New England Patriots – Sweet Sixteen

Not a normal post for me, however The New England Patriots Break Records…

All in all both teams played like it was a playoff game giving it everything they had, but…

Pats suffered they biggest fall behind this season with a twelve point spread in the third… 

The Pat’s defense sucked for the first three quarters, however they took over on the fourth…

Brady kept his cool through the whole game, while under immense pressure, unlike Manning

What a fourth quarter… Brady under pressure, defense with the interception… Manning under pressure folds… Giant’s kicking team blows the onside kick due to the Pat’s attack on the Giants…

Brady kept his offense on line through most of the game, and in then end of the third and into the fourth showed the world what the Patriots are about… The passing game in the fourth

Here we come 19-0 at the Super Bowl…

  • First Team to Win 15 Regulary season games
  • First Team to Win 16 Regulary season games
  • League’s single season point scoring
  • Fourth team to go undefeated in regular season games
  • Brady breaks record with Touch Down Passes
  • Moss breas record with Touch Down Receptions 



Yahoo Sports


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  1. love them i would stick with them even if they were 0-16

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