Democrat Changes Since 2006

I had an interesting coversation last night with a liberal friend. Ultimately, he is not happy with the direction the country has taken. I asked him what it is specifically he is unhappy about. Here is a short list of things he came up with. (Not in order of importance)

  • The fact that we have troops still in Iraq
  • The cost of gasoline
  • The housing market, both the increase in foreclosures and the falling market
  • The fact that most Americans do not have health insurance
  • The unemployment rate
  • The fact that consumer confidence is at a record low
  • The state of the stock market

Well I will give you one guess on who he blames for all these problems… That’s right George Bush and the Republican Party.

I remember when the country elected a Democrat controlled Congress in 2006, since then all of these things have gotten worse. I wonder if this is the change Obama is talking about. Or is this how Democrats are progressive as Hillary likes to tout herself to be.

Americans need to look at what has changed over the past couple of years and determine what the real cause of the problem is.

As I like to tell people, Liberals need people to be down and out, if they are not down and out, then they have nothing to campaign on. They need to keep people poor and repressed for their own survival.


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  1. Perfect title for this blog.

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