I´m stuck in Folsom prison, and time keeps draggin´ on …

Jihad recruitment in state and federal prisons is a problem, a problem that our liberal media hides away. The recent Dix Six case was hit with this, because those that are in prison are accused of spreading Jihad propoganda… This goes one step further in that the primary actor was running outside operations from within his cell…

Well ACT has more on this problem…

Here’s a follow up story on the conviction of the Folsom prison Jihadis we posted from the New Zealand Herald, courtesy of ACT board of adviser member, Bob Spencer at Jihad Watch. This news story is indicative of the rampant growth of radical Islamic converts in both state and federal prisons in major states like California and New York. Parolees and former convicted felons, jail house converts to Islam are easy recruits for Jaamat ul Fuqra that runs a network of 45 paramilitary training camps across the US and Canada. Congress ought to be investigating why taxpayer funds are being used to convert and train jihadis while doing time in the ‘big house’.

Jihad Watch, December 25, 2007

“According to a 2005 federal indictment, [Kevin Lamar] James directed the plotters from his cell.”

More on this story, and the consequences of prison dawa in southern California. “Turning to US jails to recruit for the jihad,” by Peter Huck for the New Zealand Herald:

It all started with a mobile phone, dropped at a petrol station robbery in Torrance, California, in July 2005.

“Through the phone we came up with a name, a residence and the location of the suspects,” says Torrance police officer Dave Crespin.

“We arrested the suspects and conducted a search warrant on an apartment in South Los Angeles.”

There had been a string of robberies in the area, mostly with the same MO; a getaway driver and another with a shotgun. But once on the premises detectives realised this was far bigger than a robbery and contacted the FBI.

The apartment, rented by suspects Levar Hanley Washington, a prison parolee, and Gregory Patterson, who had no criminal record, contained a trove of incriminating material that allegedly suggested the hapless robbers aspired to become terrorists.

Among material used to charge the men and two accomplices was a handwritten document called “Blueprint 2005″, which cited eight tasks, such as obtaining silencers for pistols and bombs that can be activated from a distance. Another document, “Modes of Attack”, listed local targets.

The investigation led to California’s New Folsom Prison and the cell of Kevin Lamar James, where investigators found the draft of a sinister press release.

Titled “Notoriety Moves”, it outlined violent jihad in Southern California, and was allegedly due to be disseminated after the attacks began.

“This incident is the first in a series of incidents to come in a plight to defend and propagate traditional Islam in its purity,” it read. “Sincere Muslims” were advised to avoid targets, including Jewish and non-Jewish supporters of an Israeli state.

Possible targets included a military recruitment office and National Guard facilities, synagogues, the Israeli consulate, the El Al desk at Los Angeles International Airport, and a mysterious “Campsite of Zion”.

“Their plans were to enter either a recruiting facility or a synagogue and shoot as many people as possible before fleeing,” says US attorney Gregory Staples, who helped to prosecute the case.

Last week James, 30, and Washington, 29, pleaded guilty in a Californian court to conspiring “to wage war against the Government of the United States through terrorism”.

The plot allegedly started with the creation of JIS.

In 103 pages of handwritten text, some of it in Arabic, James set out the JIS protocols for followers. They are advised to demonstrate “obedience to established authority” and to be “esoteric or clandestine” in their activities. They also had a duty to attack infidels, including Israel and the US.

Washington, serving time in Folsom for assault and robbery, was recruited to JIS by James, his cellmate, in 2004.

Patterson was also a convert. According to a 2005 federal indictment, James directed the plotters from his cell. Their plans began to heat up in 2004 after Washington was paroled.

He subsequently recruited Patterson, with whom he attended a LA mosque, and Samana, making them swear allegiance to JIS. Authorities say Washington planned to finance the plot by robbing gas stations. Ten were hit. Samana allegedly researched the Modes of Attack targets.

“At the time of their arrest, it appeared they were on the verge of staging an attack here in Los Angeles,” said Thomas O’Brien, the US Attorney in Los Angeles. “An untold number of lives may have been saved when this terrorist cell was dismantled.”

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Hillary’s Military Healthcare Coverage

Fact check brings to the front an ad by the Clinton camp that shows her for the liar she is… Playing on those that do not know better, Clinton tries to grab votes by presenting herself as the champion for our military (National Guard and Reservists) and falsely claiming thanks to her they have health care.

Exaggerating Help for Troops
Clinton falsely claims guardsmen and reservists didn’t have health insurance before she went to work.
In a recent ad, Clinton claims members of the National Guard and military Reserve didn’t have health insurance until she and a GOP colleague took action.

We find the ad misleading. In fact, active-duty Guard and Reserve troops already were covered by federal insurance, and four out of five non-active-duty guardsmen and reservists already were covered by their civilian employers or other sources.
Clinton did help expand and enhance health care coverage for reservists but can’t claim credit for creating coverage where none existed, as this ad implies.

The ad, called “Guard,” began airing statewide in New Hampshire on Dec. 17. It places Hillary Clinton alongside glowing images of men and women in uniform and lays her voice over soaring, patriotic strains. But, beneath all of the glitz, there’s a misleading claim.

Hillary Clinton For President Ad: “Guard”

Clinton: You would think that after all the sacrifices and service of the National Guard and Reserve protecting our country, they would have had health insurance. But they didn’t.

So I reached across the aisle and worked for three years with Senator Lindsey Graham, a Republican, to change that. Now every member of the Guard and Reserve has access to the health coverage they need.

I’ve learned if you want to get things done, you have to know when to stand your ground and when to find common ground. I’m Hillary Clinton and I approve this message.

Guarding the Guard

Clinton says, “You would think that … National Guard and Reserve … would have had health insurance. But they didn’t.”

That’s not exactly true. First of all, long before Clinton became a senator, members of the National Guard and Reserve were covered  by federal health insurance while on active duty and for a period thereafter. So were their dependents. As for those not on active duty, four out of five were covered by health insurance through their civilian employers, their spouse or some other source, according to a 2000 survey by the Department of Defense.

It is certainly true that Clinton was among those pushing to expand and improve federal coverage for reservists while they’re not on active duty. But it’s just wrong to say the National Guard and Reserve didn’t have health insurance, because the large majority did.

Clinton can claim credit for joining a number of House and Senate members in working on 2003 legislation that expanded reservists’ temporary military health care coverage from 60 days to 180 days after active service. That coverage – called the Transitional Assistance Management Program (TAMP) – provides reservists with military health care (or TRICARE) immediately after they are taken off of active duty status. 

It’s also true, as Clinton states in the ad, that she worked with Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and with other senators. And as a result, in 2005, Congress mandated a new form of military health care called TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) which gives those in the Selected Reserve a component of the Ready Reserve an opportunity to purchase TRICARE health coverage when not on active duty. 

Clinton would have been correct to say “some didn’t” have health insurance. She even would be justified in saying that, before her efforts, guardsmen and reservists “didn’t have adequate health insurance.” That’s an opinion with which many would agree. But by falsely claiming that “they didn’t” have health insurance, she gives herself more credit than the facts support.

– by Emi Kolawole