The Dead Zone – Ethanol’s Contribution To The Environment

Not long ago, there was a report that alternative fuels such as ethanol could worsen “global warming” in that they produce high concetrations of nitrogen, which is worse than CO2… Now a new report indicates that the recent surge in corn production to create Ethanol, is in fact expanding an oxygen zone in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Dead Zone is the result of runoff nitgrogen from fertilizer that is forcing oxygen out of an area of the water and the sealife there is dying. This could create not only a detrimental effect on the “global warming” problem, but an ecological genocide will occur. How far will this Dead Zone expand? Will it grow exponentially? What will be the impact on other ecological systems when the native sealife dies off completely? What affect will this have on Algae in the area and what will the reduced C02/O2 exchange rate have on the globe? (Note the article only mentions how when Algae rots it sucks of O2, but they are not factoring in the loss of living Algae removing C02 from the air and generating 02)

So this is really a triple wammy of nitrogen… There is the runoff from production of cornm then there is the generation of nitrous oxide during combustion and finally the killing of Alqae which would have the ability to reduce Nitrogen polution… 

Those liberal environmentalist really know how to save the planet from “Global Warming”

How about using the natural growth of Algae to generate BioFuels… Oh wait that would cut into the profits of farmers that are already being subsidized by our government…

I bet this is something Al Gore and his cronies do not want you to read about anytime soon, at least not until his stock in these alternative fuels goes way up…

JEFFERSON, Iowa – Because of rising demand for ethanol, American farmers are growing more corn than at any time since World War II. And sea life in the Gulf of Mexico is paying the price.

The nation’s corn crop is fertilized with millions of pounds of nitrogen-based fertilizer. And when that nitrogen runs off fields in Corn Belt states, it makes its way to the Mississippi River and eventually pours into the Gulf, where it contributes to a growing “dead zone” — a 7,900-square-mile patch so depleted of oxygen that fish, crabs and shrimp suffocate.

The dead zone was discovered in 1985 and has grown fairly steadily since then, forcing fishermen to venture farther and farther out to sea to find their catch. For decades, fertilizer has been considered the prime cause of the lifeless spot.

With demand for corn booming, some researchers fear the dead zone will expand rapidly, with devastating consequences.

“We might be coming close to a tipping point,” said Matt Rota, director of the water resources program for the New Orleans-based Gulf Restoration Network, an environmental group. “The ecosystem might change or collapse as opposed to being just impacted.”

Environmentalists had hoped to cut nitrogen runoff by encouraging farmers to apply less fertilizer and establish buffers along waterways. But the demand for the corn-based fuel additive ethanol has driven up the price for the crop, which is selling for about $4 per bushel, up from a little more than $2 in 2002.

That enticed American farmers — mostly in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota — to plant more than 93 million acres of corn in 2007, the most since 1944. They substituted corn for other crops, or made use of land not previously in cultivation.

Farmer: ‘Try to be a good steward’
Corn is more “leaky” than crops such as soybean and alfalfa — that is, it absorbs less nitrogen per acre. The prime reasons are the drainage systems used in corn fields and the timing of when the fertilizer is applied.

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that up to 210 million pounds of nitrogen fertilizer enter the Gulf of Mexico each year. Scientists had no immediate estimate for 2007, but said they expect the amount of fertilizer going into streams to increase with more acres of corn planted.

“Corn agriculture practices release a lot of nitrogen,” said Donald Scavia, a University of Michigan professor who has studied corn fertilizer’s effect on the dead zone. “More corn equals more nitrogen pollution.”

Farmers realize the connection between their crop and problems downstream, but with the price of corn soaring, it doesn’t make sense to grow anything else. And growing corn isn’t profitable without nitrogen-based fertilizer.

“I think you have to try to be a good steward of the land,” said Jerry Peckumn, who farms corn and soybeans on about 2,000 acres he owns or leases near the Iowa community of Jefferson. “But on the other hand, you can’t ignore the price of corn.”

Peckumn grows alfalfa and natural grass on the 220 or so acres he owns, but said he cannot afford to experiment on the land he rents.

The dead zone typically begins in the spring and persists into the summer. Its size and location vary each year because of currents, weather and other factors, but it is generally near the mouth of the Mississippi.

This year, it is the third-biggest on record. It was larger in 2002 and 2001, when it covered 8,500 and 8,006 square miles respectively.

Soil erosion, sewage and industrial pollution also contribute to the dead zone, but fertilizer is believed to be the chief factor.

Fertilizer causes explosive growth of algae, which then dies and sinks to the bottom, where it sucks up oxygen as it decays. This creates a deep layer of oxygen-depleted ocean where creatures either escape or die.

Marine life struggle to survive
Bottom-dwelling species such as crabs and oysters are most at risk, said Michelle Perez, an analyst with the Washington-based Environmental Working Group. “They struggle to survive,” Perez said. “They can’t swim away.”

Crabbers complained at a meeting in Louisiana earlier this year that they pulled up bucket upon bucket of dead crabs.

Rota warned that if the corn boom continues, the Gulf of Mexico could see an “ecological regime change.” The fear is that the zone will grow so big that most sea life won’t be able to escape it, leading to an even bigger die-off.

“People’s livelihood depends on the shrimp, fish and crabs in these waters,” he said. “Already, some of these shrimpers are traveling longer and longer distances to catch anything.”

Given the market pressure to grow corn, the Natural Resources Defense Council and others argue that the nation needs a comprehensive, federal approach to the problem.

