Venezuela Inflation Rate Could Hit 30% in 2008

Hugo Chavez’s control of Venezuela’s economy sucks. His pouring of huge amounts of money into social programs is starting to show major signs of backlash. For 2007, Venezuelan’s saw a 22.5% inflation rate and experts are predicting that to hit 30% for 2008.

So much for helping the people of Venezuela, hyperinflation is going to force them become capitalists… oh what a shame for Hugo, oh wait he really is a capitalist at heart…

If he cannot do something soon to fix his economy he may not make it to the next election, which he cannot run in anyways…

But I bet in a few days he will come out with out the Devil George Bush is responsible for the inflation explosion in his country…

Venezuela Vows to Fight High Inflation

CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) — President Hugo Chavez will make curbing double-digit inflation a top priority this year as he aims to slow the highest consumer price increases in Latin America, Venezuela’s new finance minister said on Monday.

The government intends to slash annual inflation by half to 11 percent in 2008, Minister Rafael Isea announced — a target many economists see as unreachable given high government spending.

“We hope to achieve this objective without sacrificing the well-being of the Venezuelan people in any manner,” Isea told a press conference, without disclosing any specific anti-inflationary measures.

Annual inflation soared to 22.5 percent in 2007, according to the Central Bank — the highest official rate in the region and well above Venezuela’s 12 percent target.

As record oil prices drove 8.4 percent economic growth, Chavez pumped billions of dollars into social programs for the poor, driving consumer prices higher despite state-imposed price controls on hundreds of products.

Chavez, who appointed Isea amid other changes to his Cabinet last week, called for renewed efforts for “fighting and finally defeating inflation.”

But some analysts expect inflation to reach 30 percent in 2008, as high oil prices allow Chavez to continue spending, said Pedro Palma, an economist at the IESA business school in Caracas.

“It appears oil prices will continue rising, and that could generate additional revenue for the government that would allow it to maintain an expansive spending policy,” he said, doubting that the government would trim spending.

Other anti-inflationary options, such as adjusting currency exchange restrictions or lifting price controls, could be counterproductive, he said.

Currency controls imposed in 2003 restrict access to U.S. dollars, forcing many businesses to buy imports with black market cash at more than twice the official exchange rate, which is fixed at $1 to 2.15 strong bolivars.

Chavez’s administration launched the new “strong bolivar” currency on Jan. 1, cutting three zeros off previous denominations to boost confidence in the currency. It has consistently denied any plans to devalue.

“The government is going to try to maintain the exchange rate at 2.15 — not just to give the perception of the new currency’s strength, but also because adjusting the rate would mean additional inflationary pressure,” Palma said.


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    By Jimmy Carter
    January 9, 2008 |
    The Onion Issue 44•02
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