Hide And Seek With Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Program

Another piece of missing NIE information. As many are already speculating, Iran is still running its nuclear weapons program. The NIE report surely seems damning of our government, but as the report states, Iran suspended its program in 2003. Key here is suspended. This is not the same as ended.

Well according to this report, which claims to have people inside Iran, the program is unsuspended and under the strictest covert cover. This is more believable than the complete dumping of the program. It would also indicate that diplomatic methods are not working. Have diplomatic efferts ever worked with Iran?

Iran needs to be shown force, that is the only thing this Jihadist regime understands. As for their 2003 suspension of their nuclear program, force is clearly their motive behind its suspension, the invasion of Iraq scarred the shit of the Iranians…

Since then threat of force has been deminished to nothing thanks to our liberal comrades in the US and UN. So Iran feels they are free to do as they please. The NIE report gives Iran just the cannon fodder they needed to through the anti-American and anti-Bush political movements into high gear.

In 10-15 years, hindsight will be 20-20 and people will be blaming Bush for not attacking Iran when he knew they were running this nuclear program all along.

Mr. Bush get some balls and turn up the pressure on Iran.

NEW YORK —  Iran did shut down its nuclear weapons program in 2003 but restarted it a year later, moving and hiding the equipment to thwart international inspectors, according to an Iranian opposition group, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday.

The group, the National Council of Resistance of Iran exposed the country’s nuclear-fuel program in 2002 and now believes a newly released U.S. analysis is giving the wrong impression that Iran’s nuclear program is not an urgent threat, the newspaper reported.

The U.S. National Intelligence Estimate published last week said Tehran shut down its weaponization program in 2003, contradicting an earlier report that the Islamic Republic was determined to build a nuclear bomb.

Read the Wall Street Journal report (subscription required)

The NCRI, considered by the United States and European Union to be a terrorist organization, has had a mixed record of accuracy with its claims about Iran’s nuclear ambitions in the past, the Wall Street Journal said.

The NCRI, however, says it was added to the EU terrorist list under pressure from Tehran at a time when Western countries were trying to improve relations with Iran.

The group agrees that Iran’s Supreme National Security Council decided to shut down its most important nuclear weapons research center in eastern Tehran, called Lavisan-Shian, in August 2003, the Journal said.

But the group, which claims it has sources inside Iran, told the paper the facility was broken into 11 fields of research, including projects to develop a nuclear trigger and shape weapons-grade uranium into a warhead.

“They scattered the weaponization program to other locations and restarted in 2004,” Mohammad Mohaddessin, NCRI’s foreign affairs chief, told the Wall Street Journal.

“Their strategy was that if the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) found any one piece of this research program, it would be possible to justify it as civilian. But so long as it was all together, they wouldn’t be able to.”

By the time international inspectors were allowed to visit the Lavisan site, the buildings Iran claimed were devoted to nuclear research had been torn down and the ground bulldozed, the paper reported.

The NCRI said the equipment was moved to another military compound known as the Center for Readiness and Advanced Technology, to Malek-Ashtar University Isfahan and to a defense ministry hospital in Tehran.


5 Responses

  1. “Mr. Bush get some balls and turn up the pressure on Iran”

    He tried that for four years despite the intel that indicated his posturing was unwarranted. Now he is exposed for the lie he perpetuated. Israel must do their own PR to ratchet up the war machine against Iran. Iran is not a threat to us, we are a threat to us.

  2. A great liberal and misinformed statement…
    “despite intel that indicated his posturing was unwarranted”, actually he based his decision on intel that said it was warranted, it is only in hindsight these agencies and Congress are trying to backpeddle and say it was not and that they were against it…
    Unfortunately Bush lost his balls, otherwise we would have already finished in Iraq. However he bowed to the liberal politcal machine and now we have a larger problem.
    Iran is a threat to the region as well as the world. They have been since the 70’s. They are a producer of terrorist, they finance terrorism and they actively participate in terrorist activities.
    To think that Iran is not a threat, is what empowers them and allows them to attack without question.
    This liberal mindset of ignoring the threat will only lead to the death of more Americans.

  3. I really do not understand how any sane person in any part of the world could make a statement like, “Iran is not a threat to us”
    thats like saying Islamic radicals really don’t want to kill and/or conquer the world to install sharia law.

    I just truly do not get it…..

    tell you what WOMO, when the shit hits the fan, we will use an old terrorist tactic, instead of human child sheilds in combat, we can use socialist liberals as sheilds and laugh as they are riddled with shrapnel…. only then will they believe it…

  4. TRM, I think we should throw some liberal republicans into the mix as well, they really are the same bunch…

  5. well, maybe we should try to rehabilitate them first…..

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