Hamas Preparing To Raid Israel

It appears that Hamas is getting ready to conduct a raid against Israel. They are training with new kalashnikovs in Gaza. The recent attempt at Fatah and the West Bank to try to reach a deal with Israel in Annapolis is a sore spot for Hamas. What is great is that Hamas claims it is getting ready for an Israeli military response to the rocket attacks from Gaza… The admit to attacking Israel and being the aggressor in this case… This breaks from the norm of playing victim when in fact they are the primary instigator…

Another interest note is the Hamas terrorist threat to kidnap Israeli soldiers… This fall back to last years offensives against Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon…. Hezbollah has reached a higher level of weapons stock than last year….

It is looking more like a coordinated attack will be coming soon…

Armed members of Hamas are conducting practical drills for a possible attack on Israel.

FOX News had an exclusive look at the guerrillas as they trained with new Kalashnikovs in the Gaza Strip.

“The U.S. and Israel and other regional powers were generous enough to provide Fatah security with very good weapons, and now they are in our hands,” one gunman told FOX News.

The Hamas militants say they are training for an Israeli military response to their persistent rocket and mortar fire aimed at Israeli towns. The gunman wouldn’t say where they obtained the rocket-propelled grenades and roadside bombs.

“This training is part of the Hamas preparation to stop an Israeli offensive into the Gaza Strip,” another gunman said. “We will hit them bad and many of them will be kidnapped.”


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