Black Support For Ron Paul

Previously it was revealed that Ron Paul had accepted donations from Stormfront’s White Supremisist leader Don Black… Well now a couple of pictures from the Event in Florida have surfaced with Ron Paul and his Black support… Don and Derek Black… This photo op is more damning than Hillary’s Arafat shoot…

Ron Paul’s Photo-Op with Stormfront

Thu, Dec 20, 2007 at 3:53:50 pm PST

An LGF reader emailed this photograph, showing Ron Paul at the Values Voters Presidential Debate in Fort Lauderdale on September 17, 2007. Immediately to Paul’s left: Don Black, the owner of neo-Nazi hate site Stormfront. If anyone knows who the creepy guy in the hat is, please post a comment.

Update: it’s Derek Black, Don’s son.

UPDATE at 12/20/07 5:17:22 pm:

Here’s another picture from the same event, showing Ron Paul signing an autograph for Derek Black:

UPDATE at 12/20/07 9:48:41 pm:

And if you’re wondering where these photos came from, here’s the source: Stormfront. (Google redirect page.) They were apparently taken by Stormfront member Jamie Kelso, with a Canon PowerShot SD1000 camera.

Note that Paul has refused to relinquish the donation from Don Black and actually recently defended his stance on keeping it…
It would appear to me that Ron Paul is trying to play popular anti-Israel card to gain votes… He must see this lobby as the main stream voting group right now…


11 Responses

  1. you do realize that people walk up all the time to presidential candidates at such events to make a picture with them ???

    how in the world is dr. paul supposed to check the background of everybody who walks up to him and shakes his hand ??

  2. Unknowingly signing an autograph for a fascist at a public event does not make Ron Paul a fascist.

    Smearing the one candidate in this campaign who is against war, censorship, torture, and dictatorship — well, what does that make you?

  3. Typical Liberal Apologists.
    Don Black is well know first of all especially amongst the south of the country…
    He is one of the most promenant White Supremicists still running around. That would be like saying he did not know who David Dukes is.
    Second of all, as I stated Ron Paul has refused to get rid of the donation made by the Blacks.
    He has had 3 months to do so and he not only refuses, but tries to justify why he is keeping the money.
    Unfortunately the liberal demographic in this country wants to believe Paul, however I find that the more I read about him, the more phoney he sounds.

  4. All three of the top Democrats running have said that there is no way they could or would pull the troops out of Iraq until their second term in 2013. That is insane…

    It is not only Iraq though. Paul wants to pull troops out across the world.

    The U.S. population is only 1/25 of the world’s population, yet we spend 80% of the entire world’s military budget.

    We have troops in 130 different countries!


    We still have 50,000 troops in Japan! 40,000 troops in Korea! 75,000 + in Germany! This is insanity and it is bankrupting America!

    Down with the military-industrial complex!

    Go Ron Paul!

    Champion of the Constitution!

  5. I encourage everyone to support Paul – whether you are racist, communist, fascist, poor, stupid, honest, decent, or average.

    Paul is running for President of the USA. I doubt he over-estimates the powerful voting block that is the white supremesist. I’m sure that the reason he is absorbing this flak is because he believes it is the right thing to do. How many other candidates would take a hit because it was the right thing to do. It is an honor to support Paul. I rejoice at the ability to cast my ballot for such an honest, decent, and wise man.

  6. Well, the New York Times just apologized to Ron Paul for lying about his racial connections.

    By the way, I hope he continues to keep that money. Don Black paid to slander Ron Paul because he doesn’t like Paul’s message of “Liberty for ALL.” After weeks of being slurred falsely by the media, Ron deserves that $500!

  7. OMG… he’s not anti-Israel! Where are you people getting this information? Sean Hannity?

    Ron Paul says Israel is losing its sovereignty to us!

    People, stop fighting the truth. YOU are ruining this country.

  8. Tracy, open your eyes.
    The Times did not apologies for it, that is a flat out lie. They atmost corrected that is was Don Black and not Stormfront (Black’s bastard child organization) that gave Paul the money.
    Secondly Black did not give it to him to slander him because he does not like his message, he loves Paul’s message of returning to the original constitution. That would in effect negate the freedom of Blacks, unless states created individual laws to ban slavery.
    Paul has repeatedly opposed Federal control over anything not expicitly stated in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights, he wants these to be controlled by the states…
    Right or wrong in his views, people like Black would love to see that happen as that would open the door for them…
    As for your thought that Israel is losing its sovereignty to us, wrong again, he wants to completely withdraw our forces and money from the whole world, starting with the Middle East. That will lead the way to all out war, the last time the US held such an isolationist stance, led to WWII, perhaps if the US had been more involved earlier, the conquest of Hitler through Europe would have been minimalized and perhaps the depth of the Holocaust would not have been reached…
    The same goes for the Middle East, an isolationist stance will lead to an escalation in violence, rogue nations such as Iran having nukes, Syria with full production Chemical and Biological weapons, and maybe a revitalization of Al Qaeda with central command moving from the caves of Afghanistan/Pakistan to Baghdad…
    It is those like yourself that are blind to the truth that are ruining this country.

  9. BTW, all Paul had to do to avoid the criticism he is getting for taking money from a racist pig like Black, was to to give it back as soon as it was publically known. It is Paul’s continued obstanence and refusal to reject Black’s donation that has brought this about. It is his own doing not Don Blacks, Stormfront, the media or anyone who is forcing this to be addressed. It is Ron Paul’s Fault plain and simple

  10. Clearly, they are trying to smear Ron Paul. Do you really think white nationalists or Nazis would expose one of their own this early in an election campaign if he were running for president? No!!!!
    They would keep this a secret and gain power through the elective political system, just like the Nazis did in Germany.
    Ron Paul spoke during the debate and made clear his opposition to federal drug laws that incarcerate many minority males unfairly. None of the Republicans or Democrats even addressed that issue, including Obama who loves to talk about his drug use. But if he were poor and living right here in the South Bronx, his ass would be locked up for years. Now why didn’t Obama address the unfairness of federal drug law? Perhaps because he’s does not think about poor minorities.
    And who the hell is Don Black??? Is he a household name like Oprah? I didn’t know who that cretin was. If he was a fool to think that Ron Paul could be bought for only $500 dollars, then he does not deserve his money back to use for his evil purposes.

  11. Uh, Maria. Obama didn’t address Drug War insanity because it could jeopardize his endorsement from the prison guard union. You know, those agents of change in the prison system.

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