Waterboarding USA

Well, this guy made it 24 minutes and was perfectly fine afterwards. Hardly seems like torture to me, more like a discomfort and fear of dying, but not torture and definitely no permanent physical damage… But then again bare breasts are considered torture by the liberal demograph evaluating our interrogation tactics in Gitmo…

There is always the Beach Boys Surfin’ USA, now that is torture…


Kaj Larsen Goes Waterboarding

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Hamas’ Hajib Commando Unit

Debkafiles, reports on the “unveiling” of Hama’s two new terrorist weapons, a female commando unit and a special suicide squad. Both appear to be in preparation of an offensive against Israel. Clearly the female command unit is part of a g4 warfare attempt so they will be able to cry foul and accuse Israel of killing innocent women… In addition if they can quickly get rid of their vests, they will be be able to sheild armed terrorists. And if they are shot and killed, then removal of the vests will make them look like civilians…

Not to mention their ability to have the men dress and move around as women, not something new for the terrorists in the Muslim world.

Picture curteousy of Israel Matzav


The suicide squad, if reports are true, will be clad in IDF uniforms. I think Israeli intelligence is only partly correct in their assessment that they will be used to confuse Israeli military during any retalitory strikes. The main goal I think is to attack their own and blame the IDF. In the past Palestine has no problem choreographing simulated Israeli attacks on Palestinians and filming/picture taking of these false attacks. Well this would fit right in, and if engaged with the Israeli military would make it more believable…

Both new revealations appear to me to have alterior motives that need to be watched carefully before the human rights groups and liberal media start accusing Israel of committing war crimes…

This with their threats against Jews during this rally is a clear indication that Hamas is ready to pick a fight…

On a side note, I have to wonder if this is what the Islamic world considers equal rights for Women? Do they get male virgins when they get to Heaven… Islamic Feminist Movement 2007…

DEBKAfile Exclusive: Hamas parades its first female commando and suicide units at huge 20th anniversary Gaza assembly

December 15, 2007, 10:49 PM (GMT+02:00)

In addition to the female commmandos, our military sources report Hamas has formed hundreds of suicide killers into a large unit for obstructing a major Israeli offensive against its missile-mortar offensive from Gaza. Its planners figure that if only one out of ten is successful, the Israeli advance will be seriously slowed. Another special unit created by Hamas is composed of fighters clad in IDF uniforms and armed with Israel weapons and gear to confuse Israeli Air Force surveillance craft and drones and slow their counteraction. Hamas has stockpiled thousands of Qassam missiles, enough to rain down 100 a day on Israeli civilian and military targets.

The hundreds of thousands of participants at the Hamas celebration in Gaza City Saturday, Dec. 15, were a demonstration of strength which belied claims of its waning powers. This claim is often heard from Israeli officials as a pretext to avoid a military confrontation in Gaza. DEBKAfile’s military sources report that every passing week sees Hamas strength enhanced and better organized to take on Israeli counter-terror assaults.

The jihadist group’s leaders in Gaza, Syria and Lebanon are certain that a major Israel offensive is on the way and believe they know the IDF war plan. They anticipate:

1. Tactics quite different from those employed in the 2006 Lebanon war;

2. Most Israeli and Western military pundits expect the IDF to cut through to northern Gaza – to stifle missile fire, and to the Philadelphi border enclave in the south – to stem the smuggling of fighters and arms from Sinai. Hamas, to the contrary, estimates that Israeli armored columns will race from the north and the east to converge on Gaza City and wipe out the command centers located there.

3. The IDF is expected to lay down a ferocious blanket of fire from land, sea and air. The suicide unit will be sent into action against the sources of fire and the tank columns.

4. Because no Hamas commander believes Israel tank columns can be stopped, they have drawn up Plan B: terrorist chiefs will go to ground and wage guerrilla warfare against Israeli troops in the same way as Sunni insurgents and al Qaeda combat US forces in Iraq.

5. After unifying the Hamas and Jihad Islami commands, as we have reported, the Islamist tacticians have merged all the terrorist groups operating in the Gaza Strip into a single 9,000-10,000 strong army. This is one-third larger than the Hizballah militia which fought Israel in 2006. It is made up of Ezz e-Din al-Qassam Brigades, combat-trained Gaza police units and the elite Hamas force which spearheaded the coup that expelled the Fatah-ruled Palestinian Authority from the Gaza Strip last June.

