Hillary’s Lies About Uninsured Pregnant Woman’s Death

Camp Hillary has had to make another retraction for another story that she has been spreading, that is false. Under Sniper Fire from O’Bleness Mermorial Hospital in Athens, OH, Hillary’s story of an uninsured pregnant woman who was refused medical care by the hospital, resulting in the death of the mother and child, proves to be more lies. Now the camp says this does not negate the point she was making. No what it does is make her a liar once again and shows the American people that she cannot be trusted to tell the truth.

What the true story shows is tragedy happens even to those that do have health insurance.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign has said the Democratic presidential candidate is going to stop using a story about an uninsured pregnant woman in Ohio who died because a hospital turned her away.

Clinton has been telling the tale for about five weeks, and first heard it from Meigs County, Ohio, sheriff’s deputy Bryan Holman, who was taped relaying the account to the New York senator.

“She was pregnant and worked for minimum wage. She went to the hospital, and the hospital told her she needs a hundred dollars up front, which she didn’t have. So they billed her a couple of times for it, and she went back again, she didn’t have a hundred dollars so they refused to see her,” Holman said to an attentive Clinton.

Since then, Clinton has been repeating the story on the trail.

“We heard a story this morning in Palmeroy that, you know, really was tragic, about a young woman who worked in the pizza parlor, who was pregnant. Went to the hospital, not a hospital in Meigs County, they don’t have one anymore, but in a neighboring county, and was asked for a hundred dollars before she could be seen,” Clinton said, holding faithfully to the narrative.

Clinton then goes on to say, “Something went wrong with her pregnancy so she got rushed to the hospital and the baby died. Then she got airlifted to Columbus and 15 days later she died.”

The part about Trina Bechtel’s death is accurate. She died two weeks after her baby was still-born.

But officials at O’Bleness Memorial Hospital in Athens, Ohio, say Bechtel was being treated at an affiliated practice prior to her complications, and she did have insurance. They also expressed frustration that Clinton’s campaign never called to verify the story, which the campaign said was being used to relay the treacherous state of health care in America.

Hospital officials have asked that Clinton stop telling the story, which the campaign agreed to do. It was not in a speech Clinton gave Saturday. In her accounts, Clinton did not ever mention the hospital by name.

Clinton campaign officials say they had no reason to doubt Holman, who said he made an honest mistake.

But coming on the heels of Clinton’s story about landing in Bosnia under sniper fire — which turned out to be a gross exaggeration — Clinton’s failure to fact-check has some questioning whether her inaccuracies could come back to haunt her.

Trustworthiness is an important characteristic to voters. A Gallup poll three weeks ago found that 67 percent of voters said John McCain was “honest and trustworthy” and 63 percent said the same of Barack Obama. Clinton’s number was 44 percent.


4 Responses

  1. Sorry to disappoint your pathology here, but the story isn’t false, and thus by consequence…Your story is false.

    Clinton didn’t lie about the story. Holman didn’t lie about the story, and you obviously don’t fact check your articles.

    I did fact check it and it wasn’t O’Bleness that turned here away, nor did Holman (thus Clinton either) say that O’Bleness turned Bachtel away.

    It was Holzer Medical center that wasn’t going to give her prenatal care because she owed a bill previously.

    Get your facts straight and make sure you keep up with recalled articles. The Washington Post and the NYTimes have already addressed this story with the new evidence.

  2. BigKahuna, as usual the liberals in the world, such as yourself keep trying to pass on the lies…
    First off, it is good you acknowledge that Clinton is a disease. However my blog post is not a pathology, it is an analysis.

    As for retraction, where, this story is still all over the news on the internet.

    Lets look at your “facts”
    Clinton lied about the facts, not the story, right off the bat, Trina had medical insurace.
    Holman did not lie about the story, he did not include all the information because he did not know it because he heard it second had.
    Clinton, should have checked the story out since she was hearing it third hand.
    As for Holzer Medical Center, do some research, it was Holzer Clincs, which is a private doctors firm. They are a buisiness not a hospital. A Hospital CANNOT refues care.
    Additionally she was being charged the $100 fee for past due balances, not for the current service.
    Lastly She received medical care, insurance or not, from O’Bleness, thus the basis of Clintons story is false and that makes it a lie.

    In case you do not understand what Clinton was saying,
    An Uninsured pregnant woman was denied Medical Care at a Hospital and due to that, she and her unborn child died.

    The fact of the matter is that an Insured pregnant woman who owed money to a private clinic was asked to pay a small amount of past due amount, she refused and went to a Hospital where she received the medical care.

    The key is that she had insurance and received care at the Hospital.
    God you are a dumbass

  3. Oh by the way for you fact checking crusade…





    Notice the dates on these articles, they are after this post.

    PS, My story cannot be a lie, as it is commentary, opinion, based on an article by FoxNews.

    Opinions cannot be lies you idiot.

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