Tuesday to meet with world leaders. Republicans hopes that helps boost her foreign policy credentials.

With the General Assembly now in session, avoid the East Side if you can. There will be the usual traffic troubles all week. 

Streets will be closed at different times, anywhere from the FDR to Madison Avenue, between 42nd and 57th streets.


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