Hillary Bailout

This is why we need campaign finance reform, not the Liberal version either.

Hillary is able to spend more than she has, then “loan” her campaign money, loose to Obama and then have a method of recoupping her loses

First of all, she should not have been allowed to spend more than she had available. Second she should not have been able to loan her campaign money, either she donates it to the campaign or she does not contribute to it.

If she has a method of getting her money back, then everyone that donated to her failure of a campaign should be entitled to a refund.

This rich liberals, Obama and Clinton, are leeches and have sucked up millions from the working class, and want a golden parachute to get their cash back while America’s that contributed to their campaigns are left holding the bag… Typical liberal politics, steal from the poor and give to the rich.

Now, the story not being reported, Obama and Hillary show how fiscally irresponsibility is handled… Ask Average working Americans to donate money, over spend, ask tax payers to reimburse them… This has been the problem for years with liberal fiscal policy, reminds me of how the liberal uncontrolled school boards operate…

Another reason Barack should keep his promise of public finance for the election, but nay, he can rake in more money without that…

This should be classified as a crime under fraud…

Sen. Barack Obama has asked top contributors to help his former rival for the Democratic presidential nomination, Sen. Hillary Clinton, retire her debt, an Obama campaign source said Tuesday. 

Sen. Barack Obama is to campaign with Sen. Hillary Clinton in Unity, New Hampshire, on Friday.

Obama did not direct members of his National Finance Committee to contribute to Clinton’s campaign, the source said, but asked them to do so if they were so inclined.

Clinton suspended her campaign and endorsed Obama for the Democratic presidential nomination this month.

She has amassed a campaign debt of about $22 million, but about $12 million of that is money the New York senator loaned to the campaign herself.

Individual donors can contribute $2,300 to individual candidates.

Clinton and Obama have scheduled a joint campaign appearance Friday in Unity, New Hampshire.

Obama said Tuesday that he had spoken with Clinton by phone earlier in the day as well as on Sunday.

“We had a good conversation,” he said. “We’re looking forward to seeing each other tomorrow and campaigning on Friday.”


4 Responses

  1. Wow, you really have a distorted view of politics if you think liberals are the ones who steal from the rich and give to the poor. Please do more research, because it is the Republicans who consistently pass policies giving breaks to millionaires and huge corporations while neglecting the middle and working class. And Barack Obama is no more rich than almost all of the Republican Senators, he just recently came into money and that was from the book he wrote. He grew up poor just like a large portion of the country. Hillary on the other hand, yeah, she’s rich.

  2. Far from distored AJ. First of all I never said the liberals steal from the rich and give to the pore. The liberals steal from the poor and give to themselves.
    Second, Tax breaks for the rich benefit the poor. When companies have more profit they grow, when they grow they hire more people…
    Third, why should the rich pay a higher percentage of tax, they already pay more because they are taxed on a larger quantity of money.
    Forth, Why should a person have to pay for someone else through goverment programs. Take responsibility for yourself and you wouldn’t need handouts.
    Fifth, The tax breaks Bush put into place benefited me and my family greatly, reducing our tax liabilities by almost 10%. We are MIDDLE CLASS people. So don’t give me that crap that the tax breaks hurt the middle class of America.
    Sixth, it does not matter how long Obama has been rich, he is rich and so is Hillary and he is asking for people to contribute to reduce her lose because she over spent on her campaign.
    Seventh, Even with this kid of loss, she still is work 80 million, so screw her.
    Lastly, the point you obviously missed, this is a true representation of the liberal fiscal policy, and both Hillary and Obama have demonstrated how they will run our economy and how they will tax the hell out of every America to push their agenda forward.
    In closing, as I have said before, the liberals need people to be poor, oppressed and reliant on government funding, without those things they loose any platform they have. The Conservatives want everyone to suceed, become rich and self dependent, if every American does that, the Conservative Agenda still has purpose.
    Try doing some learning instead of just research AJ.

  3. Waste:

    1. Try using spell check in the future
    2. You’re an idiot.
    3. I love the internet. The only place where morons get to give their .2

  4. Bill, you are a typical liberal POS. Talking about idiots, did you actually read what you wrote, nothing what so ever to do with anything in the article. That is a true sign of a moron.

    And yes you gave your .2 contribution to the moron society.

    Instead of trolling try to contribute…

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