Liberal Media In Damage Control Mode For Hillary

Well it is apparent the media is trying to minimize the damage done to Hillary since here latest lie was revealed this past weekend.

TPMCafe is trying to report that the story is not a lie and that it was proven to be true due to a youtube video of Deputy Sheriff Holman telling the story to Clinton… Well sorry but, TPM, Holman has already admitted he heard the story second hand, which make Hillary third hand at best. Remember the old telephone game… Regardless this does not make it true…


NYT’s Damaging Lie About Clinton

Hillary Clinton told one of the most heart-rending stories:  

A pregnant woman lost her baby, and then she died – all because a hospital refused to provide early treatment unless she forked up $100.

Then came the false claim that the story was not true.

The NYT has been bashing Clinton mercilessly since Obama’s Wright debacle.  As if demonizing Clinton would take attention away from yet another of Obama’s “boneheaded” moves, and level the playing field. 

This past Saturday, the NYT outdid itself.  They trounced Clinton with 4 hit pieces.  While Obama got a warm, fuzzy, “stumping in PA” article.

One of the articles repeated the claims that the hospital story was false. 

The article by Deborah Sontag is prominently positioned at the right of the page.

The Washington Post researched the claim, and reported that Clinton had told the truth.

And here is a You Tube video of Deputy Sheriff Holman telling the story to Clinton:

I assumed that the NYT would act immediately to do the right thing.

To rectify the harm done to the Clinton campaign by by their damaging article.  That Clinton is not a birdbrain running around PA making up crap.

Today, I fully expected to see a high visibility piece stating that Clinton had told the truth.

That article did not appear.

Apparently, misinforming their readers is OK when it comes to the Clintons

ABCNews takes it further and tries to make excuses for the story and that it was fundementally true… Sorry it is either true or false. In this case it is false. It was a lie, the Clinton camp did not do due diligence to determine whether or not the story held up… The title of the story says a lot…

The New York Times had a real attention-grabbing story over the weekend  indicating that Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, had been irritating an Ohio hospital by telling a false story about a poor, pregnant woman denied health care.

“The hospital said, ‘Well, you don’t have insurance,'” Clinton said. “She said, ‘No, I don’t.’ They said, ‘Well, we can’t see you until you give $100.’ She said, ‘Where am I going to get $100?’ The next time she came back to the hospital, she came in an ambulance,” Mrs. Clinton continued. “She was in distress. The doctors and the nurses worked on her and couldn’t save the baby.”

The Times reported that the woman in question was Trina Bachtel.

“Since Ms. Bachtel’s baby died at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital, the story implicitly and inaccurately accuses that hospital of turning her away, said Ms. (Linda) Weiss, the spokeswoman for O’Bleness Memorial said. Instead, the O’Bleness health care system treated her, both at the hospital and at the affiliated River Rose Obstetrics and Gynecology practice, Ms. Weiss said.”

Because O’Bleness so harsly assailed the story, it has been treated like the whole story Clinton told was false, and it has fed into a meme — started by her Bosnia sniper tale — of her being less than truthful.

But a closer examination of the story Clinton was originally told indicates that while Clinton erred slightly in relaying the tragic tale, that doesn’t mean it’s not fundamentally true. On that, the jury is still out.


Clinton was first told the story of Trina Bachtel by an Ohio sheriff’s deputy, Bryan Holman.

The website NoQuaterUSA today pointed out what Holman’s full story was — and his full story is significant.

On Youtube one can watch the video of Holman telling Clinton the story.

“I’d like to tell you the story of a young woman I know that didn’t have health insurance,” he says. “She worked in a little pizza place around here and she was pregnant worked for minimum wage. She went to the hospital. And the hospital told her she needed $100 up front, which she didn’t have of course didn’t make a lot of money . So they had billed her a couple of times for it. And uh, after getting pregnant she went back, like I say, she went back again, they told her she needed $100 she didn’t have . So they refused to see her because she had a bill and stuff and been there before.”