NY Times Omits Hamas Threats “Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you,”

The NY Times article covering the Hamas Rally marking its 20th anniversary omits references to a new Intifidad against Israel…

Now the important thing here is that they did not use the term Zionist or Israel, they specifically  said Jews.

The liberal media hates to admit anti-semitism in the Muslim world, well if there is any doubt I think this clears it up… 

“Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you”

This Reuters story contains a few details about Hamas’ genocidal bloodlust that somehow didn’t make it into the New York Times story on the same event. Now, why is that?

“Celebrating anniversary, Hamas warns of Intifada,” by Nidal al-Mughrabi for Reuters (thanks to Pamela):

GAZA, Dec 15 (Reuters) – Hamas threatened to launch a new uprising against Israel on Saturday when hundreds of thousands of Islamist supporters rallied in Gaza City to mark the group’s 20th anniversary.”Our people are capable of launching a third and a fourth intifada until the dawn of victory rises up,” said Khaled Meshaal, the group’s exiled leader, in a speech recorded on Friday at his base in Damascus.

The Tiny Minority of Extremists™ is larger than the Times’ estimate in this story also:

The central square in Gaza City was awash with green flags and dozens of armed, masked men from the group’s military wing patrolled in a crowd estimated at between 300,000 and 500,000.Hamas leader in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh, said the movement was growing more popular because of its stance against the United States and Israel.

“Today is the day of Jihad, resistance and uprising,” Haniyeh said.

But don’t be concerned. Remember, jihad has many meanings, and is primarily an interior spiritual struggle. (Memo to Ibrahim Hooper: See, Ibrahim, I could do your job for you, my good man!)

“Those who remain committed to the constant rights of their people, those who make an enemy of America and the Zionist occupation (Israel) gain popularity. This is Hamas.” […]Meshaal said Abbas, whose administration is backed by the West, lacked the support of the Palestinian people.

“Whoever thinks his legitimacy comes from the international backing is under an illusion, the legitimacy is the people,” Meshaal said.

Alluding to last month’s Israeli-Palestinian talks in Annapolis, Maryland, Haniyeh said conferences “will achieve nothing”.

“We will never cede our land … The choice of resistance and Jihad is the shortest way to liberate Palestine and return Jerusalem,” Haniyeh said.


In another speech to the rally, senior Hamas official Mushir al-Masri warned Israel to expect many casualties if troops invade the coastal territory in an attempt to stop almost daily rocket firing by militants into Israel.

“Jews, go back, because we have already dug graves for you,” Masri said. Israel carries out regular raids on Gaza and has killed dozens of militants in the past month.

Fireworks Kids – Three’s Company

Well authorities have arrested a third person in connection to the Fireworks kids… The third suspect has been identified as Karim Moussaoui a fellow USF student who was scheduled to gradute Saturday… I wonder if he will still be awarded his degree…

CAIR has been suspiciously quite about this lately…

Well maybe Moussaoui was just being misunderstood and everything will be cleared up when he reaches trial…

What is amazing is that people suspected of acting against our country and involved with terrorist activities are released on bail…

Goose Creek Two update: Now there’s a third

By Michelle Malkin  •  December 15, 2007 06:26 PM

Well, it looks like the Goose Creek Two have company. The Tampa Tribune reports on a third arrest related to the two Muslim young males just driving around with, you know, fireworks:

A University of South Florida student has been arrested on a weapons charge in connection with a case against two other students accused of transporting explosives.

Karim Moussaoui, 28, went to a shooting range with the two other students, Youssef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, on July 11, according to a complaint filed in U.S. District Court. Moussaoui told the FBI he took pictures and didn’t fire any weapons, the complaint states.

On that date, Megahed signed a membership agreement and rented a Glock 17, which is a 9 mm handgun, at the Shoot Straight Gun and Archery Range at 3909 N. U.S. 301, the complaint states.

Moussaoui and others are shown entering the range eight days later on a surveillance video the Shoot Straight provided to the FBI, according to the complaint. Agents searching a computer found in Megahed’s home found pictures of Moussaoui “standing at a firing lane possessing a shoulder-fired weapon and wearing the type of hearing protection shooters use at a shooting range.”

Federal authorities have charged the international student with “possession or receiving of a firearm by a person admitted to the United States under a non-immigrant visa.”

“We’ve known since the summer they were interested in this person,” said USF spokesman Ken Gullette, referring to Moussaoui.