Among the ideas floated: rules to force farmers to use fertilizers with more care, and the establishment of buffer zones to contain runoff.


Islamisizing The Hymen

The fear of being murdered and family shame is forcing Muslim women to undergo the painful procedure of reconstructing their hymen so that their to-be husbands can proclaim their bravado of being the one to devirginize them. This submission of women in Islam is not happening in the Muslim countries where you normally hear about the oppression of women, but right in the UK and more than likely else were in countries that are quickly being Islamisized.

The subject of honor killings in the Muslim culture in western societies has recently been brought to light with the murder of a 16 y/o girl in Canada who refused to wear her hajib and her father strangled her to death.

Muslim scholars have proclaimed that it has nothing to do with Islam… However I would bet if Aisha Salim were not able to bleed on her honeymoon she would be killed by her new husband, his family or her own family for having dishonored them under Muslim Law…

 I guess this is how Allah has such a supply of virgins to give to Martyrs…

On her wedding night, Aisha Salim will hand her blooded sheets to her in-laws as proof of her virginity, according to a story in The Daily Telegraph of Australia.

But there’s one problem. Being a modern English university graduate, she is far from the traditional untouched Muslim bride.

Like most woman her age, Salim has smoked, drank, had sex and even lived with one of her past boyfriends.

However, if the devout Muslim family of her soon-to-be husband – or even her own family – knew this, she could be murdered.

Aisha has opted to have her virginity surgically restored in a delicate but painful surgery called hymenoplasties — where the hymen is re-created from the already torn tissue, or a new membrane is inserted.

“If my husband cannot prove to his family that I am a virgin, I would be hounded, ostracised and sent home in disgrace,” Salim told England’s Daily Mail.

“My father, who is a devout Muslim, would regard it as the ultimate shame. The entire family could be cast out from the friends and society they hold dear, and I honestly believe that one of my fanatically religious cousins or uncles might kill me in revenge, to purge them of my sins. Incredible as it may seem, honour killings are still accepted within our religion.

“Ever since my family arranged this marriage for me, I’ve been terrified that, on my wedding night, my secret would come out. It has only been since my surgery last week that I’ve actually been able to sleep properly. Now, I can look forward to my marriage.”

Salim is far from alone in seeking such drastic — and almost barbaric — surgery.

The rise in Islamic fundamentalism has seen 24 women in the U.K. have the procedure between 2005 and 2006.

“I’ve always adored my parents,” Salim said.

“My father, now 62, is a retired accountant and my mother raised a family of seven sisters in a five-bedroom house in Birmingham.

“I attended the local Catholic secondary school and although I wore a scarf on my head, I refused to wear a veil, telling my parents that it would make me stand out too much.

“I was one of the girls, totally accepted by my white, English friends whose lives revolved around shopping and fancying boys.

“But the moment I stepped over the doorstep, normal teenage life would cease and it was like entering an entirely different world. At home, we had to pray together five times a day.

“We weren’t allowed to watch television. My parents were so worried that Western influences might take our minds off the most important things — education and religion — that we were never allowed to bring any schoolfriends home.

“But it made all the things my friends did more attractive to me. I would sneak out on Saturday afternoons and join them in town, hanging around, shopping and chatting to boys,” Salim added.

Jihad Islami Leadership Slammed By Israel Strikes

Israeli response to rocket attacks from Palestinian territories have resulted in the elimination of 11 Jihad Islami chiefs in their top command, missile squads and weapons manufacturing. This offensive is based on the 2300 missiles that have been launched into Israel over the past year. A number the liberal media does not want you to hear.

This latest targeting by Israel has been very well executed with minimal collateral damage… Another fact that the liberal media does not want you to hear…

Jihad Islami had threatened Israel with suicide attacks in retaliation for the killing of its chiefs… Funny, it is ok of them to fire missiles into Israel, however when Israel responds to said attacks, then they threaten suicide bombs… Why doesn’t the rest of the world wake up and see these terrorist groups for what they really are… and in other news Hamas has issued a call for suiced attacks against Israeli, oddly enough Debka recently revealed Hamas’ new suiced squad that was debuted at Hamas’ anniversary party…

 At least two operatives killed, several wounded after Kerem Shalom communities sustain heavy Palestinian missile-mortar attack, placing medical services in southwest Negev on high alert. Jihad Islami threatens suicide attacks against Israeli border communities after losing 11 of its chiefs overnight.

Military sources report the Israeli military acting on precise intelligence was instructed to target three Jihad leadership levels: the top command, missile squads and weapons fabrication. A total of 2,350 missiles and mortars were fired from Gaza in 2007, double the 2006 figure.

Overnight, Majd al Harzin, head of Qassam production, and two more Jihad members died in the first Israel air strike of their car in Sheikh Redwan, Gaza City. A second car was bombed in the Sheikh Ajlin district, leaving Karim Dahduah, head of Gaza’s Jihad military arm and his aide dead. Three more Jihad operatives on their way to missile attacks were killed in third attack in Jebalya, further north.

Hamas calls on all Palestinian factions to mobilize for vengeance against Israel after the Iran-backed terrorist group vowed revenge, including suicide attacks in Israel.

Another three armed Palestinians, including senior Jihad chief in northern West Bank, died in a firefight with an Israeli arresting unit at Kabatia, outside Jenin. Eleven wanted Palestinian terrorists were detained.

Israel has filed a complaint against Palestinian terrorist attacks with the United Nations.