Here’s the key: Holman then tells Clinton that Bachtel (whom he doesn’t name) then went to another hospital — and that one would presumably be O’Bleness Memorial.

“So she went to another local hospital,” he says. “And they seen her and stopped her labor and told her to come back in two days. Well, before she got back within those two days her baby died. So they life-flighted her to Co – to a hospital in Columbus and within 15 days she died. And they come to find out that they had misdiagnosed what the problem was. And it was a smaller hospital, didn’t have the needs to take care of what she needed at that time.”

In other words, the hospital that denied Bachtel the coverage was not O’Bleness Memorial.

The larger point, says Holman to Clinton: “her family and them think that if she’d had good insurance and stuff and she was taken care of at the first hospital of course that had the medical means to take care of her that her and her baby of course would still be here. Its just you know the health insurance thing really needs to be addressed for people who you know work for minimum wage and different things.”

After which Clinton says, “I hear so many stories like that. People without insurance are more likely to be die than people with insurance.”


The (Ohio) Daily Sentinel  on August 5, 2007, printed an obituary for Trina Bachtel’s stillborn son, Tray Dean Hutton, who was stillborn on August 1, 2007 at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio.

Another Senitenl obit shows that Bachtel herself died at OSU Medical Center in Columbus.

The first question is what was the first hospital Trina Bachtel went to? It wasn’t O’Bleness — but Clinton never said it was. She told the story imprecisely — sloppily, even — but that doesn’t make its general point untrue.

The second question is why was Bachtel denied medical care at that first hospital?

I’m trying to find out more about this story — it’s not always easy when health records are involved, not to mention a grieving family who may already have some issues with the media.But I will try, and report back to you what I find out.– jpt



Fox seems to be the only agency able to get any facts regarding the actual story

Clinton said she heard the story from Meigs County Deputy Sheriff Bryan Holman during a visit to Pomeroy, before the March 4 Ohio primary.

In a March 26 phone interview with The Associated Press, Holman said he had told Clinton the story in essentially the same way she was retelling it in her speeches. He said he knew the Bachtel story only second hand, and lacked several details.

The AP then spoke with Bachtel’s aunt, Susie Casto of Middleport, who helped raise the woman. She said Bachtel, who worked at a pizza parlor, did in fact have health insurance when she and her baby died.

But at an earlier time, Casto said, Bachtel lacked health insurance and ran up unpaid bills when treated at a clinic near her home in Middleport. When she returned for treatment when pregnant, the clinic demanded $100 per visit to help retire the outstanding debt, Casto said.

Because Bachtel could not afford the fees and found it difficult to travel, her aunt said, she postponed receiving treatment. Bachtel eventually went to O’Bleness, about 30 miles to the north, for attention.

Casto declined to name the clinics or hospitals involved, and said she felt medical professionals did all they could to save Bachtel and her unborn child.
Pomeroy has about 2,000 residents and two medical clinics. One is affiliated with O’Bleness, the other is the Holzer Clinic, part of a nine-facility chain.

O’Bleness Health System spokeswoman Lynn Anastos said Monday that Bachtel was not a patient at their Pomeroy facility and “she would not have been turned away for lack of payment” if she had sought treatment there.

Holzer associate administrator Jim Blevins said his company has no record of Bachtel being a patient for the past five years. About half of Holzer’s patients are “charity cases,” he said, and the company tries to work out payment schedules with those who fall behind on their bills.

In some cases, Blevins said, Holzer clinics place “credit restrictions” on patients believed to be able but unwilling to pay their bills. That would not apply to patients needing immediate or emergency care, he said.

Clinton erred in telling audiences that the Ohio woman lacked insurance when seeking help for her troubled pregnancy. But according to Casto’s account, Bachtel’s medical tragedy began with circumstances very close to the essence of Clinton’s now-abandoned account: the lack of insurance created a $100 barrier to needed medical attention close to home.


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