Hamas Uses Humanitarian Sugar Sacks To Smuggle Potassium Nitrate

Israeli Security forces confiscated 6.5 tons of Potassium Nitrate at a West Bank check point. The shipment was headed to Gaza. This clearly shows that links between the two are still in effect and that their is little crack down on terrorist activities by Abbas’ government. The link to Fatah is not so weak. Abbas needs to come down harder and lock up some terrorists otherwise Fatah will be taking over the West Bank next…

Now what is more important is that this Potassium Nitrate was hidden in sacks of sugar from the EU which were suppose to be for humanitarian aid. Israel has been criticized before for delays in humanitarian aid, shoot at vehicles which were supposedly humanitarian aid, too many checkpoints that make the lives of Palestinians harder, etc… The point being is that Israel has a damn good reason for it, the terrorists use these vehicles as a means to a terrorist end.

6.5 tons of Potassium Nitrate used for bombs seized by Israelis hidden as EU Sugar aid in West Bank

Comment by Jerry Gordoneu-sugar-sack.jpgIsraeli security forces seized 6.5 tons of Potassium Nitrate hidden in EU Sugar sacks on their way to Gaza at a West Bank check point. Do you really believe that Hamas has a sweet tooth? Nope. The Potassium Nitrate in the EU sugar sacks was intended as bomb and rocket making materials.Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center, December 29, 2007The Israeli security forces seized six and a half tons of potassium nitrate at a West Bank crossing a few weeks ago. The chemical is used in the homemade explosives industry. It was hidden in European Union sugar sacks and sent to terrorists in the Gaza Strip. 

In a combined IDF-Israeli Security Agency operation carried out a few weeks ago at a West Bank crossing , a truck was seized carrying six and a half tons of potassium nitrate . The chemical was camouflaged as a shipment of sugar sacks bearing the inscription “ EEC2 sugar exported from E.U. ” and intended for terrorist operatives in the Gaza Strip .

Potassium nitrate and sugar are two of the basic components for manufacturing explosives for charges and rockets. The manufacturing process is simple and the terrorist organizations prepare them widely in homemade laboratories. As an explosive component, it is forbidden by Israel to import potassium nitrate into Judea, Samaria and the Gaza Strip , with the result that the terrorist organizations use various methods to smuggle it in. 1

The incident shows how the terrorist organizations cynically exploit the humanitarian aid sent to the civilian populace by international organizations to smuggle materials used in the production of weapons into the Gaza Strip. A senior EU official responded by saying that the Union was examining the Israeli claim and “if it is found to be accurate, this an illegal act that should be condemned” (Reuters, Jerusalem , December 29).

For example, the Egyptian security forces recently detained Mahdi Salim abu Frij, who lives near the border after they found more than half a ton of explosives and 1.2 tons of potassium nitrate in his house. He admitted that the materials had been smuggled into the Gaza Strip via tunnels (Jerusalem Post, December 26, 2007).


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  1. This is an old trick,,, happens all the time all over the world, aid never get’s to its intended recipients… I don’t understand why we keep trying.. it is insanity.
    Try and convince a lib of that though…

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