Liberal Hatred At Its Best

Another liberal agenda pushed through The Atlantic Monthly. Jill Greenberg, illegally uses photos take for The Atlantic and publishes them on her website. The images were shopped and used as political fodder against McCain. Seriously folks, this is the best the liberals can come up with. Nothing with any real substance as usual. At least the Atlantic had the courage to stand up against this bitch who last time made babies cry, yes intentially made them cry, to make a political statement against Bush. 

The editor of The Atlantic Monthly said Monday he is sending a letter of apology to John McCain after a woman the magazine hired to photograph the Republican presidential nominee posted manipulated pictures from the photo shoot on her Web site.

Photographer Jill Greenberg, who is vehemently anti-Republican and expressed glee that the photos would stir up conservative ire, took pictures of McCain for the cover of The Atlantic’s October issue.

During the shoot, she took several other backlit pictures, which she then doctored and posted to her site. In one photo, she added blood oozing from McCain’s shark-toothed mouth and labeled it with the caption “I am a bloodthirsty warmongerer.” In another, a caption over McCain’s head says, “I will have my girl kill Roe v. Wade,” an obvious reference to his running mate Sarah Palin’s anti-abortion positions.

Editor James Bennet said Greenberg behaved improperly and will not be paid for the session. He said the magazine is also considering a lawsuit.

She has violated the terms of our agreement with her, of our contract with her so we’re taking steps. So we’re looking into what steps we can see to do something about that,” Bennet told FOX News, adding that he is “already drafting a letter of apology” to McCain.

“I mean this photographer went in there under our auspices to take a cover shot for us … but while she was there she behaved in an incredibly underhanded and unprofessional way,” he said.

Greenberg’s dislike for the GOP is not new. In 2004, she held an art exhibit in Los Angeles in which she displayed pictures of toddlers crying with the caption “Four More Years.” Greenberg admitted she intentionally made the toddlers cry so she could create a visual slam against President Bush.

Bennet said the magazine’s editors don’t “vet our photographers for their politics” but looks at their “professional track record.”

“This photographer had worked for everybody from Phillip Morris to Time Magazine to Portfolio magazine. She had a long record and no history of doing anything like what she has done her,” he said.

Greenberg said that the cover shot for The Atlantic article was manipulated to leave McCain’s eyes red and skin looking bad. But Bennet said the magazine stands by the picture that made the front cover. He said the artwork went through editors’ hands before going to print, and it is accompanied by “a terrific story” that is a comprehensive look at McCain’s foreign policy.

“I think the cover shot is very respectful of John McCain. I think it’s a good picture. People have to judge it for themselves,” Bennet said, adding that he rejects Greenberg’s characterizations of the shot.

“One of the nice things about this situation is people can look at the cover shot and make their own determination about whether or not it is fair to John McCain. I believe very strongly that it is,” Bennet said.


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