NY Times Omits Hamas Threats “Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you,”

The NY Times article covering the Hamas Rally marking its 20th anniversary omits references to a new Intifidad against Israel…

Now the important thing here is that they did not use the term Zionist or Israel, they specifically  said Jews.

The liberal media hates to admit anti-semitism in the Muslim world, well if there is any doubt I think this clears it up… 

“Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you”

This Reuters story contains a few details about Hamas’ genocidal bloodlust that somehow didn’t make it into the New York Times story on the same event. Now, why is that?

“Celebrating anniversary, Hamas warns of Intifada,” by Nidal al-Mughrabi for Reuters (thanks to Pamela):

GAZA, Dec 15 (Reuters) – Hamas threatened to launch a new uprising against Israel on Saturday when hundreds of thousands of Islamist supporters rallied in Gaza City to mark the group’s 20th anniversary.”Our people are capable of launching a third and a fourth intifada until the dawn of victory rises up,” said Khaled Meshaal, the group’s exiled leader, in a speech recorded on Friday at his base in Damascus.

The Tiny Minority of Extremists™ is larger than the Times’ estimate in this story also:

The central square in Gaza City was awash with green flags and dozens of armed, masked men from the group’s military wing patrolled in a crowd estimated at between 300,000 and 500,000.Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said the movement was growing more popular because of its stance against the United States and Israel.

“Today is the day of Jihad, resistance and uprising,” Haniyeh said.

But don’t be concerned. Remember, jihad has many meanings, and is primarily an interior spiritual struggle. (Memo to Ibrahim Hooper: See, Ibrahim, I could do your job for you, my good man!)

“Those who remain committed to the constant rights of their people, those who make an enemy of America and the Zionist occupation (Israel) gain popularity. This is Hamas.” […]Meshaal said Abbas, whose administration is backed by the West, lacked the support of the Palestinian people.

“Whoever thinks his legitimacy comes from the international backing is under an illusion, the legitimacy is the people,” Meshaal said.

Alluding to last month’s Israeli-Palestinian talks in Annapolis, Maryland, Haniyeh said conferences “will achieve nothing”.

“We will never cede our land … The choice of resistance and Jihad is the shortest way to liberate Palestine and return Jerusalem,” Haniyeh said.


In another speech to the rally, senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri warned Israel to expect many casualties if troops invade the coastal territory in an attempt to stop almost daily rocket firing by militants into Israel.

“Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you,” Masri said. Israel carries out regular raids on Gaza and has killed dozens of militants in the past month.


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