ACLU Calls The Pot Black

In a nonsensical lawsuit, ACLU official King Downing, in charge of Racial Profiling, claims Black Police Officers in Logan International Airport profiled him four years ago.

He bases his claim on the fact that one white officer arrived as backup and the initiating officer, a black officer, asked him for ID because Downing was looking at him suspiciously.

As I have said before, profiling is a useful tool, it is a necessary tool. As for this asshat, there was no profiling, there was suspicious activity on his part. I guess suspicous activity cannot be investigated as that is racial profiling…

Until we get a handle on all this PC BS, there will be no safety in this country. It is not Downing’s rights that are being violated, it is every American’s rights that are being violated by this frivelous lawsuit…

Stupid, reckless lawsuit of the day award goes to King Downing, an anti-profiling crusader and ACLU official who is suing the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates the Boston Logan airport, and Massachusetts State Police, because he was asked for identification in 2003:

The top official in charge of fighting racial profiling for the American Civil Liberties Union says he was the victim of profiling at the Boston airport, and he has gone to federal court to challenge a screening technique that relies on suspicious behavior to identify potential terrorists.

King Downing said he was stopped and questioned by state police in October 2003 after arriving on a flight to attend a meeting on racial profiling.

Downing sued the Massachusetts Port Authority, which operates the airport, and Massachusetts State Police, alleging they violated his constitutional right against unreasonable search. A trial in the case began Monday in U.S. District Court. Downing, who is black and wears a short beard, said in his lawsuit that he was stopped by a state trooper and asked to show identification after he left the gate area and made a phone call in the terminal.

Who were the supposed jackbooted bigots who stopped him? Well, take a closer look:

Logan officials say race played no role in the decision to question Downing. The first trooper to ask Downing for identification was black, and three of the four officers who arrived later were also black, according to court documents. The first trooper said he became suspicious when he saw Downing watching him.

(Here’s the complaint.)

The do-nothing ACLU won’t be satisfied until every last homeland defense is dismantled. They argue that national security profiling should be based on behavior, not race/ethnicity/nationality/national origin/religion–and then they turn around and sue to stop behavior profiling.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Political correctness is the handmaiden of terrorism.


2 Responses

  1. “Political correctness is the handmaiden of terrorism.”

    That is about the craziest logic I have ever heard (maybe it would be helpful if you went to law school). Hope you’re not still waiting for the WMDs to turn up…
    if there was some way you could learn to put yourself in someone else’s shoes for a change — it would be useful. At least the (all white) jury didn’t see the case from your perspective…

    Here’s MY complaint:
    It’s disappointing when fewer and fewer people seem to respect the constitution/civil liberties.

  2. Dear Wasteofmyoxygen,

    Grow up, you and the other fear mongers will be supremely happy only when we need a national ID to walk to the grocery store. Perhaps someday you’ll actually read an ACLU mission statement instead of blindly following right wing talking points. It isn’t about this particular case, or any particular case, it is about the law as a whole. Allowing injustice on any scale is a step closer to allowing it everyday for more and more sinister reasons.

    Thanks, and please quit your job,

    I Don’t have the Courtesy to use my name, because you didn’t dare to do the same.

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