Barack Obama – Prove You Are A US Citizen

Michelle Malkin and a large chuck of the blogshere is reporting on Presidential Candidate Barack Obama’s refusal to disclose his Birth Certificate.

As it is required that a person be a Natural Born US citizen, why is Barack so unwilling to provide this basic document, one that most have to provide to get many other things in the US such as a drivers license, passport etc…

They made McCain have to go through Congress to ensure that even though both parents were US citizens and his father was Stationed on a US Military base in Central America, under military orders. The same should without apply to Barack, especially since his father is not a US Citizen.

Malkin picks up on one view that his name on the birth certificate may say Barry instead of Barack… I think something more is there… Possibly that he is listed as WHITE, not BLACK on the application… Holy shit, can you imagine if that were true… My kids are a result of mixed race, asian and caucasian… On their birth certificate applications they are listed as Caucasian… This could really hurt Baracks black vote and may expose the lies that are his life… Damn that typical white grandmother of his…

Is there something on the birth certificate that will harm him.

Jim Geraghty takes a look at longstanding blog buzz over Barack Obama’s birth certificate, which the campaign refused to release to the St. Petersburg Times in April:

We tried to obtain a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, but his campaign would not release it and the state of Hawaii does not make such records public.

Has anyone seen it? Why shouldn’t the record be in the public domain for presidential candidates?

Geraghty walks through various rumors now circulating in the wake of the Obama campaign’s birth certificate blackout, including this one:

Rumor Three: His mother did not want to name him after his father, and his birth certificate says “Barry.” Perhaps the most plausible of the rumors, as Obama was known by that name through much of his childhood and young adulthood. If true, this would spur a new round of “When Barry Became Barack” stories – a minor headache for the campaign, but hardly a major scandal.

Lest the Obama campaign start whining about this issue being an unfair “distraction,” John McCain underwent intense scrutiny of his citizenship status because of his birth in the Panama Canal zone, leading the Senate to declare him a natural-born citizen in April.


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  2. It is curious as to why no one can see it

  3. While millions in the world are illegally attempting to break into the U.S. and many of these would do nearly anything to get U.S. citizenship, I have to wonder why any U.S. citizen would balk at a request to prove that they are a U.S. citizen. I was born in the state of Oregon, I lived in the U.S. until I was 21 years old, I then went to Germany as a result of military service, I also spent 2 years in South Korea and three years in Hawaii, six months in Bosnia and six months in Haiti, I have also been ot Japan and several other European nations, I have also met many people from Eastern Europe. I haven’t found any country that I would rather live than in the U.S. Based on my own experience. I have to wonder with great disconcert, as to why Barack Obama would not want to display his true citizenship. I also have to wonder, what is he hiding?

    • he is hiding what may unfortunately be your worst nightmare. In other words,remember the soviet union, Cuba, the old iron curtain in europe, all of these systems of government COMBINED is what is life is going to be like for us.

  4. Oh, please, people, is this the best we can do as Americans interested in elected the best person president — whether you’re for McCain or Obama?

    Of all the issues our nation faces, why are so many websites, blogs and pinheads like Michelle “make it up” Malkin blowing smoke about EITHER of these honorable American men, where they were born, to whom, and what it might or might not say on a birth certificate?

    That a sitting U.S. Senator who has invested all the time and money he has into seeking the highest office in the land would suddenly be found suspect because of some obscure provision of the law or a piece of paper is beyond ludicrous.
    All this crap does is generate unnecessary noise that drowns out the real issues of this election.

  5. It is a very relevant issue considering it’s law and considering he has serious integrity issues. Let’s also consider this would be pretty ridiculous for us to have a president that isn’t a natural born citizen according to law with all of the illegal alien issues out there. GIve it time, Barack will self-destruct when the issues are actually discussed.

    Rest assured 2cents, the issues will be discussed and Barack will be seen as he is: a socialist.

  6. Funny, but, the name of the Doctor on his birth certificate shows to be a Doctor Leonard McCoy. Isn’t that the Doctor from the original Star Trek series?
    My guess is, (lol) that Obama is an alien from the Delta Quadrant!!!
    As such, he is NOT eligible to be President.

  7. all employment requires a back ground check that includes all
    information on applicant. For any federal law enforcement post
    a complete b/g on family & near relatives is conducted under the
    federal guidelines that exclude your rights to privacy. How about
    requirements for president. Why not look to this to obtain all of
    the info on this guy?

  8. ME said: “the issues will be discussed and Barack will be seen as he is: a socialist.”

    uh, really? cuz, I’m a socialist, but it doesn’t say that on MY birth certificate…

    typical pinhead smear BS here… yes, it is curious why we can’t see the document, yes he should have to prove he’s a citizen… and that has exactly squat to do with socialism… but any chance you get, toss those fear words around…

    “they might have written white on the birth cert… that PROVES he will make us lose Iraq to the terrorists and put us all in re-education farms…”

    breath into the bag a while, you’ll feel better.

  9. Wake up people, this is not about any of the B.S. everyone is shoveling here, it’s plain and simple, let’s call it black and white. It is so transparent that he has a full deck of race cards and using them all. His Ace of Spades right now is still not having to prove his birthplace. Racism! racism! your against me because I’m black and everybody backs off. He cleverly got 63 million people scared s–t of loosing the almighty dollar with his b.s. CHANGE policy and all the false promises he can’t keep. Do you pinheads know where we have been getting our money?? China at an unbelievable interest rate. Let’s take another loan from a country that would love to press the ” Start” button and microwave us all, and while you are running to the mailbox everyday looking for your free check, Russia who doesn’t like Obama already will be setting sites on a “weak nation.” Now Iran is congradulating our new president, what’s his name……oh yeah! Mydinnerwentbad…we can trust him now right??? Only the democrats would. Can you trust a country that straps on c4 explosives to there children to take out the “capitalist pigs”as we are called. If you were called on to do such and act, would you?? I suppose you now believe we are safe from terrorists with your new president! A muslim turns Christian, not on Islam’s top ten list. The problem here is you pinheads forgot 911 and it will come around and bite us in the ass. I suppose you all believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter Bunny too, I’m guessing at least the blue states.
    Wake up pinheads, rejoice now, there will be an “Obamination” of what was once a great country.


    Born on American soil – A NATURAL CITIZEN

    even if both parents were foreigners…

    One parent American Citizen? Double wammy!

    So you would rather have Nancy Polosi?????? for your president???

    Be careful what you ask for because that’s who would be taking over.

    If he is not an American citizen we should pay him double for the EXCELLENT JOB WE KNOW HE CAN DO, for his inteligence, education and knowledge of the American Constitution. We need President elect Barack Obama even if he is from Timbaktu!


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  12. So much energy! I think the issue has been over-blown, and that it distracts us from a whopper. I have just posted on this at:

  13. […] Barack Obama – Prove You Are A US Citizen « Waste Of My Oxygen // Jun 11, 2008 at 6:12 […]

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