Moussaoui is from Morocco and has been living in a campus residence hall and studying computer engineering, Gullette said. He was scheduled to be awarded his undergraduate degree Saturday.

His parents arrived Wednesday from Morocco to attend his graduation.

At today’s hearing, they signed a $50,000 signature bond for his release. Moussaoui surrendered his passport and travel documents.

Yep. Nothing to see here, right? Debbie Schlussel and Bill Warner dig a little deeper into the affidavit:

As Bill Warner points out, the affidavit, signed by Tampa FBI Agent William Ortiz, accompanying the complaint notes that in August, Moussaoui told New York FBI Agents about his activities in July at a shooting range with Megahed:

4. On or about August 12, 2007, MOUSSAOUI told New York FBI Agents that on one occasion, he and AHMED LNU (a person now known to the FBI as AHMED ISHTAY) went to a shooting range with YOUSSEF SAMIR MEGAHED. He claimed that MEGAHED went to the range but that MOUSSAOUI and AHMED remained in the store browsing. MOUSSAOUI told New York FBI Agents he did not see what type of weapon MEGAHED used on this visit to the range.[Emphasis added.]

So why is the New York FBI office involved when the activities of all of three of these people, thus far disclosed, occurred in Florida and South Carolina.

Apparently, they have a strong tie to New York–either Muslim terrorists there or a terrorist attack planned for the area.

What is the New York connection? And who is Ahmed Ishtay a/k/a Ahmed Lnu? What is his role in this terrorist conspiracy?

Stay tuned. We’ll be watching.

Wonder if Moussaoui knows that funky jailhouse sign language, too?

Well Moussaoui’s parents want justice for his wrongful arrrest. Well lets see, even if he did not have anything to do with the terrorist plot of the Fireworks Kids,  he still violated the rules governing his visa and thus commited a crime which, if what they say is true of his respect for our Constitution and laws, he will acknowledge that he was wrong…

Published: December 15, 2007

TAMPA – Hamou Moussaoui and Anissa Zekkari came to the United States from Morocco on Wednesday, proud parents, eagerly anticipating their son’s graduation from the University of South Florida with three degrees.

On Thursday morning, their world turned upside down. They were thrust, they said, into hell.

“Instead of having an engineer, we have a prisoner,” Hamou Moussaoui said Friday. He said he feels the $300,000 he spent on his son’s education slipping through his fingers.

His son, Karim, 28, was arrested, charged under what his attorney says is a little-used law that makes it a federal crime for someone in this country on a student visa to possess a firearm. The charge – punishable by up to 10 years in prison – arose from a visit to a Tampa firing range authorities say Karim Moussaoui made in July with friends who were later arrested.

The friends, Youssef Megahed and Ahmed Mohamed, both Egyptian nationals, were charged in August with transporting explosives after their car was pulled over in South Carolina. Mohamed also was accused of trying to help terrorists by posting a video on YouTube in which he demonstrated how to use a remote-controlled toy to detonate a bomb.

For the Moussaoui family, association with that case and media stories linking Karim to explosives are horrifying.

All he did was pose for a picture with an unloaded gun, they say. “A souvenir picture turned out to be a crime,” said Zekkari, speaking through an interpreter hired by The Tampa Tribune. She said she fainted when she heard of her son’s arrest, and has not slept since.

Karim Moussaoui, smiling confidently about 24 hours after his release from federal custody, said he’s not worried about what’s going to happen to him. “I’m definitely confident justice will take place,” he said, “since I only took a little souvenir, since we don’t have guns in our country, and I have the best lawyer in Tampa, Mr. Stephen Crawford.”

He said he was up late Wednesday night studying for his last exam. He finally crawled into bed at 4 a.m. to rest up before the test, scheduled for 1 p.m. Thursday.

At 6 a.m., he said, 10 FBI agents knocked on his door. They put guns to his roommates’ heads, but not to his.

“They got me some clothes, sneakers and a shirt,” he said. “It was a peaceful arrest. I had no clue what was going on … They just took me out.”

He said he was taken to the federal courthouse downtown, fingerprinted, photographed and otherwise processed. He was interviewed by a probation officer about his background. Then his attorney, Crawford, showed up.

“I feel I was being treated as subhuman, since they have animal rights,” Karim Moussaoui said. “I felt criminalized without being a criminal.”

