Jihad Islami Leadership Slammed By Israel Strikes

Israeli response to rocket attacks from Palestinian territories have resulted in the elimination of 11 Jihad Islami chiefs in their top command, missile squads and weapons manufacturing. This offensive is based on the 2300 missiles that have been launched into Israel over the past year. A number the liberal media does not want you to hear.

This latest targeting by Israel has been very well executed with minimal collateral damage… Another fact that the liberal media does not want you to hear…

Jihad Islami had threatened Israel with suicide attacks in retaliation for the killing of its chiefs… Funny, it is ok of them to fire missiles into Israel, however when Israel responds to said attacks, then they threaten suicide bombs… Why doesn’t the rest of the world wake up and see these terrorist groups for what they really are… and in other news Hamas has issued a call for suiced attacks against Israeli, oddly enough Debka recently revealed Hamas’ new suiced squad that was debuted at Hamas’ anniversary party…

 At least two operatives killed, several wounded after Kerem Shalom communities sustain heavy Palestinian missile-mortar attack, placing medical services in southwest Negev on high alert. Jihad Islami threatens suicide attacks against Israeli border communities after losing 11 of its chiefs overnight.

Military sources report the Israeli military acting on precise intelligence was instructed to target three Jihad leadership levels: the top command, missile squads and weapons fabrication. A total of 2,350 missiles and mortars were fired from Gaza in 2007, double the 2006 figure.

Overnight, Majd al Harzin, head of Qassam production, and two more Jihad members died in the first Israel air strike of their car in Sheikh Redwan, Gaza City. A second car was bombed in the Sheikh Ajlin district, leaving Karim Dahduah, head of Gaza’s Jihad military arm and his aide dead. Three more Jihad operatives on their way to missile attacks were killed in third attack in Jebalya, further north.

Hamas calls on all Palestinian factions to mobilize for vengeance against Israel after the Iran-backed terrorist group vowed revenge, including suicide attacks in Israel.

Another three armed Palestinians, including senior Jihad chief in northern West Bank, died in a firefight with an Israeli arresting unit at Kabatia, outside Jenin. Eleven wanted Palestinian terrorists were detained.

Israel has filed a complaint against Palestinian terrorist attacks with the United Nations.


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