Obama’s Payday From Mortgage Crisis

Funny how Obama keeps complaining about Bush and McCain being at fault for the recent housing crunch and Mortgage crisis. But oddly enough look at the mony they poured into Obama by the Big Finance Guys… $2.2 million

Now that is change you can believe in.

Top 5 contributors to the Obama Campaign:


Goldman Sachs $689,280
University of California $531,070
JPMorgan Chase & Co $449,671
Citigroup Inc $411,504
Harvard University $407,452

Top 6-20 contributors to the Obama Campaign:

University of Chicago $396,339
UBS AG $390,000
Google Inc $379,212
Lehman Brothers $365,922
Skadden, Arps et al $358,121
Sidley Austin LLP $356,345
Kirkland & Ellis $351,714
Moveon.org $347,463
Morgan Stanley $314,638
Exelon Corp $310,911
National Amusements Inc $298,500
Microsoft Corp $280,425
Time Warner $279,859
Jones Day $266,705
Latham & Watkins $255,095

Top 5 industries contributing to the Obama Campaign:


Lawyers/Law Firms $23,096,636
Retired $20,034,152
Securities & Investment $10,040,884
Education $9,450,220
Real Estate $6,416,437



6 Responses

  1. Nice work…thank god someone can do their homework. Now here is another one for you : that Obama received $126,000 from Fannie Mae as well.
    John Mc Cain received $22,000 from Fannie Mae. My personal opinion is: “People who live in glass houses…shouldn’t throw stones”.
    And frankly, How does one justify that it really costs that much for a campaign ? Do you or anyone else realize just how long I could live off that and “LIVE HIGH OFF THE HOG” ??
    And I really believe that this should be looked at carefully by EVERY AMERICAN… Hell, I worked as a waitress and made $3.18 an hour and the rest of my income was in tips… tips to me is a thank you and a contribution for your service:::: for some people don’t tip at all and some leave very little. But the government taxes me on those tips…My question is: Why isn’t Obama and Mc Cain taxed on their contributions they rake in….JUST FREE MONEY FOR THEM .

  2. Lizzy, thanks and if you look here https://wasteofmyoxygen.wordpress.com/2008/09/18/freddie-fannie…ac-daddy-obama I posted about the Fannie Mae donations already. The mass media is still campaigning for Obama.

    Part of campaign finance reform should be overall limits period. However since most of these donations are from individuals, I say let them spend their money and lose it.

  3. Well Dear, you are right about that…they sure are going to lose it now with this $700 Billion Proposal Plan that President Bush wants… It looks like it may be even more than they intended now.
    I know what you mean about the Mass Media still campaigning for Obama…So, the more you find out the more you post blogs. People do read the blogs and if we can get one more each day to sit down and really think things over….WE DID OUR JOB.

  4. Don’t forget John McCain received $11.4 mil. from Wallstreet

  5. Please don’t forget John McCain reportedly received $11.4 mil from Wallstreet firms.

    What you should be spending your time criticizing is the payoffs that these are Execs. are walking away with despite the collapse of some of these companies.

  6. Diane, do you have anything to back up those numbers? I remember a tv report not long ago that estimated $30-40 million has been donated to Barack, Clinton and Edwards from Wall Street investors.

    An you are completely wrong in thinking this is not relevant to the election of our next President. This shows the change Obama is for.

    Yes the CEO need to answer, however nothing will be done immediately, whereas the election is lest than two months away. Priorities.

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