Family Expects Justice To Be Served

The family was interviewed in Crawford’s office Friday afternoon. Under the attorney’s direction, they would not discuss the specifics of the charges.

Like their son, however, the parents said they trust the right thing will happen. “We’re always optimistic,” Zekkari said. “Our son didn’t do anything wrong.”

“There is justice,” Hamou Moussaoui said. “We’re in a country of justice and democracy.”

Karim Moussaoui had planned on returning to Morocco to take over his father’s business after his graduation today, but now he is being forced to remain in Florida until his legal case is decided.

About to lose the right to live in his dorm room, he must find an apartment with a telephone so federal probation officers can monitor his whereabouts and he can be fitted with an electronic ankle bracelet.

Two of his three degrees are in jeopardy, he said; he is negotiating with the university about making up the missed exam. “I missed a final in a class where I have all 100s,” he said.

Without the exam, he will get a D, which will keep him from getting two degrees, he said. It would be “the one D in my life.”

He said his degrees in computer science and computer information systems are in jeopardy, but he expects he will graduate with at least a degree in computer engineering.

His parents had planned to leave Sunday. Now they’re unsure what they will do. Probably, they said, one of them will remain behind while the other returns home.

The family business, Cabinet D’ Expertises Hamou Moussaoui, provides engineering expertise and consulting on construction and testifying in court. Hamou Moussaoui said he built the business from nothing more than 25 years and now has 12 experts who work in Casablanca, Marrakesh, England and Senegal.

They live comfortably in Casablanca with a villa and a 3 1/2 -acre farm, they said. Zekkari works as a schools inspector, stressing the importance of education to their children, who also include two daughters.

Zekkari said she’s involved with an organization called “Morocco Feminists International,” which defends women against violence.

‘He Has Nothing To Do With It’

In addition to education, the parents said, they stressed “good behavior” to their son. “General respect, politeness” were the values passed on.

They said Karim loves the United States and pushed to come here to study.

“He doesn’t like when other people say bad things about America,” Hamou Moussaoui said of his son.

He said Karim calls the U.S. Constitution an example to the world. In America, he said, “everything is spacious” and people have “a beautiful life.”

Hamou Moussaoui said his son never left his side growing up. “I wanted to teach him the right way.”

The parents said they learned of their son’s arrest when two FBI agents came to their hotel Wednesday morning.

“I felt paralyzed,” Hamou Moussaoui said. “I couldn’t move.”

The couple didn’t know where to go, what to do. They didn’t even have a rental car. They called Crawford, who they said calmed them down, assuring them he would do his best to have their son released that day.

None of this makes any sense, they said.

“My son doesn’t talk about politics,” Hamou Moussaoui said. “Politics doesn’t do anything for him. Terrorism – he has nothing to do with it. He has one goal – his education and being successful.”

Another Dearborn Terrorist Overlooked By The Liberal Media

The Dearborn connection still being ignored by those charged with our nations security. Here is a high level espionage case where the culprit was providing services for Saddam. Another arguement for not only controlling immigration, but citizenship grants as well.

When will the people of the country and the leaders take a firm stance and kick these people out of our country. Revoking of US Citizenship is allowable and should be inforced when people commit crimes against our country.

Clearly there is a problem in Dearbornistan and it needs to be addressed before it is too late.

One third of Dearborn, Michigan’s population of an estimated 100,000 in this Detroit suburb ar Muslims. There is a large concentration of Iraqi and Lebanese immigrants among the Muslim population there. Doubtless many of them are loyal Americans, you would think, else wise why would the FBI throw a bear hug around the community and do outreach to them, or the embattled head of the DHS customs and border security chief Julie Myer’s rush out there to speak at a Dearborn Hezbollah ’social club’. The recent guilty plea by illegal immigrant, marriage fraudster and Hizbollah ‘mole’ in the FBI and CIA, Lebanese Muslim Nada Nadim Prouty. This Muslim community doesn’t think twice about making contributions to charities or zakat that front for terrorist groups in the Middle East.

Now we have the case of Ghazi Al-Awadi, 78. According to this AP report Ghazi is a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iraq. He plead guilty in July to acting as an agent of the government of Iraq under Saddam’s regime passing on information to the executed dictator’s intelligence service. He got sentenced to 18 months in the Federal pen. He could have received upwards of 51 months.

Get this he was released from jail in 1996 after serving six years in a manslaughter conviction for stabbing son-in-law.